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  1. Ayanami

    Trigger Help

    How are you doing it currently?
  2. Ayanami

    Turn based grid system

    I'm currently working on a map that uses grid-based system as well. For the grid, I basically used a struct with 4 "pointers", pointing north east south and west. It isn't too complicated as long as you have some experience with programming. The actual tough part is the path generation...
  3. Ayanami

    Bounce Attack

    You need to use "Player - Set Current Research Level" instead of "Order (Triggering unit) to research..."
  4. Ayanami

    Agility increase

    Do note that using the "Unit is attacked" event is buggy. It occurs when the unit begins the attack animation, not when an attack is successfully performed. So if you were to spam the Stop command when you're about to attack, it will successfully add to your agility. If you want to properly...
  5. Ayanami

    looking for blog tutorials

    Blogging? Is this even related to Warcraft? o.o
  6. Ayanami

    How to change unit's some parameters by only '=' sign if there are no such functions

    Are you asking how to change the hero's model coloring? You can use the native function: native SetUnitVertexColor takes unit whichUnit, integer red, integer green, integer blue, integer alpha returns nothing So let's say you wanted your hero to appear completely red, you'd do: call...
  7. Ayanami

    Whats is wrong?

    There seems to be a problem with the compiler identifying the functions IsTerrainWalkable and IsTerrainDeepWater. I suggest checking if these functions actually exists and if it's reachable.
  8. Ayanami


    DotA uses Silence I believe. Maybe Drunken Haze.
  9. Ayanami

    Add Orb Effect to hero

    Based on your code, the orb effect remains forever. Do remember to remove the orb effects when casting the spell, as you wouldn't want multiple orb effects. Unless, you didn't post the full code :p
  10. Ayanami

    Simple Trigger...

    I believe the timer won't show. But it does die after 60 seconds, right?
  11. Ayanami


    You can use Silence. There's a field called "Attacks Prevented". Just tick "Melee" and "Ranged".
  12. Ayanami

    If a unit dies, is it automatically removed from unit groups?

    From my knowledge, it will not fully remove it. There will be a certain shadow reference if a unit is removed from the game but remaining in a group.
  13. Ayanami

    Need help with trigger fast!

    And you're violating Rule 4. A. Don't flame at a person or call him stupid. Just explain in a calm manner. Why the flame?
  14. Ayanami

    Passive skill with cooldown.

    Various indexing systems use Custom Values to index/deindex units. Thus, Custom Value isn't really the best solution.
  15. Ayanami

    Hashtable Leak

    I'm pretty sure storing Handle variables will not make it MUI. Since the Hashtable stores the Handles by reference, making changes to that certain global variable will affect your "stored" value. For example, let's say you have a Point variable called "TempPoint". First, you set TempPoint =...
  16. Ayanami

    Hashtable Leak

    For Handles (Groups, Locations, etc), Hashtables merely store a reference to that specific handle. Basically, the Hashtable is merely pointing to your Handle variables and not physically storing them. Clearing a Hashtable merely removes this reference but your Handle still exists. Clearing a...
  17. Ayanami

    Skill problem help

    I could provide you with an example code, but it's in vJASS. The solution has been posted above though, using a Life Bonus with a 0 seconds timer.
  18. Ayanami

    Hero 5 Limit Ability Cap

    From what I read, you want to only allow 4 abilities out of 8 for a hero, right? Why not make a skill selection when you choose that certain hero, where all 8 skills will be displayed. From there, allow the player to choose 4. You'd still need a custom Skill System (using Spellbook) to level the...
  19. Ayanami

    Anyone know why a dummy isn't casting custom Thunder Clap when it's hidden?

    All dummies should have Locust. If you're going to add Invulnerability, might as well just stick with Locust. Locust units are not selected in group enumerations, so it should be used on all dummy units.
  20. Ayanami

    TimerUtils Help

    There's no need to copy out the Blue Timer separately. Just take the whole code, doesn't matter since it's using static ifs anyways. For destroy the timer, don't use DestroyTimer(). Use the given code, ReleaseTimer(). To destroy the timer via a command, you'd need the event for it. Simply save...