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  1. Lifee

    Help [player group]

    Hi,how can i pick every player that have unit in a X region and change alliance of picked player thread picked player to be an enemy.
  2. Lifee


    Ok so i have an idea for anti-cheat but not sure how can i do it.Lets say.. Is it possible to do something like this : Unit - A unit gains EXP,condition - Exp gained greather than or equal to X. And one more : Event -A unit takes damage,Condition - Damage taken greather than or equal to X
  3. Lifee

    Basic spell [Death and Decay]

    Hi i was wondering if there is a way to make this spell not destroying trees ?I will give+reps for helps
  4. Lifee

    Help with spell please

    Hi i tryed to make a spell,the 1st trigger works fine,but the second one isnt activated @ Check the first :Omnipotentus Praesentia Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Omnipotentus Praesentia Actions...
  5. Lifee

    Save/load help

    How to reset codes on acehart's system : Rewards + rep and credit !
  6. Lifee

    Need help with the action > Damage Area

    How can i pick To damage an area,but only the enemy units ? :(
  7. Lifee

    Whats the difference between this 2 triggers?

    What is the difference between this 2 triggers and wich one is better to use ? Firebolt Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Firebolt Actions Set Firebolt_Damage = ((Real((Intelligence of...
  8. Lifee

    RPG Dacia Orpg

    Dacia Orpg v1.00 by AuThoRiZe(Life) or just Lifee Introduction : Dacia Orpg is an not 100% completed map,but it is more than 75%,this map includes a lot of systems and other things.Here i can count them : -Save/load System ( Thanks to AceHart ) -Backpack System ( Thanks to Moridin )...
  9. Lifee

    Unit - A unit Acquires an item

    Hi i was wondering if it is possible when some1 Acquires an item,if the unit manipulating item is in special region >do action.But i cant find that condition to check if the unit is in a special region.Can any1 help?I will give +rep
  10. Lifee

    Gameplay constants >Hero exp required

    Hi i have a problem with the table hero exp required,i cant add more than 44 numbers there.Well i can but when i press ok,they are automatically deleting.Do any1 know what is the problem ?
  11. Lifee

    Unit die in a X range of unit ?

    I need that condition,but i cant find it,can any1 help me ?
  12. Lifee

    1 variable for 4 triggers

    Hi i have 1 variable for 4 different triggers, 1 trigger for save/load system and 3 for spells.Will it have problem in the map if i do not create variable for each trigger?
  13. Lifee

    Need bugged model

    Hi do any1 know a bugged model ? i need to put in my map in a place where no1 can see it.But if some1 uses maphack and see it,wc3 will crash.Will give +rep EDIT : Oh dont need help anymore, i solved it by very easy trigger : AMHS Events Time - Every 15.00 seconds of game time...
  14. Lifee

    1 Icon Request

    Hey i've seasrhed everywhere but i didnt find that what i want.I will request 1 icon,+rep if u help.I need the icon Frost Boots,Just the normal boots of speed,but with Frost(Ice).
  15. Lifee

    Need some interesting ideas over here xD

    Hi all i need some ideas for a material items that will be dropping from creeps and you collect them and forge a powerfull item.I need them for my rpg map.If u have played rpg maps like the black road or st's orpg you know what is it about,if u havent i will explain to you.So i need material...
  16. Lifee

    I can't find that OM|G !

    Can any1 help me to find that condition.. (Owner of (Picked item)) Equal to (Triggering player)
  17. Lifee

    Share vision command

    Hi all i know how to make that but it with really MANY triggers (above 100),need it with little count triggers :D . So need this : When Some player ( from 1 to 9 include) type -sv (color) then to give share vision to him. Example : Player 1 type -sv blue, then Player - Make Player 1 (Red) treat...
  18. Lifee

    Need help over here

    Hi all i was wondering if it's possible to make a spell to Blind some1 player's monitor in white and he cant see anything for 10 seconds maybe ^^ ?
  19. Lifee

    Need Ideas for Necromancer ( spells)

    Hi all,i'm stucked on my rpg with the hero necromancer.I have made some spells and have 1-2 ideas for him but they aren't enought,because he have a spell book that need 11 spells.The necromancer is a dark mage that kills his enemys with summoning minions and shadow magic.Note: All spells need to...
  20. Lifee


    Im making a map i puted some blight terrain on 1 place and then summer trees on it.They was looking fine ( undead trees ) but today i havent edited anything terrain or trees and ingame they just changed to Summer tree ( alive trees ) when they are on blight terrain.In world editor they looking...