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  1. Ayanami

    Question Regarding Regeneration

    Just wanted to confirm some things regarding regeneration in WC3. Alrighty, for HP regeneration, how does it work? Under Object editor Stat - Hit Points Regeneration Rate, does setting it to 2.00 mean 2.00 HP/sec regeneration? I'm confused for the Stat - Mana Regeneration as well. As for...
  2. Ayanami

    Unit Priority

    I've searched the forums but couldn't really find a good answer. Basically, I'm trying to get attackers to prioritize on attacking certain units before attacking others. I do know the Priority field is useless for this purpose. I've heard that units with Fortified armor and Worker...
  3. Ayanami

    Movement Speed Calculation

    Basically, I'm trying to reduce movement speed of a unit by a flat amount. Let's say I want to reduce a unit's movement speed by 50, initially it was like this (using T32): private static method periodic takes nothing returns nothing // other code // movement speed part...
  4. Ayanami

    Tutorial Introduction to Struct

    Table of Contents Introduction Concept of Instances Struct Declaration Struct Instantiation Constructor Overloading Multiple Constructors Members Methods Static vs Instance thistype Destroying Instances & onDestroy onInit Method Naming Conventions Closing FAQ 1...
  5. Ayanami

    Inheritance in JASS

    Wanted to know how Inheritance exactly works in JASS. Let's say you have struct Parent and struct Child, I understand that the Child inherits instance members and methods only, right? I'm confused about the constructor part. If you call local Child c = Child.create(), this calls Parent's...
  6. Ayanami

    readonly members

    Want to ask if readonly members are depreciated? Read it on the JASS manual, but stated "It is a nonstandard at the moment, so you shouldn't use it on public releases."
  7. Ayanami

    Timer Query

    I'm figuring out which Timer System would be good for both high and low frequencies. Or would I have to use separate timers for High and Low frequencies?
  8. Ayanami

    Accessing Private Members

    So I have 2 structs, Struct A and Struct B. I want it so that Struct B can access Struct A's private members, but only Struct B. struct A private static integer a endstruct struct B private static method test takes nothing returns nothing set A.a = 1 // I want to make this...
  9. Ayanami

    Constant Functions

    So I've been pondering about constant functions. I heard that constant functions always return a constant return value. However, this seems to work. private constant function GetDamage takes integer level returns real return level * 5. endfunction By right, the above function...
  10. Ayanami

    Struct or Hashtable

    I'm currently making a custom damage system for my own use in a map. However, I can't decide if using a Struct or Hashtable is faster. Every time a unit is damaged, I'm basically checking for any damage events (critical strike, bash, lifesteal, etc). So, I run another trigger from my damage...
  11. Ayanami

    System Stun

    library StunSystem uses Table //******************************************************************************** // Stun - Version - By iAyanami aka Ayanami //******************************************************************************** // // Stun: // -...
  12. Ayanami

    Trigger Evaluate & Execute

    Is there a difference between the two? Well, from my guess, Trigger Evaluate would be better? I mean if I use the "Condition" as my "Action", Trigger Evaluate would be faster, right? Just need someone to clarify this. Thanks!
  13. Ayanami

    Code Check

    Need help finding out why this happens. So basically, I have a spell where it forms a straight path. Then after 1 second, the path explodes, stunning and damaging all enemies within the area of the path. Note that damage is dealt during the stun duration, so over time. Note that I used firebolt...
  14. Ayanami

    Regarding Structs

    Just read this. Does this mean that doing struct MyStruct extends array is better than simply doing struct MyStruct? And if I use struct MyStruct extends array, does .allocate() and .deallocate() still work? Or would I just have to use the custom create and destroy? And what exactly is...
  15. Ayanami

    Puck's Waning Rift Effect

    Basically, I'm trying to find Puck's Waning Rift effect (that yellowish effect). However, can't seem to find it. I believe it's a custom model? And for those who don't know DotA, here's a short video of that effect. It's around the 11-13 seconds mark. Thanks...
  16. Ayanami

    Spellpack Shadow Sting Spellpack

    Introduction Made another spellpack, because, why not? Requirements - JNGP - AIDS - Damage - GroupUtils - GTrigger - Table - Timer32 The spells: Eagle Eye [Active] Heartbreaker [Active] Bolt Sequence [Active] Details - The spells are vJASS - They should be leak-less...
  17. Ayanami

    Event Leak

    Not sure if this thread belongs in this section. Just wanted to know how an event leak actually occurs.
  18. Ayanami

    onDestroy and destroy

    Is there a difference between these two? I do know that onDestroy is ran right before the struct instance is recycled. However, wouldn't onDestroy be pointless when you could just override the destroy method? Or am I missing something?
  19. Ayanami

    Configurable Filter

    How would I make filtering configurable? For example, I want to make the targets allowed for a spell to be configurable. How would I make the filtering configurable? Thanks in advance.
  20. Ayanami

    Spellpack Gravity Spellpack

    Introduction Made a gravity themed spell pack, out of pure boredom :P Requirements - Damage AIDS Event - Timer32 - GTrigger - GroupUtils The spells: Inversion Field [Active] Gravity Matrix [Passive] Gravity Flux [Active] Graviton Acceleration [Active] Details - The...