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    Detecting ability used(Orb of lightning)

    IS there a way to refer to an orb of lightning effect in triggers?
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    All possible Orders?

    Hey i want an event that fires everytime a unit does something related to spells. Its a hero. And I want to avoid giving it ward classification. So please list all Orders possible. "patrol" "stop" "move" "attack move" or is it "attack, move" "attack" "smart" "hold position" "stop" any one i...
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    Multicast Trigger problem

    NEed help why isnt this working this is my multicast trigger to make even heroes be able to all cast same time. MultiCast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Set Group = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((((Matching unit) is...
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    Clear String

    LOl i just searched and could find anything which i find strange. How to clear a string variable? Its a global String variable i want nulled or cleared, and i guess i throw in the question in how the nulling of global unit variables looks? Might be solved.. if the right answer is: set...
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    Preventing Hero Death Message?

    Effective Use OF Preventing Hero Death Message if the unit has buff or any other condition? Would be greatly apprieciated if you could remove the Hero icons that appear on the left side of the screen
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    Making a HERO-UNIT

    OKE I want to make a Unit that looks exactly like a hero but I dont want it to be a hero.. so that when it dies or its timer expires it says " your hero has died" IS there anyway to give units Intellegence/strength/agility? even if its just for show?
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    Illusion and Orb stacking

    I searched but could not find what i wanted. Orbs stacking with orbs and stacking with illusions. First How about Aura's Auras always stack if they have different buff? and how will they stack then? lets say you have 2 vampiric auras with 50% life leach. Now if you have 2 abilities...
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    Link from Zelda abilities?

    Could someone give me ideas 3 normal abilities an 1 ultimate for Link?
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    Unctrollable Unit but stil owned

    I want a unit that stays the same ownership but the owner cant move or give him any order at all i also need the unit to not be stunned/holded. Anyone got any ideas how to do this? Thanks in advance
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    UNit response Time

    How to change this lets say. a unit is attacking another unit and that unit suddenly walks out of the attack range it takes some time for the unit to start walking after it same with the follow command. Can you change the response Time? well to late now i solved it in another way which i found...
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    Units keep spawning

    OKey why does the units keep being created allthough the first one stopped and they should stay atleast 20 range away from another one. and if a unit is close enough to the caster no more should be created. plus anyone that follows the first is super slow thats another issue i cant get. The...
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    Unit Group issue

    It seems that some value in the object editor makes the unit not count in unit groups. is it Locust? I tried check units in unit group with unit type shadow but it keeps saying 0 so i wonder if its coz of locust or what other reason?
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    Burning foot prints.

    How to make the burning foot prints and can you change it to any other model. Im thinking of creating Like a snake like thing that comes out of the user that you can control and move but it shall be linked with darkness to the user.
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    AoS Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

    Ultimate Destiny v1.1 By DiFm and map by Accname Description: A Hero Defence map where you must choose to fight for either good or evil. The heroes come from known video games and cartoons. They are characters that should know about and this is the tribute to them. Their chance to show us who...
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    MUltiboard Logic Problem.

    MultiBoard Events Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds Conditions Actions Set Colours[0] = |cffffcc00 Set Colours[1] = |cffFF0202 Set Colours[2] = |cff0041FF Set Colours[3] = |cff1BE6B8 Set Colours[4] = |cff530080...
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    Increased attack range skill?

    Do such thing exist or i have to use uppgrades like Long rifle., its annoying coz you cant downgrade an uppgrade. :/
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    Spell Copy Spell/Sharingan

    Sharingan/Copy Spell By DiFm GUI/MUI/MPI The idea of taking advantage of the enemy is an idea we all to often fiddle with. With this spell you take advantage of the enemies spell power and also increasing your own spell power. The Spell is named Sharingan after an ability in the...
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    Add Hero abilities to spellbook

    Is there a Way?
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    Problem With this Multiboard?

    this is suppossed to show only for 1 player however it removes the my other Multiboard why and how to prevent it? Creep Kill Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -cs as An exact match Player - Player 2 (Blue) types a chat message containing -cs...
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    -Swap Command

    What is the best way to do this... Normally i ussually figure these things out but i cant see how i should set this up.