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  1. Mr_Bean355

    Mr_Bean's Spell Workshop

    Mr_Bean355's Spell Workshop Introduction If you need a spell for your Warcraft III map, then this is the place for you! I will try my best to develop a smooth-running vJASS spell for you.You can check the progress of your request by referring to the Current Requests section, below. Once I...
  2. Mr_Bean355

    AI Scripter Needed

    Hello guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. There was no visible "Recruitment" forum. Please move this thread if it is in the wrong place. I am looking for someone who would be interested in writing an AI for my map Archimonde's Arena. It doesn't have to be too...
  3. Mr_Bean355

    Advanced Variable Help

    Hello guys, I am currently designing a map with only GUI (and a few lines of custom script to remove leaks). I also have an AI for my map which I'm busy working on. As part of their item-buying, I have to store the completed recipes they have (as a variable), remove them, buy new items, then...
  4. Mr_Bean355

    Arena Archimonde's Arena

    Archimonde's Arena v2.0 AI Beta 1 Quick Link: Latest Version (v2.0 AI Beta 1): Click Here Release Date: 9 October 2011 About the Map: Choose a unique hero from 9 choices and buy customized items. You will teleport into the arena and then waves of creeps will enter, which you must...
  5. Mr_Bean355

    Concerning Bots and Dummy Casters

    Hi Guys, I have discovered that when using dummy casters for computer players, the dummies don't do their jobs. For example, I create a dummy that casts Chain Lightning when my hero attacks. It will work perfectly fine when I play the hero, but when I make the computer use the hero, the dummy...
  6. Mr_Bean355

    Minigame Click Your Pen

    Quick Links: Latest version (v1.6 AI): (251.4KB) Release date: 19 April 2011 ***PLEASE VISIT*** General Info: The action takes place on a small map (about 32x32). Your goal is to work together to reach a specific amount points by using the “Click Your Pen” ability on...
  7. Mr_Bean355

    DotA Item System

    Hello people, I am wondering if it is possible, with the GUI, to make my item system similar to DotA's, in the way that if you pick up the last item for a recipe, but your inventory is full, it will assemble the item and not say "Inventory us full". Is there a way to do this with triggers...
  8. Mr_Bean355

    Question about Item Stacking

    I am wandering how item stacking works. For example, if I make 2 different items which each give bash, how do i know which bash it will use? Or will it use both? Also, does the "Stats - Cooldown Group" play a role, or is that only for active spells? Thanks for any help!:D
  9. Mr_Bean355

    Question about AoE Spells

    Hi guys, I am making a map and am just wanting to clear something up. In AoE spells (Silence, for example) when it says the AoE is 400, does that mean the radius is 400 or the diameter is 400? I think that it means the diameter is 400, but I'm not certain. Thanks for any help!