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    Getting Units Behind

    Any simple and efficient alternative other then using LineSegments to detect whether units are behind another unit? For example Unit Caster :banghead: into Unit Target in his path. Something like a SetUnitPosition thing when it knocks into another unit while moving.
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    Overlord 2

    Comments? Suggestions? It was kind of epic at the start but I got pissed off at the part where I got red minions and I went up to the elevator in a possessed minion and then went down and got stuck there... permanently..:mad:
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    Moving units by vectors

    So I have vector a which is x y z of initial unit position available and vector b x y z of final unit position available, how do I move them? // initial vector set d.zx = GetUnitX(target) * Cos(angle) set d.zy = GetUnitY(target) * Sin(angle) call MoveLocation(L,d.x,d.y)...
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    Camera Bounds

    When you set camera bounds, the minimap looks really ugly, is there a way to fix the ugly look and apply the minimap correctly like the default minimap without getting modified by camera bounds. To say it short and sweet, setting a camera bounds to a rect make a rectangle selection at the...
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    Stackable instances for a unit of this spell

    Stated above. scope Overseermight initializer Init globals private constant integer DMGAURA = 'A00F' private constant integer SPELLBOOK = 'A00V' private constant integer SPELL = 'A00U' private constant string EFFECT = "Abilities\\Spells\\Items\\AIco\\CrownOfCmndTarget.mdl"...
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    Label for Finger of death sound

    Title stated above, does anybody know of it? Went searching through default abilities and buff but had no luck. EDIT: Found it under the orc's header.
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    Eye of Sargeras

    Could anyone modify the existing one to have a proper working portrait? Giving + rep.
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    Sound does not play

    scope deathpact initializer Init globals private constant integer SPELL = 'A00P' private constant string EFFECT = "Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\Doom\\DoomTarget.mdl" private sound SLEEP private constant string GHOST =...
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    Boolean does not listen?

    scope Necromancy initializer Init globals private constant integer SPELL = 'A00J' private constant integer HEROID = 'U000' private integer Count = 0 private timer TIMER = CreateTimer() private constant real TIMEOUT = 1 private group Casters = CreateGroup() private...
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    System Hero Tavern System (HTS)

    As usual, I don't like typing things so I will let the documention take my place. Requirements: AutoIndex & SimError Hero Tavern System v1.00 By wraithseeker Changelog v1.00 - Initial Release Main Purpose - Saving space - Extending Taverns - Hero...
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    Is there a function like GetCurrentUnitSelected

    Solved... The answer was GroupEnumUnitsSelected.
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    Physics Formula

    If I were to give time and displacement as user inputted variables, which formula should I use to get vi and vf? I tried to derive formulas from here but to no avail :o
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    Jump System

    Here's a little system that I have been working on, can I have some feedbacks, criticism, comments or any function that you guys wish to have. This is also very nice for vertical jumps. I made it work with my system EKB and it takes elevation angle, google for a picture and you'll...
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    Maths enquires

    library VerticalJump uses AutoIndex //================================================================= // HOW TO USE ? //================================================================= // // function ThrowUnitToAir takes unit u, real velocity returns nothing // //...
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    System Hero Revival System

    Hero Revival System by wraithseeker v1.00 Changelog v1.00 - Initial release. HRS is a system that behaves similarly like World of Warcraft 's' revival system added to the system dies, a spirit and a corpse is created in place to fake the death and...
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    Possible? How?
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    "Getting Online In Chat"

    When I realise that I get online on the chat and then go to status and then use the command to type out my password, I found out that they are not **** instead just display the password which isn't nice. Perhaps you can make them stars? >*** Maybe some people is spying on you behind :o
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    Function Interfaces

    scope test //imagine this is a system ( does not complie properly .... ) function interface what takes unit target returns nothing private function test takes nothing returns nothing local unit u = GetTriggerUnit() call what.execute(u) set u = null endfunction endscope...
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    Possible or not?

    private function test takes unit target returns nothing call KillUnit(target) // just a testing hmmmm... endfunction private function Init takes nothing returns nothing local bonus d set DataTable = Table.create() set d = bonus.Itemtype('I000') set d.Damage = 100...