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    Heroes of Newerth

    Why dont we have a HoN thread, are there no players left anymore =(
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    [Freeware]Lemmingball Z

    Ok ive found another awesome game, i suggest everyone to try it atleast once. Version 8460 Version 8623 Alpha(Newer) Lemmingball Z is a Dragonball Z based game but feats things also found in lemmings games, like destructible arenas. Also all of the fighting area can be blown up. It...
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    Converting VB.NET to Delphi

    Anyone know how i can translate my VB.NET code into a Delphi project?
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    {Ideas/Suggestions}Mortal Kombat

    Please post your ideas and suggestions for me new project, Mortal Kombat. Need ideas for: Moves/Abilities Characters Gameplay Style Combat Style Camera Style Movement Style Arena Style Features Game Modes Anything else you can think of.
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    Trigger not working.

    Attack Setup Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Set ComputerPlayers = (All players matching (((Matching player) controller) Equal to Computer)) Set AttackRegions[1] = Blink 1 <gen> Set AttackRegions[2] = Blink 2 <gen> Set...
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    [Footmen Elite AI]Map Testing

    Hi =) I am requesting EVERYONE, thats right you too, to test my map and report any bugs, balance issuses, crashes and other ugly things i hate. My Map I have spent A LOT of time to work out bugs and lag, leaks and other issues. AI can be put into empty player slots. As of right now...
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    AI Script not starting

    For some reason ONLY my night elf AI is started. The others are ignored or something. This trigger just magically broke -.- The paths are correct and "Use fixed random seed" is disabled. Not all the AI players get Night Elf some dont get any at all. Sollutions?
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    [Spell Request]Stun and Shrap Mines

    I need to spells made please. Stun Mines ----------- Explaination: Creates a mine at target location, when an enemy gets near it the mine explodes stunning the triggering unit. MUI?: Yes vJass, GUI, Jass: Any Numbers: Mine Lasts 15*level of ability Deals 50*level of ability in...
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    Tooltip layouts

    Anyone got any tips on how to make a neat a pretty tooltip for: Ranged Units Melee Units Spellcasters These will all be creep which will be bought from a Merc Shop.
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    Building Balancing(Terrain Positioning)

    I need my map to be 110% symmetrical. Is there any 100% fool proof way of doing it?
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    AIDS Errors

    Error using AIDS: Trying to use GetUnitId (inlines) when you should be using GetUnitIndex (unit didn't pass filter). Any ideas?
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    Hero Ideas

    I need some hero ideas so please post some. I hate long intros, so check below. /////////SAMPLE///////// Name: Orgrin Stonefist (Earth Chanter) Primary Attribute: Str/Int/Agi Role: Tank/Disable Model: Spiritwalker (units\orc\spiritwalker\spiritwalker) Abilities: (Active) Thunder Bolt...
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    Chaos System

    Ok so im making a system when a unit kills X units he will "rank up" getting a new model, damage, armor etc. Would it be better to do it all in integer variables or hashtables? I think hashtables, but im not too good with them yet.
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    Explain the Chaos Ability

    {Solved}Explain the Chaos Ability Can some one please link me to a thread showing me how EXACTLY to use chaos. Im completely lost with it. Ive tried adding it to a unit via triggers, and it does nothing. Also ive tried setting multiple levels and setting its level also with no avail...
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    Inbox Message Limit Increase

    I find that 100 messages is too little messages for most of us. I usually get my inbox spammed which then prevents important messages from coming through. Lets say you are a known model maker, people will usually request help from you, but 100 messages can be used very fast and if you are...
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    {AI}Looking for AI coders

    Looking for some one to help me code an improved AI system for my map. Right now i need help with the AI using Units. Im NOT using the AI editor it will be done completely in the Trigger editor. Anyone willing to help please PM me.
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    Help Setting up Projectile System

    I need a quick readme on how to add new units to the systems unit attack detection. Using Projectile. So far i can get them into the detection but its really buggy -.- Please post and help me. Ill even bribe with some rep.
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    Squad System

    Does anyone know of a system which allows the player to control and create squadrens. Basically the player can pick like 5 riflemen and then the become a single squad which will share orders and use abilities in unison.
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    WIP Footmen Frenzy Elite

    Footmen Frenzy Elite Progress till next update: Big thanks to Komaqtion with his insane code mastery SCREENSHOTS Techs and Races Human Orc Undead Night Elf Naga Little bit about my map Tips...
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    Hero Suggestions[Footmen Elite]

    Main Idea of the map can be found here I am asking you fine people for your hero ideas. I would like you to think of 3 abilities and 1 ultimate. Each basic ability has 6 levels and the ultimate has 3 levels. Coding is no problem to me, and i will find a way to make your idea. The...