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  1. Nherwyziant

    How to play with yourself?

    What I mean is, is there an application or tricks that allows to open multiple Wc3 and allows to see each other's create on lan and be able to join and play?
  2. Nherwyziant

    Where can I get 'ATI Radeon HD 2600'

    I need for my video card thing. Anyway to get it? My big brother said that I'm gonna need this.
  3. Nherwyziant

    Control Panel and Error Pop-Up Problem

    Some kind of virus just wacked my old computer >.> Sorry about the large images, I can't get them small because my paint is dead :c and oh, spoilers doesn't work either. I can't open any app in control panel. I have this rundll32.exe in my Window folder thing. -------------------...
  4. Nherwyziant

    Where can I find a system like this?

    I saw this system before, it allows you to check if the terrain has deep or shallow water and detects the type of terrain on some place or stuff >.>. I think it has something like GetTerrainType.
  5. Nherwyziant

    How can I add a map?

    How can I add a map? There's no 'Maps' folder. Even I create one, and add a map inside, I see nothing. It says in in-game 'No Content Found' or something like that. I'm not using the beta.
  6. Nherwyziant

    Map Boundary Help

    So, I made a test map and tested something. But it wen't wrong. So: This is my minimap test And I set the camera bounds to the area I highlight as green Camera - Set the camera bounds for Player 1 (Red) to TestRegion <gen> And so In game, the camera is bounds is fixed but the minimap is...
  7. Nherwyziant

    Make attack ground do not hit allies.

    This hits allies. What should I put to make allies cannot be damaged.
  8. Nherwyziant

    Return problem?

    scope Test initializer I private function FIVE takes nothing returns real return 5.0 endfunction private function I takes nothing returns nothing call BJDebugMsg(R2S(FIVE)) endfunction endscope This shows 1.0, why?
  9. Nherwyziant

    How do I make a unit uses it's walk fast animation?

    Example, for tauren chieftain, how I make him uses walk fast animation when walking?
  10. Nherwyziant

    Wc3 Bad Apple!

    Original Warcraft III Still not satisfied? Try downloading the map >:O Made in JASS, and it was over 80,000 lines.
  11. Nherwyziant

    What color is the background?

    I don't know where to ask, so I go here. The background, this thing where texts are placed. What color is it? And how do I get it? Example: <> See, it's different.
  12. Nherwyziant

    Weird real array value on loop

    //Here, I made a loop test. scope LoopTest globals private constant integer COUNT = 5 //Number of loops endglobals private struct S1 private real r1 private real r2 private real r3 private integer i private real array ra1[COUNT]...
  13. Nherwyziant


    I got the idea from here. So In my tower, I need to get the nearest unit and my function does not work properly. Is there something wrong with this? //I remove some part of my trigger that does not have something to do with this nearest stuff. //.r1 will be the X of tower...
  14. Nherwyziant

    The File Exists!

    I have a weird error message every time I save a map. This message just started earlier, and I don't know how to fix this. I tried to restart and re-download NewGen but, same, this message remains. Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. Nherwyziant

    Where can I find the cannon unit model?

    Hey, I can't seem to find the cannon unit model. Where can I find it? What's it's path?
  16. Nherwyziant

    Can someone help me convert this to MUI?

    Hi, I have created a spell that creates blocks around him. But this spell is not yet finished, I discontinued finishing it since I have noticed it's not MUI xD. Can someone help me convert it to MUI and let me study it? The part with the damage is not yet added, cuz as what I said, not yet...
  17. Nherwyziant

    Struct problem. About using timer.

    //Here is an example... scope Test private struct Struct private timer t private real r private static method M1 takes nothing returns nothing //Needs to be static because of the timer. local Struct this //I need this to have my data. call...
  18. Nherwyziant

    Is it possible to move special effects?

    Like example: I created a special effect HERE and move it over HERE Possible? Create and destroy special effect is not what I wan't, since it's death animation is seen. I was planning to create a Projectile System, but just for my self.
  19. Nherwyziant

    A really fast question about destructable

    Hi, I don't have the native of GetDyingDestructable(). The function list gives me a bug. Take a look So, what's it's native?