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    Lair of Boss

    Assign a variable to each of the heroes present in the 'dungeon' in a trigger, and have another trigger that changes a boolean to true when a hero dies (make it a boolean array, with one number for each hero). Then have a periodic trigger which checks if all of the booleans are equal to true...
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    Other WarZ

    WarZ - The Multiplayer Zombie Survival Map Based Off DayZ Brief Description: A multiplayer medieval zombie survival map in which you and three other players fight each other and the undead in order to survive for the longest, and ultimately escape the infected kingdom and win the game. Four...
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    Changing Basic Command Abilities?

    Hey there! Super quick question... where is it possible (if anywhere) to change the description of basic command abilities: i.e: move, attack, patrol, etc... Secondly: The same question for the 'Build Structure' Ability. I gave it to one of my heroes, but I want the icon to be in a different...
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    Hiding a unit's health?

    The reason I need to do this is because I am using a multiboard to display the unit's health, among other stats, and I think this may be redundant if the values are under the portrait anyway. Therefore I cannot just set the values super high, nor negative. If it's not possible then that's fine...
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    Hiding a unit's health?

    I would assume that means the health bar above a unit ingame?
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    Hiding a unit's health?

    Hey there! Is it possible to hide or cover up the health and mana values underneath the portrait of a unit without making the unit invulnerable? Cheers!
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    Different Multiboards for each Player?

    Hey there! I am trying to create a local multiboard that is unique for each player on my map. Each player should have one that displays their kills, murders, deaths, etc... in the multiboard, but only their data is displayed to them. However, it has become apparent to me that multiboards have...
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    Gate Unit 'Open/Close' Spell Problems :(

    Hey there! I have a buildable unit based on the Gate destructible, and I created a spell based on channel in order to make the gate open and close, being as you can't just make it open and close with destructible triggers. The trigger for the spell is this: Events Unit - A...
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    Some small loop trigger problems

    Cheers Vypur, it works a charm now! And I get to keep my arrays and waits :D
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    Some small loop trigger problems

    Hey there! So I have a spawn trigger for units on my map, where every 60 seconds a new wave of units spawn at random regions (preset by a region setter trigger). Previously, the trigger went something like: Create (Unit) at [REGION], etc... Wait 0.02 seconds Create (Unit) at [REGION], etc...
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    Condition: Unit's Distance to another unit?

    Aye, the campfire is based off the fountain of health anyway, so I used that buff in the trigger :) thanks!
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    Condition: Unit's Distance to another unit?

    Hey there! So I'm attempting to make some sort of 'cook food' trigger, in which a player types a command, and some raw meat from his inventory is removed and cooked meat in given to him. However, a condition for this to happen is that he must be standing near a fire in order to do so. I have...
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    Dialog Window Problems

    Thank you! I just spent about 20 minutes creating all the new variables and assigning them to the dialogs and the buttons, but I think it should work now! :) Cheers!
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    Dialog Window Problems

    Hey there! I have some dialog triggers in my map for viewing item descriptions and creating them, etc... However, when testing in multiplayer, my friend noticed that when he opened up a dialogue window while harvesting, the window went completely clear and he had no way of closing it, and was...
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    Player Colours

    'Fixed player settings' in force properties :-)
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    Using amount of mana as an event?

    I do now :D
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    Using amount of mana as an event?

    Ahh Thank you Kaerf! Works like a charm now :) I saw that mana detection event before, but I didn't know how to link it to my units when they weren't pre-placed on my map! Cheers both of you :)
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    Using amount of mana as an event?

    Hey there! I'm trying to make a good ol' "tired" effect for units when they get under a certain amount of mana. The way I currently am doing this is by having a periodic event track unit mana and any less than or equal to 100 mana have their movement speed set to a lower number, and when they...
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    Problems with multiboards! :(

    Thank you both, works awesomely now! Likes for you! :D