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  1. Slapshot136

    Line numbers on code tags

    I just looked at this post which had a fair amount of code an a reference to line #91 - can we get the [ code] tags to include line numbers by any chance?
  2. Slapshot136

    How to fix LOTV patch

    So.. tons of custom maps have become disabled or broken due to various LOTV stuff, especially models but also some triggers - this is likely related to the maps moving away from MPQ to whatever WOW uses, but what are the actual fixes? (asides from praying to blizzard to fix stuff.. )
  3. Slapshot136


    Can someone explain to me how SC2 dependencies work - I feel like I am missing some fundamentals or something as I keep getting errors related to them what (think) I know: Dependencies can be local or from, local ones are typically stored under C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Mods...
  4. Slapshot136

    US News Stealing $5 of food -> Death in Jail thanks to the U.S. police system much cheaper than sending the guy to death row, and to be honest, I have sympathy for a guy who is stealing food vs a guy who is stealing cigarettes or others stuff
  5. Slapshot136

    World Korea's stop fighting not sure what that means as far as North Korea and the rest of the world..
  6. Slapshot136

    Report Sarcasm is good for you I knew it all along.. it makes you think more to find the real meaning (i.e. read between the lines), and more thinking -> more learning, etc.
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    Health Germ killing door handle invented by teens in China

    Two teens from Hong Kong have created a new door handle that wipes out 99.8 percent of all germs on contact, potentially revolutionizing the hygiene industry. Realizing the extent to which bacteria spreads on public door handles, shopping carts and other objects touched by hundreds if not...
  8. Slapshot136

    How Minimum income compares to rent in the U.S.

    The National Low Income Housing Coalition report calculated that counties in Washington and Oregon, where state minimum wage is above $9, were the only ones where a worker earning that much could afford a one-bedroom apartment rent. For people earning a little more than $7 an hour, making rent...
  9. Slapshot136

    Is it possible to have an array as a parameter to an action?

    I seem to have the array option for local variables, but not for parameters (using a unit variable) - is there any reason for this? or a workaround? or am I just doing it wrong?
  10. Slapshot136

    Is it possible to reduce the quality of a model?

    Say I have a model that I want to use for a game - unfortunately, it's of a too-high quality, and takes too long to load and render - is there any way to reduce the size of a model (i.e. lower it's quality?) - I suppose it would be possible to remove vertices, but then the question becomes which...
  11. Slapshot136

    What is the architecture of something like like?

    particularly how do they manage game lobbies, groups (parties), cross-game chat, friends, etc. or if not, lets say steam, or xbox live, etc. I would like to know how they get a group/party into a single game - is there a concept of the "group" somewhere on a server, or does each...
  12. Slapshot136

    Sci/Tech EU wants to split up google

    Brussels (AFP) - The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly for the break-up of Google on Thursday in a largely symbolic vote that nevertheless cast another blow in the four-year standoff between Brussels and the US Internet giant. In a direct challenge to Google, MEPs assembled in Strasbourg...
  13. Slapshot136

    Help choosing a SQL database

    I have the options between MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL I intend to use it for 2 purposes: 1. store account information like username/password and allow logins by searhing for matched passwords 2. application logging (so I can search errors/etc. as needed) and my next...
  14. Slapshot136

    Sports Michael Schumacher out of coma

    Michael Schumacher is no longer in a coma and has left intensive care in Grenoble hospital nearly six months after his life-threatening skiing accident, his manager has confirmed. On behalf of the Schumacher family, who have steered clear of the public eye, Sabine Kehm said the family were...
  15. Slapshot136

    My Little pony Icons

    What's up with all of these: I can't even figure out which one allows me to put a comment on them like the old +rep or "like" buttons
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    Chinese music isn't good enough

    Apparently the Chinese were never able to play music good enough for the cows, and they assumed that the cows just didn't appreciate it - it seems like they were wrong, and their music just wasn't good enough
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    Does anyone here play Hearthstone, and if so would you be interested in a tourny? Please post your name/code and specify which region you play in (NA/EU) if you want to play with others from TH (or Hive..?) slapshot136#1858 NA
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    C# syntax question

    I want to create a multi-dimension array of a struct and initialize it to a certain value, but I can't seem to find the right syntax.. struct test { int store; void test(int i = 0, int j = 0) { store = i + j; } } test[ , ]...
  19. Slapshot136

    Hard drive reliability

    finally a study which reveals the brands of the drives:
  20. Slapshot136

    looking for an android app that caches webpages

    I would like to find an app that will cache (as in write to the SD card) pages like news/9gag photos/fml/etc. automatically while on wifi, and then allow me to view them later (when I have no internet) - is there anything like this? recommendations?