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  1. WarLuvr3393

    Unit Stats - "Priority"

    Hey TH, I just had a quick question about "priority" in terms of units in WE. I never knew what this meant, and I was hoping if someone could enlighten me. When looking at the unit stats of a footman compared to a mortar team, the footman had a priority of 3 and the mortar of 5. What does...
  2. WarLuvr3393

    Connection Spiking

    When I host games, everyone says that I'm constantly spiking in the game. I don't feel the spikes, but everyone else does. I'm on a wired connection, so there is no interference with objects and such. Also, the ethernet cable is new so I don't think there could be any problems with that...
  3. WarLuvr3393

    Other Puzzle and Riddles Map - |Map of the Week #7|

    Spiky's Puzzle and Riddles Map Suggestion Thread Introduction I have actually been working on this map on and off for a year now. I've just been pulled into so many games such as Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, DotA, etc. But, after all this time, I've gotten 7/10 levels done. I did...
  4. WarLuvr3393

    Units not getting declared

    Here's the script that I'm working on: function one takes nothing returns nothing local group g= CreateGroup() local unit array s local integer i= 1 local destructable d= gg_dest_DTfx_0249 set s[1]=gg_unit_ncop_160 set s[2]=gg_unit_ncop_162 set s[3]=gg_unit_ncop_163...
  5. WarLuvr3393

    +Healing shown above the unit

    scope levelseven initializer Init private function spell_effect takes nothing returns nothing local unit u = GetSpellTargetUnit() local texttag tt = CreateTextTag() local real x = GetUnitX(u) local real y = GetUnitY(u) if GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A008' then call SetUnitState(u...
  6. WarLuvr3393

    Initializer Question

    I've been using vJass for a while now, and I understand it's use, but I'm just not grasping the concept of using "scope <name> initializer <name>". What is the point of adding "initializer <name>" to the end of the scope? Please make it in terms I can understand. :P Thanks.
  7. WarLuvr3393

    Two Effects in One Aura

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering how to make a two-effect aura WITHOUT hiding it. I did a search and all I found was adding 2 auras to a spellbook and disabling the spellbook. I'm trying to create an aura that gives +100% attack speed and +100% damage. Any ideas? Thanks in advanced...
  8. WarLuvr3393

    Rect Problem (Basic vJass)

    Hello everyone. I'm creating a type of infantry map that has two sides. When a unit of that side is created, control is transferred to the computer of that team and is sent to attack 1 of 3 locations: west side, east side and center. The default attack location is the center. Now, using a...
  9. WarLuvr3393

    Does this spell leak?

    function FB_Spell_Check takes nothing returns boolean return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A005' endfunction function FB_Spell_Effect takes nothing returns nothing local unit caster = GetTriggerUnit() local unit dummy local location l = GetUnitLoc(caster) local player p =...
  10. WarLuvr3393

    Simple init trigger not functional...

    Hey guys. I was just working on a map and I wanted to do some cleaning up so I converted my initialization trigger into JASS and attempted to clean up leaks and ugly coding. Here's my current script: function Set_Starting_Gold takes nothing returns nothing call...
  11. WarLuvr3393

    Leak Question

    Can enough leaks cause a map to disconnect everyone in the game except for the host?
  12. WarLuvr3393

    Weird Script Error

    I'm having a weird problem with this text macro script I'm experimenting with. Here's the code: function brown_check takes nothing returns boolean return GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit()) == Player(11) endfunction //! textmacro kill_collision takes number, unit function kill_$number$...
  13. WarLuvr3393

    Unit Creation Error

    There was an error in the generated map script where the units are created at certain rects. Take a look at the sample: //*************************************************************************** //* //* Unit Creation //*...
  14. WarLuvr3393

    NewGen Annoyance

    Hey everyone. Whenever I open up the unit editor in NewGen, everytime I click a value of a unit, like scaling size, I hear the stupid "ding" error sound of the computer. How do I turn this off? It's getting really irritating changing values of a unit and hearing the "ding" sound after...
  15. WarLuvr3393

    Newb vJass Question

    When running textmacros, where do the functions go? At the declaration line, at the beginning, at the end?
  16. WarLuvr3393

    Custom Fade Filter Problem (Pictures)

    Hello everyone. I was doing some experimenting with the custom fade filters and I was having a slight problem. Whenever I test my custom fade filter, this is what I get: ...compared to the original image...
  17. WarLuvr3393

    Coding vJass after v1.22?

    I'm pretty newb when it comes to the NewGen editor and vJass but after 1.22, I'm pretty sure you guys are all aware of it, NewGen no longer works with the new World Editor. So, my question is, what do we use now to do vJass scripts?
  18. WarLuvr3393

    TD DotA Tower Defense

    DotA Tower Defense Introduction Hello TheHelper. I'm an old member here and I'm currently working on a project to make DotA (Defense of the Ancients) a Tower Defense. I was currently working with two other people but my inactivity on the map caused me to lose these two guys. I was inactive...
  19. WarLuvr3393

    Fade Filter Turning Blue?

    Hey guys. I've made a custom fade filter and it works and all but it looks all blue. However, when I click the menu button (everything in the game darkens up), the fade filter looks normal. Then when I exit the menu button, it turns blue again. The screen doesn't turn blue, but the image...
  20. WarLuvr3393

    DotA Tower Defense

    DotA (Defense of the Ancients) Tower Defense General Overview The map will have 2 sides, Scourge and Sentinel. This will be a 4v4 game, not a 5v5 game like the AoS style map. You will be able to choose from three different type of builders; intellect hero builder, strength hero builder...