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  1. demotry241

    animes this year.

    some are great such as canaan, spice wolf(finally). and full metal alchemist brotherhood. hahaha.. wonder what next year has.
  2. demotry241

    need help on merging jass

    Change the problem. How Do I Set local variables. without initiating the actual jass action.
  3. demotry241

    [Request] Model.

    I am requesting a tank model. you can even use the steam tank. I just need a tank model. in which we can change the facing angle of the cannon "head". the reason is so that I can use the trigger action "animation set "unit's" "head" facing "unit". humanoid units do this. but not...
  4. demotry241

    Tekken 6

    Tekken 6, Blood Rebellion. they say it is going to xbox 360 in 2009 Fall. what are your thoughts? mine is.. "k00l"
  5. demotry241


    yes Mongol it was released in 2007 it is a story of Temujin A.K.A. Genghis Khan. the story is from the secret books of Mongolia. not the ones that states Genghis Khan was a savage. Quite Accurate actually. Link to Trailer: Demotry241 Likes this...
  6. demotry241

    d gray people.

    it's sad. it was the day I watched the last episode of D. Grayman. ended at number 103. at the moment ah well. it was too good to last long anyway. XD hmmm.. Hitman... o well NEXT!
  7. demotry241

    Network Problems, and a story xD

    I Recently got a virus from a friend's USB who's computer broke. great huh. of course my Compute fell to the state of Breakdown. I used Spybot and it saved my Precious one. ================================= as I noticed the virus reconfigure how my hardware takes power[Watts]. good thing I got...
  8. demotry241

    custom script XD

    I recently at long last installed jass newgen pack 1.5a on secondary comp and will be learning later. but for now.. i have a problem regarding this. Untitled Trigger 001 Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Custom script: local...
  9. demotry241

    Question about Variables

    Is there a Destructible variable Group?
  10. demotry241

    HEY!, Its Max Payne!

    Because Max Payne the movie is arriving... and another game :D
  11. demotry241

    Tiger Blitz (ohh)

    Tadaa!, Tiger Blitz a map I created. Genre: Tank Simulation, Objective base game...(kill the Control Point) Inspired by: Battle City (NES game) Protected: Yes. Current Version: 0.6c [Note:]I didn't test it yet.. so It might have some bugs... What in it: A desert, some obstacles...
  12. demotry241

    minimap goblin merchant icon

    any idea how to remove the "yellow house" in the minimap?, but will still show the unit in the minimap. and it is neutral.
  13. demotry241

    Help in removing leaks

    how can i remove this leak. with its array. Set unknown_Caster_Position[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] = (Position of (Triggering unit)) please show me a custom script that removes above. (the part which is array and player number of owner of triggering unit is the...
  14. demotry241

    Demotry241's Story

    Demotry241's Story happened 20 years after the Competition Accident (Patintero Zero Map) 16 years before the First Battles of the Nation( Game of Conquerors Map) 14 years before the Naval Confrontation (SeaField Map) and 10 years after the ???(Work in Progress Map) and 4 years...
  15. demotry241

    help me to remove a leak.

    Last Region Check Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -LastRegion as An exact match Player - Player 2 (Blue) types a chat message containing -LastRegion as An exact match Player - Player 3 (Teal) types a chat message containing...
  16. demotry241

    Windows XP, Emergency Shutdown

    my problem is when I use MS-Dos for pinging servers my system responds the emergency shutdown.. =.= although my second computer doesn't do that. any reason why my first always do this?
  17. demotry241

    requesting a trigger

    requesting a trigger that will: when a unit enters a region entering unit is a hero. silence that unit forever. until that unit leaves the region. or 2 triggers when a unit enters a region, silence that unit forever when a unit leaves a region, remove the silence from that...
  18. demotry241


    save/load system, -it must check playername anyway I was wondering how long would it be. if I'm just storing 1 integer per player?.(score points)
  19. demotry241

    WIP SUP-Press~OR

    SUP~Press~OR temporary halt. hmmm.. after playing a few games.. I'll probably back.. progress? well let us assume it is about hmmm 7% hmm... maybe SUPER-PRESS-URE would be... awesome. my mini-game that is currently working in progress my inspiration for creating this map, is the game called...
  20. demotry241

    Hehe Need Suggestions

    I need suggestions what would you guys prefer.. when 1 player plays = its normal now this is the decision making for me when 2 players play what do you prefer a.) Increase the Number of Enemies, example 4 PLAYERS = x4 monsters or b.) Increases the Life,Damage,Armor of the monsters...