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    need help with spawn waves

    Hello everyone and thanks to anyone who help in advance I'm making a remake of an old td map and i need triggers for spawn waves and make the units to pass through 2 check points Red arrows are the spawn point and yellow circles are end points and where the spawn circles are there should be...
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    I need Attribute System via triggers

    Is it possible? i just need 2 additional stats and rework old 1 to give different staff and plase dont give me info if it with jass no of my frs know jass neither im expert in trigger or any of my frs and if you could help me with that part i also will need info how to make possible to add the...
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    need help with triger

    ok i know this has been asked (it was asked to make it with more than 1 lvls and thats give problems to do it based on stats) but i wana know how to make summon to get his hp,mana,dmg,armor bassed on hero stats i have no lvls on summon spell while i was trying to do it i saw few trigger that...
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    how to copy terrain?

    ok mb this question is asked before to but i was searching inside the forum for while and couldnt find anything i was checking this post to see wich files are the terrains etc. I copied the terrain and...
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    need help with ability

    ok so i want to know how to make an aoe spell with triger to deal x attribute and to use model fire rain i tried but it doesnt work and i want to deal dmg only to enemy ok so now second spell is an aura that give bonus stats int agi or str and give it to all heroes in game in range 1000 will be...