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  1. Shadow

    Need help with race triggers

    Edit: I think im doing the WC3 tags wrong can anyone tell me how to make it indent and not be jumbled? I'm making a mini game race where its elimination style (keep racing till your the last one standing). Each player has a certain amount of lives and the race will loop if either of these...
  2. Shadow


    Brief Description: A decisive battle between two warring states of China. Liu Bei the leader of the Shu faction seeks vengeance on the Kingdom of Wu for Ambushing his oath brother Guan Yu. Items that can heal your wounds or temporarily increase your attack, defense, or movement speed...
  3. Shadow

    Questions about Image Create

    Is it possible to put an an image that is on the players screen for an extended period of time. Im trying to pull this off And I'm trying to use an icon but unfortunately the borders are extending... I tried deleting the alpha channels and making a 2 pixel transparent border but it...
  4. Shadow

    Simple Jass Trigger not working

    function ChangeColor takes nothing returns nothing call SetUnitColor( GetEnumUnit(), PLAYER_COLOR_GREEN ) endfunction function ZhugeLiang takes nothing returns nothing call ForGroup( armies_Army[5], function ChangeColor ) endfunction...
  5. Shadow

    How do you change a UI?

    I want to create me own themed UI for the bottom bar of the screen everything I circled in the picture below. How would I go about doing this?
  6. Shadow

    Bugged trigger

    Status: Solved EDIT: Fixed, Tried JNGP 5e dind't work then tried JNGP 5d with Jasshelper 0a2b and it worked. I noticed 5e has cohadersjasshelper, is there a way you can put jasshelper 02ab in 5e? do I just remove cohader folder and put jass helper and it will work? __________________ This...
  7. Shadow

    Help with Code

    Hey was learning the basics of vJass but its been 6 months since I last learned it :) Need some help removing a unit. scope SunQuan initializer onInit public function ChangeOwner takes nothing returns nothing call KillUnit(GetTriggerUnit()) call SetUnitOwner(GetEnumUnit()...
  8. Shadow

    Dynasty Warriors 3 You Ting

    This map is based of the popular hack and slash video game Dynasty Warriors (Ps2 and 360). It is tied to history as well which is recorded in the famous novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. ***Still looking for help if anyone is interested can use some spell makers or coders. Team...
  9. Shadow

    New Jasser with some questions

    Question 1 Alright first off, hello! So i've been jassing on and off for a few months now. I had a teacher but he stopped playing so now i'm on my own for now. So first off I wanna make a trigger where at the start all allies of red ally neutral victim. So I start in Gui and construct my my...
  10. Shadow

    Need help with Idea

    okay so im trying to make a gate system with destructibles where this unit called the gate keeper has the ability to open the gate an ability to close the gate. So what I do is when the unit casts open gate a real variable is set to the current health of the gate destructible, then the...
  11. Shadow

    Does this trigger lag?

    Will this trigger cause the game to crash or lag if i have more actions like this for say 12 gates and if so how could I change it. Set Gate Life Events Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set Gate1 = (Current life of Iron Gate...
  12. Shadow

    Looking for Recommended Text Tag system

    Looking for a system where I can use text tags float above a unit and can be used in any instance not just casting spells. Thanks ~Shadow
  13. Shadow

    Need help with units of type in range

    So what I want is like if you ever played some of those maps such as gauntlet where you step on the items it gives your hero the effects of the item. So I Think my event would be TriggerRegisterUnitInRange then add my stuff like add 100 health to GetTriggerUnit but these items are...
  14. Shadow

    Trouble with adding unit to group

    Trying to add a unit to a unit group then when a unit enters circle of power give them all units in the unit group i but the unit isnt getting added for some reason scope Victory initializer onInit // Edit the values belows /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////...
  15. Shadow

    Trying to hook up my laptop to my Lcd Tv

    Im trying to hook up my dell latitude e6400 or my HP Pavillion dv600 to my Samsung Lcd, I bought an hdmi cable only to realize the my lap top has no hmdi inputs. My tv has a vga input, hdmi input, and a usb input. My lap tops have usb, s-video, vga, and a display port. If possible id...
  16. Shadow

    How to add unit to unit group

    I inlined the gui to get GroupAddUnit but how do I add last created units to a unit group? GroupAddUnit(MyUnitGroup, ? )
  17. Shadow

    Error when trying to test map

    I get an error when I the map is loading I am fairly certain it has somthing to do with this initializer the error occurred after I put in the loop so that it would cycle through all the players function InitTrig_Weapon takes nothing returns nothing local trigger t = CreateTrigger()...
  18. Shadow

    Need assistance with an idea

    So in my map heroes start off with an item it initials gives nothing but each time they level I want to make it so the weapon gets a point that can be spent for either +attack speed, or +attack, or +armor. but I'm having difficulty coming up with the concept so that they can spend there points...
  19. Shadow

    Question about Spirit Link

    is there a way I can make it so if spirit linked units are attacked by friendlies they still distribute the damage?
  20. Shadow

    Spell targeting issues

    im trying to get the spell spirit link to target ancients so i set targets allows to ancients and set my certain unit targeted as ancient but it does do anything it doesn't even say cannot target just nothingness :S