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  1. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Cone

    //Determines if the angle "a" is inside a cone of facing "b" with opening "o" function Cone takes real a, real b, real o returns boolean return Cos(a-b)>=Cos(o) endfunction Example: Lets say there's a cone facing 0 degrees with opening 70, and we want to know if the angle 45 is inside of it...
  2. Dirac

    Snippet Angles: Clockwise

    //Determines if "a" gets closer to "b" by going clockwise. function Clockwise takes real a, real b returns boolean return Sin(b-a)<=0 endfunction Example: Lets take 2 angles, lets say 90 and 330 The function Clockwise(90,330) returns true, because 90 is closer to 330 by going clockwise...
  3. Dirac

    Changing instance "type"

    I've come up with a very odd need: Lets say I have 3 structs that share the same allocator and each one has a method with the same name as the other two, takes the same arguments, but does different things. Is there a way to change the type of the instance so it would call other's struct's...
  4. Dirac

    Snippet GetNearestUnit

    The fastest, easiest and with more flexible way to retrieve the nearest unit from a point library GetNearestUnit /* v1.1.1 */uses/* */ MergeSort /* */ LinkedListModule /*...
  5. Dirac

    Snippet Loc

    library Loc /* v1.1.0 */uses/* */ LinkedListModule /* Replacement of the Location native. *********************************************************************** * * struct Loc * * readonly real x *...
  6. Dirac

    Do you find this helpful?

    Because i do, and i find it to be a very good replacement to the ugly Location native The join method would be used to constantly have useful data of both locations at any time without repeating the same calculations If you don't know what the "slope" variable is for, it's the relation between...
  7. Dirac

    Search Error: 2

    This has happened over quite some time now, but i can't search for posts if I ask it to order the results by amount of views, please fix this
  8. Dirac

    System Missile

    library Missile /* v1.2.0 */uses/* */ LinkedListModule /* */ optional WorldBounds /* */ optional MissileRecycler /*...
  9. Dirac

    Upcoming Projectile System

    library ProjectileStruct /* v1.0.0 */uses/* */ LinkedListModule /* */ optional AutoFly /* **********************************************************************/ globals //*********************************************************************** // This sets the...
  10. Dirac

    Snippet SpeedMod

    library SpeedMod /* v2.1.0 */uses/* */ LinkedListModule /* */ optional UnitIndexer /* */ optional AIDS /* ********************************************************************** * * struct SpeedMod * -...
  11. Dirac

    Snippet DamageId

    library DamageId /* v1.1.0 */uses/* */ Damage /* A useful tool for damage identification **********************************************************************/ globals...
  12. Dirac

    Snippet GetPointZ

    library GetPointZ globals private location Loc = Location(0,0) endglobals function GetPointZ takes real x, real y returns real call MoveLocation(Loc,x,y) return GetLocationZ(Loc) endfunction endlibrary
  13. Dirac

    Snippet LinkedListModule

    library LinkedListModule /* v2.3.1 Easy implementation of linked lists into structs. *********************************************************************** * * module LinkedList * * - Implement at the top of your struct, must extend array * * thistype next * thistype...
  14. Dirac

    Snippet MergeSort

    library MergeSort /* v3.0.1 */uses/* */ LinkedListModule /* A tool for sorting linked lists inside structs. *********************************************************************** * * textmacro MERGE_SORT takes METHOD_NAME...
  15. Dirac

    Merge Sort Help

    EDIT: Issue Fixed. i'll upload this as a resource soon I'm trying to code MergeSort using linked lists (better performance) So i have this module that you can implement into your struct replacing the allocation methods, so far it only supports 1 linked list for the entire struct, I'll work on...
  16. Dirac

    Spell Request thread.

    So i have some free time and decided to help out others with my coding. Rules: -Only vJass programming, make sure you have the latest version of NewGen in your map -I don't provide or use custom models, that part is up to you -All posts must follow this template Name: Description...
  17. Dirac

    Snippet DamageType

    library DamageType /* v1.0.1 */uses/* */ Damage /* A useful tool for creating custom damage types. *********************************************************************** * * function UnitDamageTargetEx takes unit source, unit...
  18. Dirac

    Uploads Failing

    As simple as that, i can't upload anything. Doesn't really say why, it just says "it failed"
  19. Dirac

    Snippet Armor

    library Armor /* v1.0.0 */uses/* */ Damage /* Useful tool for unit armor reduction and armor amount calculation **********************************************************************/ globals...
  20. Dirac

    Snippet RawDamage

    library RawDamage /* v1.0.5 */uses/* */ DamageMod /* A useful tool to handle raw damage from units. **********************************************************************/ globals constant integer RAW_DAMAGE_PRIORITY =1 //The...