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  1. Jindo

    [Flash] Vertigo 2

    Some of you may remember me as a person who made a lot of Flash games years ago. In more recent years I focussed on larger projects, probably much larger than Flash games should be, releasing about 1-2 content-heavy games a year. So this is a project I started in February, I wanted to remake...
  2. Jindo

    The YouTube Collection

    Y_UmWdcTrrc Looks useful and convenient, the internet surely won't last forever after all.
  3. Jindo

    Sword Icons

    For a game project I'm working on, plenty of other icons are in progress but these were the first few I did for an early idea I wanted to implement.
  4. Jindo

    The Great Chimp Heist

    mOsrPqYPauc Song
  5. Jindo

    Gap Monsters

    Gap Monsters Really unique puzzle game, enjoy!
  6. Jindo

    Make Me Some Tilesets! (Please?)

    As demanding as the title sounds it's completely optional, basically I'm working on a level editor in Flash and decided rather than spend time working on fancy tilesets I should get on with getting the level editor to a fully functional state. Despite this, I would like some variety in the...
  7. Jindo


    ygI-2F8ApUM A very 'say what you see' synopsis from one of the comments on YouTube: The music is also pretty enjoyable. Brodyquest.
  8. Jindo

    Dark Place

    Not complete but pleased with the outcome so far.
  9. Jindo

    No Time To Explain

    Haven't actually played it yet but will probably end up buying it, not sure what it's current status is. Trailer: J2J30Bz9Pzo Free Flash Version (one full level?)
  10. Jindo


    A compilation of remixes of the chiptune soundtrack from the game VVVVVV. I finally got around to purchasing it and I'm absolutely blown away by it, there is a whole range of genres in this collection, some rock/metal covers, a few piano compositions and many very arcade styled remixes...
  11. Jindo


    The rage inducing "sequel" to QWOP, GIRP. 17.7m so far D:
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    Full Size Quicky
  13. Jindo

    Hydreigon (Updated)

    Full Size I illustrated my new favourite Pokemon :P.
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  15. Jindo


    Some kind of typical-fantasy RPG that doesn't take itself very seriously, worth looking in to (I plan on getting it soon). g_XP9OBWGKo
  16. Jindo

    White Noise

  17. Jindo

    The Rabbits

    viTBKOiPFRU A fairly creepy story told by Ryan Murphy, enjoy.
  18. Jindo


    This got featured on the front page of Newgrounds which I was pretty pleased about :P
  19. Jindo

    "Up Down" Game A lot of fun, you need only the up and down arrow keys.
  20. Jindo


    Surprised this wasn't posted yet, unless I missed it. The objective is to make this Olympian run 100 metres... ...:rolleyes: