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  1. Miz

    Professor Toothy

    Another FilmCow Flash. This one is about the world's cutest dentist pal.
  2. Miz

    Design Requests (Xenforo)

    Like I said in the Chat, I will be working on some Customization for Xenforo. Many of the stuff I will be doing is stuff that I know has been popular on the Inn where we use Xenforo. However if you have any requests for how the site looks please let me know. I will try my best ability to...
  3. Miz

    Reorganization of Forums

    The staff has decided that for activity and content purposes that several forums would be consolidated, as such the forum order has been slightly altered. CATEGORY - GENERAL GAMING General Gaming = Formerly Games CATEGORY - COMMUNITY General Discussion Humor (Sub-Forum) Video Clips...
  4. Miz

    Marshmallow People 2

    Well because the first one was so popular here.
  5. Miz

    TH Mini-Tournament Series #4 (1v1) [RESULTS]

    Mini-Tournament #1 (1v1) | Mini-Tournament #2 (1v1) | Pre-#3 Community Discussion Mini-Tournament #3 (2v2) Mini-Tournaments have returned from those desiring another go with it. With the uneventful climax to the last Mini-Tournament, hopefully this one will be more entertaining! We are going...
  6. Miz

    [Discuss] TH Mini-Tournament #4

    Mini-Tournament #1 (1v1) | Mini-Tournament #2 (1v1) | Pre-#3 Community Discussion Mini-Tournament #3 (2v2) With the uneventful climax to the last Mini-Tournament, many have asked for another Mini-Tournament. I have asked around and have come to a conclusion that another 1v1 tournament would...
  7. Miz

    Warcraft Zone - Changes

    The Staff has decided that the Warcraft Zone required a few changes, especially some reorganization, so that certain forums could be more easily found. Same rules apply as they once did, however we have a change in Forums from JASS Help to JASS Zone, as many have complained that the JASS Forum...
  8. Miz

    Diablo III Beta Co-Op Playthrough - Husky & Ahnaris

    Husky - Male Wizard Ahnaris - Female Witchdoctor Very funny commentation with a lot of features and abilities being showed off. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4...
  9. Miz

    A New Super Moderator

    I would like everyone to please welcome our newest member of the staff team. UndeadDragon has been promoted to the rank of Super Moderator for his knowledgeable contributions throughout the site. We hope you will see him around as he tries out his new super powers we gave him. :thup:
  10. Miz

    TH Mini-Tournament Series #3 (2v2) [FINALS]

    Mini-Tournament #1 (1v1) | Mini-Tournament #2 (1v1) | Pre-#3 Community Discussion Once again by Popular Demand, Mini-Tournaments have returned. This time after a long community discussion about amendments and a new map pool (which will be used in the next 1v1 tournament) With that committee's...
  11. Miz

    Nyan Cat's Loading Bar

    Well it seems even Youtube's Features have started to fall in love with Nyan Cat. If you go to the Video on the page, and look at the Loading/Buffering Bar. You should see something quite amazing ->
  12. Miz

    General Rebecca Black’s "Friday" Disappears From YouTube

    Rebecca Black's "Friday" video was just taken down from YouTube, where it had amassed over 150 million views. Man, we were planning on playing it twenty-eight times in a row tomorrow! The removal was presaged by a brief vanishing act on Monday, but now it appears that Rebecca Black filed a...
  13. Miz

    New Editor & Tags - Tables, Auto-Save, Undo & More

    Well there has been a lot of fumbling around recently by us admins after the lovely people at vBulletin updated our new forum system to vBulletin Version 4.1.4. (If you haven't noticed this, its because we administrators always do our work in the shadows... "I am one with the Shadows?") This...
  14. Miz

    [Discuss] SC2 Mini-Tournament Amendments Pre-#3

    Amendments - Community Discussion Well as the Second Mini-Tournament came to a close, many of you insisted on having another one hosted as soon as possible. However when I was reading all of your different discussions to me I came to the conclusion that we need a community discussion about the...
  15. Miz

    TH-HTML5 [Community Project]

    <TH-HTML5> MISSION STATEMENT With the development of HTML5, there are now a ton of new tools and resources that can be utilized by Web designers to explore various untouched possibilities. HTML5, even though considered a “work-in-progress” by W3C, is gaining support within many major web...
  16. Miz

    Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion

    Cartoon Network enters back into the Video Game industry with its own Crossover Fighting Game developed by Papaya Studio and published by Crave Entertainment. The game infuses characters from newer shows and of course the classics that most of us on this forum have come to love. From those who...
  17. Miz

    Health Cap'n Crunch sails into Retirement

    The Soggies have finally won: Cap'n Crunch is quietly sailing into retirement. Long derided by health experts for its high sugar content – a single serving contains 12 grams – the cereal is no longer being actively marketed by Quaker, DailyFinance reports. It appears parent company Pepsico is...
  18. Miz

    Film Cow - Marshmellow People

    Boredom can kill... eDn2Xp5ctQM
  19. Miz

    Patch 1.3.0 Notes

    StarCraft II (SC2): Wings of Liberty patch 1.3.0 is currently in development and now available for testing on the PTR. Original Source: General Leagues & Ladders A new Grandmaster League has been added for 1v1 ladders. This league represents the Top...
  20. Miz

    Zero Punctuation: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

    Yahtzee plays Catclysm and gives it his critique.