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    Can Not Start Windows Normally

    I would blame your RAM for this, if you have two or more, try removing each at a time and see which one is faulty, as for drivers, search for 3DP Chip on google, it scans and finds all your required drivers at once,it is very easy to use and has a very simple interface
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    Computer Engineering, and IT whats the difference?

    Thank you very much, you've made it much more clearer for me to see what is what and what i want, thank you!
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    Computer Engineering, and IT whats the difference?

    Based on the courses i've seen to the provided scholarships, i have to say,they pretty much look like exatly what you just told me,regarding Computer Science, seems like IT will be a field where i would have more will to study and work on. Thanks for your input guys,much appreciated! ;)
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    Computer Engineering, and IT whats the difference?

    Thank you very much for your input, but it got me confused a lot, let me simplify my problem after reviewing your opinions, so IT Department is the one that teaches you stuff about programming + other important stuff needed to get employed? while Computer Engineering remains a true specialized...
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    Computer Engineering, and IT whats the difference?

    Hello guys, in a month from now i will apply for college to Turkye and i am very troubled, i read some information about Computer Engineering and IT ,they both include programming and stuff, but i still dont know which one to pick, my idea of future career is more like, to be employed and yet,be...
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    Flying Buildings

    Hey :),great idea, but unfortunately you need entirely new model designed for that :(
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    Setting up a Compiler in Qt5

    Hey guys, i've been messing with the Qt5 Creator for this entire afternoon, i am frustrated way to much to think clearly, i just cant get it to recognize the path of my compiler (which is MinGW) , is anyone familiar how to setup a compiler properly in Qt5?
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    Sci/Tech Bluetooth-powered StickNFind location stickers help you find things you've misplaced

    That option is probably twice cheaper than this Stick is gonna be ....
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    Sci/Tech Why We Need a Supercomputer on the Moon

    I'd voulenteer for that :rolleyes:
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    How to check/detect if a unit is behind the back

    thank you vypur :), i actually know i saw that thread before but thought that it might have been a bit old and probably archived somewhere :/ so i thought it'd be quicker to get an answer with a new thread , thanks a lot:)
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    How to check/detect if a unit is behind the back

    Very enlightening indeed :) , thank you very much, i will continue experimentising with those formulas and try it if it fits my needs ;)
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    How to check/detect if a unit is behind the back

    Hello guys, i am chilling here messing around with the editor, and i wanna make a spell for which i need to detect when a unit is behind Unit_1 so that he can do actions afterwards, hope to hear from someone soon :)
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    World China to US: “How’d You Like It If Japan Claimed Hawaii?”

    Yea, lets make US unfriendly with Japan so we can sell our Chineese tech to them and not the japaneese ... my opinion.
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    Snippet GUI-Friendly Damage Detection

    This is livesaving, many many thanks Weep! :cool:
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    Sci/Tech Why Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die?

    I have a feeling that it wont work out just because Google invented it.
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    Sci/Tech Facebook developing technology to allow access to children under 13

    Just more ways for 'the industry' to get more ca$h
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    WIP 2 Player Co-Op Hunting Simulation

    Hmmm, really good idea, totally worth of the time playing it , now we just have to see if its gonna be challenging enough ;)
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    Some effect question.

    Uhm Pause Unit and change the Field of View? or create a Custom Camera first adjust it to your needs and than via Triggers set the View to that Camera when its needed. If you know what i mean:)
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    i want a trigger

    Go at your Trigger Section, find your Trigger, now Right Click the Name of the Trigger ---> Copy As Text, than come here, write [1wc3]Post your code within the wc3 Wraps[/wc3] ,just remove the 1 from [1wc3] :)
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    Simple Trigger...

    Hmm try making one Trigger for testing purposes like this varFirePit Unit - A unit Finishes construction (Unit-type of (Constructed structure)) Equal to Firepit Set varFirePit = Last Constructed Unit Unit - Add a 60.00 second Generic expiration timer to varFirePit that was a raw code,but you...