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    Visual Studio 2010/2012 windows phone emulator issue.

    So I have this problem that every time I try to debug my Window's phone game made in XNA in a window's phone emulator it always takes awhile before it runs the game successfully on the first run after I start up my laptop (every other debug provided I don't close the emulator is significantly...

    Sci/Tech A Parasite Carried By Cats Could Increase Human Suicide Risk

    Someone will make this into a weapon eventually. I mean why bother killing your enemies when you get them to kill themselves for you?

    Implementing Projectile Motion in OpenGL

    Ok so apparently I have to finish this particular project that shows a projectile that follows the laws of projectile motion by July 11 and I'm having trouble figuring out how to go about arranging the logic flow. So far I have a gravity component that works and a firing mechanism that sets the...

    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    i'm not entirely sure I follow.

    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    Bump:I managed to make a grid move /undulate with waves that move along the x and z axis. Problem is that the lines tend to move separately messing up the grid. #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include "GlutStarter.h" #include <math.h> #include <glut.h> void Render(); //#define DTRF...

    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    Well It should be something like this... Note:The lines shouldn't wiggle or move along the x and z axis

    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    That last explanation fried my brain. Can you explain it in a different view point? Edit:This is the current code snippet I have that renders 36 lines that move in a wave every frame. glBegin(GL_LINES); amp=0.0; t=0.0; for (double x=-36.0; x<=36.0; x++) { double y = amp * sin( (ba+t)*DTRF...

    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    That was rather interesting to figure out. Now I'm wondering how I could turn this 36 co-linear line segments that look like a single line into a grid that stretches along the x and z axis. The math portion I can easily understand. The real problem I'm tackling with is loop logic management...

    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    So I'm trying to create a sin wave that moves in OpenGL and so far I've gotten around 35 line segments to move up and down due to their Y value being determined by continuous computation as the program runs. Thing is how do I make it so that the Y value for each line to increase at different...

    Laptop won't boot properly..

    Every time I turn on my laptop it automatically goes to the boot menu and it's choices. This is how I get it to normally boot now: I try picking the HDD option which results it freezing before it can start the laptop emmits a high pitch noise when it does and I have to manually turn it off...

    Crime Army vet. killed landlady because he didn't kill anyone while serving in Afghanistan Also the reason WHY people won't attack the US is because they have an army in the first place. Think of it this way, If US didn't have an army during the cold war we would all be speaking russian by now.

    WIP:Alistair Ruthledge

    In what way?

    WIP:Alistair Ruthledge

    Yay Final product!!

    Crime Army vet. killed landlady because he didn't kill anyone while serving in Afghanistan

    Seth is an Air Force ranger I believe, So He's legit. Countries have and maintain armies just so their citizens wouldn't have to fear every single moment being invaded by other countries or private interests with power. The absence of militaristic might is like saying to other countries...

    Crime "Pirating” UK Student to be Extradited to the US.

    I thought SOPA and PIPA didn't pass...

    [3DSMAX] Little reflection pool, first work with water in max

    If it were not for the pillar and black floor in the back ground I would've thought this was a photograph.

    WIP:Alistair Ruthledge

    Here it is. I'm not exactly happy how it turned out but looking at my other works this is definitely an improvement. Edit:I decided to try again but this time I somehow drew a him a suit of armor while I was trying to draw him wearing a correctly drawn hoodie...

    WIP:Alistair Ruthledge

    What do you guys think? Does it look good enough for me to start coloring? Any rude demeaning comments about how terrible I am at this? ;)

    Request:Help Rig My Model for Animating

    I made a simple "Steve" model (the player character in Minecraft). and I'm having problems creating it's "skeleton" so that it doesn't skewer and or distort the model whenever I try moving it's limbs. Can someone make a better skeleton so it's limbs can move similar to the one in Minecraft...