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  1. Gtam

    Detecting Key presses in Delphi Application when minimized (or I think so)

    I want to create a hotkey program that when you press a certain key that it moves the moves to desired location, but the application should be minimized to the system tray and another application is open. How would i detect it or beable to do it?
  2. Gtam

    Steam Game and Patch.

    I want to know if i can download CoD6 new Patch from a PC that deonst have the game on. I cant download the patch from my PC with the game on. And cant install MW2 on the PC that can Download the Patch.
  3. Gtam

    Delphi ColorDialog help

    how would i get the currently selected color string in a color dialog when closed? or selected.
  4. Gtam

    CoD MW2

    CoD MW2 is awsome I have play the single player and finished it on Hardened and play Spec Ops a bit but some of those missions are hard. Just need to unlock the last catagory. Played Multiplayer a bit and all those new kill streaks are awsome. Two pain in the asses is STEAM!!!! and NO...
  5. Gtam

    Hero Custom Spells

    How would you make a hero buy items that resembles spells and then add the spell to the hero and he is able to level it up
  6. Gtam

    Delphi Help with bold text

    how would you bold a piece of text in a richedit, e.g. call Bla. Im trying to create a jass editor of sort.
  7. Gtam

    Crash one Player and Preloading

    Okay how would i crash the player i type e.g i type -1 , player two should crash but only him. And then also how exactly to preload abilities, should i just create a dummy with the ability and then kill him or should he also cast the ability?
  8. Gtam

    L4d2 Specials

    Okay i just re-installed L4D2 and when i play versus on my own other special bot infected spawn. Is there a patch that made the specials spawn when there are not a full house of human players
  9. Gtam

    List to all Jass Natives, Bj and Constants

    can someone plz link me to place or give me a list of all the jass natives, bj and constants. alphabetical will be really great. And if what it takes and returns be also added that will be really appreciated and repped.
  10. Gtam

    L4D2 Crash when lanning

    Okay well my L4D2 Crashes the second time a join or create a lan game. Like this i open L4D2 start lan game... play... fun... finish... then when i start the second one it crashes at random times, sometimes at the loading or during the game but never able to finish the second game. Online works...
  11. Gtam

    Trigger not working completly

    This trigger works but the right level is never correct. scope TitanBlood initializer TBInit globals private constant integer TBId = 'A014' private constant integer AbilId = 'D014' private constant integer BookId = 'DA14' endglobals private...
  12. Gtam

    Spell never Executes?

    scope SoB initializer Init globals private constant integer AbilId = 'A017' private constant integer DumyId = 'D017' private constant string FX = "Abilities\\Spells\\Human\\StormBolt\\StormBoltMissile.mdl" endglobals private function Conditions...
  13. Gtam

    Snippet GetHeroMainAtt

    GetHeroMainAtt By Gtam This snippet will allow people to identify the main attribute of a hero. Here is 2 snippets. You can choose which one you like. Firts snippet: Uses ability detection library HeroMainAttribute1...
  14. Gtam

    hardened skin q.

    does hardened skin block spell damage too?
  15. Gtam

    Dummy Question

    Okay say the dummy does attack so he will the have 8 ability slots to uses right. Okay so i add abilities to the unit as it is need. Say he has 8 abilities added by now and i add another what will happen. Will and old one get removed for the new one or will the new one never get added
  16. Gtam

    L4D2 installation.

    not sure if this is the right place but i want to know if i can install L4D2 twice. See its like this. Im getting L4D2 and i really want to play it but im getting a new PC in a few months time. So can i install L4D2 on my old PC then later on my New PC when i gat it?
  17. Gtam

    model used for tiny's avalance?

    what model is used for tiny's avalance or is it custom
  18. Gtam

    Neutral Chickens

    okay i use neutral passive for my wave units. on their way are buildings that attack and are owned by neutral aggresion. When my wave units reach about 45% hp they run back to where they were spawned. But when enemy units attack them thats owned by enemy players they fight til the death. How...
  19. Gtam

    How to Merge Object Editor Unit Data

    How to Merge one maps Unit Data with another. I have newgen. I have been trying but i cant get it to merge.
  20. Gtam

    Spell Not properly working

    Well i have a proplem with this spell im creating. Here is the code scope TS initializer Init globals private constant integer AbilId = 'A001' private constant integer LightningId = 'A004' private constant integer ClapId = 'A005' private constant...