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    Computer Engineering, and IT whats the difference?

    Hello guys, in a month from now i will apply for college to Turkye and i am very troubled, i read some information about Computer Engineering and IT ,they both include programming and stuff, but i still dont know which one to pick, my idea of future career is more like, to be employed and yet,be...
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    Setting up a Compiler in Qt5

    Hey guys, i've been messing with the Qt5 Creator for this entire afternoon, i am frustrated way to much to think clearly, i just cant get it to recognize the path of my compiler (which is MinGW) , is anyone familiar how to setup a compiler properly in Qt5?
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    How to check/detect if a unit is behind the back

    Hello guys, i am chilling here messing around with the editor, and i wanna make a spell for which i need to detect when a unit is behind Unit_1 so that he can do actions afterwards, hope to hear from someone soon :)
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    Android O.S

    Hey guys, i've recently got a hold of to a Device with Android O.S , and its on 2.3.4 version, i've read the through the internet and mostly that it is not possible to 'upgrade' , so im here to ask, is it possible for like, to Format my current device and install a newer O.S like Android 3+ ...
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    DJ Left

    Uhm finally, my friend has uploaded a vid to Youtube with a short mix of his, and i'd very much like to share it with you guys. DJ Left - House Intro Mix :thup:
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    A Simple Program - Where to start?

    Ellow fellas :) So i've been messing around with some C++ books , since i want to learn C++ coding and create programs in the future and so on, but, unfortunately these books are kinda ... 'old' , so i have no personal teacher or teacher of any sort to ask my questions that interest me, so i...
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    Existence of Time

    So yea, i have been thinking about it a lot recently and i thought maybe i could hear some more opinions and ideas about the concept of Time, what is Time? Does it Really Exist?
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    First Steps a new DJ should take?

    Ellow fellow helpers , i have a friend, and he's been practicing his DJ skills for the past years , in fact,ever since i knew him(7th Grade that is..) , but, there is a problem, we live in a small town, and he is very limited , he needs to 'expand' or i dont know how to express myself quite...
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    Upgrades to affect Specific units

    Hellow fellow helpers, i've been trying to mess around with the editor recently, and i was curious to know wether its possible to have an upgrade affect specific type of units , for example, i wanted my hero to have Moon Glaive Upgrade , ( i added the ability to him,made sure that the Research...
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    USB Ports Malfunctioning

    Ellow guys, i've been having this problem with my USB Ports, i dont know how to explain exatly, but it kinda like, Unplugges and Plugs in my Mouse (for example) automatically on its own, like , sometimes my mouse Deactives and than i need to Plug out and In again for it to work, i hope im clear...
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    Need an If before Else Error.

    Ellow guys, i've been messing around and also got the Code Blocks now, and i've been trying to work out with this code, #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { string answer=("Yes","yes","No","no"); string...
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    Closing Program by ESC in C++

    Ellow guys, i have been playing around with Dev-C++ editor and some starting C++ codes from some tutorials that i've been reading, but, i have a problem , since i want to be able to code that to exit the program when ESC is pressed, not Enter key , the tutorial has given me this command...
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    Need a Starting point! :(

    Hellow fellas, i have recently downloaded countless of Tutorials about Learning Basic C++ , First Steps in C++ and such , i have the will to read and learn, and study well the tutorials i've been reading, BUT, however, i need to see my codes working :( , as far as i understood via tutorials, is...
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    Timer Windows

    When i create a TimerWindow for Timer_1 , To whome does that appear ? Does it appear only to the owner of Triggering unit, or To all Players in-game? Hope i've been clear , but if not,please feel free to ask for more info to clear up things around my question :thup:
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    Increasing Food Limit by Triggers?

    Ellow guys, is it possible to Increase Food Limit by Triggers? :) ,for example in my case i need like to increase it specifically for 1 player for an additional 20 of the current default limit that is 100.
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    MUI question..i think:(

    Hey guys, im really troubled now, i never really quite understood 100% MUI meaning, but here's a more specific question to ease my mind, if Player 1 has Hero_1 with Spell_1 That is Based off Frostbolt (just example.) and Player 2 has Hero_2 with Spell_2 That is Based off Frostbolt (the...
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    Point Variables

    Hellow fellas, i am curious, if i store Position of [Hero] in a Point Variable, than when i need to, Order Unit to go to [Stored Point Variable] will the Unit go Wherever the Position of [Hero] Currently IS, or where it was when the variable got created? , Uhm i think i made it look like a lot...
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    Effect not Adding up :(

    Hey guys, its been killing me and im really getting frustrated about this very simple trigger not working , any idea why it aint working? Sprint Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Sprint Actions...
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    Your Opinion: How fun would it be....?

    Hello guys, its been awhile and i really would like to start working on something 'not-so-big' project Adventure,with a storyline setup and all that stuff(talking about a Custom Campaign) , but its been killing me that i cant arrange Voice-acts for the cinematics and such, now im really curious...
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    Hey guys, it has always been my dream to become a decent programmer, and still is, and the time is nearing for me to prepare myself for University, but............. i have no idea what to choose, i mean,for which degree should i be studying in order to become a Programmer , like choosing...