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    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

    Epic shit right there. Can't wait.
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    A great mystery needs to be solved

    What is the name of the little thing you use to open (pepsi) cans? Merry christmas etc.
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    Removing multiboard textures

    I am trying to hide everything in multiboard. I just need the title text to show a little timer in the corner. I have replaced all "Image -" textures in Game Interface with "UI\Widgets\EscMenu\Human\blank-background.blp". But I can't get rid of that black box? Ideas are welcome. EDIT//...
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    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    This trailer. It's very living. Nice trailer, but I'm not buying the game. Not my type :P..
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    WIP ~ Space Shooter ~

    <image dead> Description: Being WIP there is not much to tell yet. However, Space Shooter is a vertical scrolling-shooter type of a game. Use your weapons with the help of bonuses to destroy the enemies floating in the space. Currently, you're not able to shoot the enemies. Reason: They do...
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    Model Edit Request

    So the request is to make these models disappear immediately when destroyed (used as special effects in WE). Currently it takes about 5 seconds to disappear, and that is no good, no good! Immediately it has to happen :P... First one to make it gets a cookie.
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    Something new?

    Check the main site. Have they changed the wings or something? I think so. You can also see other visual improvements, some new sounds and things :P.. There is a media update: This is more like it! (Warning: Huge picture ahead) (Is this old...
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    Other XANID (The Platformer)

    X A N I D The one and only real platforming experience for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !NEW! !NEW...
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    Smells Like Wii Spirit

    AreusTech recently revealed a Wii peripheral entitled "Smells Like Wii Spirit", a device that produces different odors based on what Wii game you are playing. Connected to the Wii via the system's USB port, the device will respond to whatever Wii game is currently being played. Examples cited...
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    Cradle of Filth

    These are awesome and maybe the most famous songs from Cradle of Filth. Listen, or cry and listen. Nymphetamine (lyrics) 6dW6aNAZGTM Temptation (lyrics) MfMa2lrFxhY No Time To Cry (lyrics) wokDxDt504g
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    Defense Castle Under Attack

    WIP =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Your job is obviously to defend that Castle from upcoming waves of creeps. The Castle is located at in front of your camera view when you start the game and is selected...
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    Coordinate problem

    function RotatePointAroundPoint takes integer point1, integer point2, real xAngle, real yAngle, real zAngle returns nothing local Point p1 = point1 local Point p2 = point2 local real angle local real radius = GetDistanceBetweenPoints(p1, p2) set...
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    Nested private scopes and text macros

    library MyLib //! textmacro TextMacro takes NAME private scope $NAME$Scope endscope //! endtextmacro //! runtextmacro TextMacro("First") //! runtextmacro TextMacro("Second") //! runtextmacro TextMacro("Third") endlibrary This sometimes gives me syntax error, but not...
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    Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering

    eAmMcBQavKE ( Awesome stuff.
  15. U - the only site I can load

    Well yes. The title tells everything.. This is the only site I can load. What could be the possible reason for this :)?
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    Photos.. from forest.. with friend.. They're not...
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    Dynamic array/struct problem

    This is not the problem code, but works the same way. library Problem private struct Struct2 endstruct private type type1 extends Struct2 array[2] private type type2 extends type1 array[2] struct Struct1 private type2 type2_ar...
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    Submitted maps on user profile

    It's showing the "This member has not submitted any maps yet. (Map database)" box twice. It does not seem to work as it's designed :P..
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    NewGen fails when making campaigns

    If I just normally do some vJass to my campaign maps and try the play the campaign, it won't load the map. So the big question is: "How can I use vJass in my campaign maps?". EDIT://And if you're going to explain something about "command line" things, please, make the explanation very...
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    War3ModelEditor Particle problem

    So I have one problem with sequences and timing things. So I have created two particle emitters, "Birth" and "Stand". "Birth" emits when "birth" sequence is playing, and "Stand" emits when "stand" sequence is playing. "birth" animation goes from frame 0 to frame 1000. "stand" animation...