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    Efficiency with regards to a bunch of things

    allocating local variables and utilizing them vs having globals and reading/writing them ??
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    How does concurrency work? lol in warcraft 3*
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    Recursive vs loops

    I know in most languages and in general, loops are must more efficient than recursive. Is that right in ALL cases in jass/vJass?
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    Real Division and addition

    How exactly does real division and addition work? By that i mean how accurate is it? and when you call createUnit(...x,y...) are those integers? also if you do real/2 does that return an integer or real? is it more accurate using real/2.0?\ EDIT: Nevermind!! CreateUnit is a little weird. Doesnt...
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    Snippet QTree

    QTree v1.1 Uses: vJass Testmap uses: T32 How to Import: 1)Create trigger called Qtree. 2)Convert to custom code. 3)Paste the code from here. Description: The Qtree is a way to index points by location. When you add a node it adds it to the tree. if you have more than n-leaves, it...
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    Qtree is buggy.

    Hellooo. Making a Qtree implementation. And I canNOT figure out what is wrong with the implementation. unfortunately its really annoying to debug so I was wondering if anyone can spot whats wrong with it? It gets buggy when it collapses. Although, there could be other bugs in it. This code...
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    Physics Engine

    Hey, I have a question; would anyone want me to make a physics engine like the one featured in this map? Yes it is my map lol. But the phys engine is pretty old and sluggish. I could make one that is much better but if no one really needs...
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    System Arrow System

    Arrow System v 1.00 Requires Timer32(Make the "next" and "prev" members of T32x module not private) Ver History: 11/23/2009: Ver 1.00 Released Description: vJass System created for the simple purpose of making it extremely easy to create "projectiles" that start in one place and end up...
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    Map corruption due to Power failure

    I was working on a map, power went out, restarted, tried opening, and it says Main Map file cant be opened. HOWEVER, I tried opening the TestMap, which is very close to the point where i messed up, it says the same thing. Which makes me think that it might not be the map that got corrupted...
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    Question about unit IDs

    If I wanted to make a wave system where it simply generated the unit id on its own instead of having to create a trigger or manually input each unitid on its own what would be the mathematical way? For example Wave 1 ID: 'c000' Wave 2 ID: 'c000' (+-/*) x? = 'c001' Wave 3 ID: 'c000' (+-/*) x or...
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    0 damage

    Question: if i wanted my hero to do 0 damage but still be able to attack, could I use critical strike and set the damage multiplier to 0 and the percentage chance to 100%?
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    object merger error

    So what does the error "Cannot extract Units/UnitMetaData.slk" mean? and how exactly could i fix it?
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    What makes a map not load?

    mkay, I have been making my map for awhile but all of the sudden it decides to stop loading on me. I am using JNGP. YES I do save before I test it. YES Jass Helper doesn't report any errors. So I was wondering, what else can cause a map to not load?
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    Map is no longer opening

    Kk. Using Jass New Gen Pack, save and compile works fine but when I try and test it (YES, after I have saved it) it goes straight to wc3 main menu. So I was wondering what other common things cause wc3 to not open a map?
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    System Oasis - Object Attachment System

    Oasis - Object Attachment System v 1.5 By Infinitegde <object width="320" height="265"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
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    Channel Question again

    Hmm... Im basing an a bunch of abilities of channel, all added to same unit (with different Order Id's of course), and for some reason, when I activate one, the art keeps replaying... Any idea for why this is happening?
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    Autocast No Target

    Are there any autocast non target abilities? just wondering.
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    Channel Question

    So I have a channel ability and I want it to be passive for one level and active for a different level. Example, level 20, is active meaning you click it, it does something, but level 21 is passive and is just there for display. I know you can get around this by just removing the ability and...
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    Question about arrays

    Quick question, if I call "set somearray[5] = X" and this is the first time any object in the array is called upon, are objects 1-4 initialized?
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    Efficiency of a .02 Timer trigger

    Mmmkay. I'm making a physics system (so far, successful), but one problem is the fact that I was using a .03 second timer, which was very choppy so to speak, so I switched over to a .02 second timer, which is medium choppy, and I was wondering if I should switch down to a .01 in hopes that it...