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  1. jrhetf4xb

    Disconnected players?

    Firstly, I'm sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this but I can't seem to find a proper section since it is mostly related to DotA. I am trying to figure out a few ways how a specific player got disconnected from a game. The player's accusation is that the host had kicked him. However...
  2. jrhetf4xb

    3d projectiles?

    It has been bugging me for a while but why don't most projectile systems offer 3d collision detection as well? The way I imagine it is like a simple check with GetUnitFlyHeight() (of course combined with a normal XY group enum), something like: if (RAbsBJ(GetUnitFlyHeight(collidedTarget) -...
  3. jrhetf4xb

    Banish's vertex color values?

    Does any of you guys have the exact vertex coloring (ARGB) of units when under Banish?
  4. jrhetf4xb

    Defense Undead Onslaught -WIP

    Undead Onslaught Genre: Minigame/Defense Players: Up to 6 Version: WORK IN PROGRESS Download from Currently none Download from here: Currently none Introduction Okay, Bloodcount and me (I have a new nickname - my old one was Tyrande_ma3x) are back in action! For those of you who...
  5. jrhetf4xb

    An alternative to hiding units locally?

    OK, my idea is to hide some units that will do absolutely nothing except wander around with some attached effects. The purpose in my map is that when a Hero dies, he becomes a spirit and will be able to see other dead "effect" spirits that will move around - just plain eyecandy. Once he revives...
  6. jrhetf4xb

    Ideas for a map?

    I ran out of ideas for a map so I will need some constructive help. What would you be interested to play? I am currently circling around "mini" type of games - nothing too big like an AoS or RPG. Off: If someone's interested, two of my current unfinished but stable projects: Shadowraze...
  7. jrhetf4xb

    Question about hooks

    A few things came to my mind with hooks but first I want to clarify some things since I've never used them. What happens with the hooked function? Is it still a valid call even if hooked? What I mean is this: hook PauseUnit CustomPauseUnit function CustomPauseUnit takes unit whatever, boolean...
  8. jrhetf4xb

    Desync with camera bounds?

    I have an idea for a new map but since I haven't started yet I was wondering if setting the camera bounds for only one player (with GetLocalPlayer()) would cause a desync... For example: if (GetLocalPlayer() == Player(1)) { SetCameraBounds( /* many arguments */ ); // etc. }
  9. jrhetf4xb

    Library requirements cycle in zinc

    How do I fix my requirements to not show this error: GameFinishLib -> AIItemsLib -> AILib -> CTFLib -> GameFinishLib in the following libraries: library GameFinishLib requires Globals, Board, InventoryLib, AIItemsLib, MultiboardLib, /* */ KillDeathLib...
  10. jrhetf4xb

    Unexpected : | ?!

    It's driving me nuts... I have this script that keeps throwing me this error ( Unexpected : | ) on this* line: function OnButtonClick() { button clickedButton = GetClickedButton(); if (clickedButton == OPTION_ONE) { if...
  11. jrhetf4xb

    Minigame Spirit Wars -open source

    Spirit Wars Genre: Minigame Players: Up to 12 Version: 0.15 [05.Oct.10] -open source Download from Download from here: See the bottom of this post Introduction: So what is "Spirit Wars"? First of all, I would like to start with this...
  12. jrhetf4xb

    Setting Hero level to 1

    How can I return a Hero's level back to 1?
  13. jrhetf4xb

    Change Button Position

    Is there a way to change a spell's Button Position through triggers?
  14. jrhetf4xb

    Item Life Bonus not working?

    I have a spell based on Item Life Bonus which every Hero on my map has. Periodically I increase the level of that ability by 1, however the life bonus is not applied. Anybody has an idea why it's not happening?
  15. jrhetf4xb

    What happens to dialogs after being clicked?

    I have a dialog that I want to appear several times in my game. However, once clicked and after some time displayed for a player again, it just doesn't show up. Do I need to destroy the dialog and create it again?
  16. jrhetf4xb

    Items sharing cooldown with spells?

    Is there any way to make an item share a cooldown with a specific spell? Like, for example, if I have a spell Chain Lightning and an item with a spell Chain Lightning, whenever I cast any of them they should both go into cooldown. I tried giving the item the same spell and making the Cooldown...
  17. jrhetf4xb

    Minigame Shadowraze Training -open source

    Shadowraze Training Genre: Minigame Players: Up to 10 Version: 0.17 [11.Sep.10] -open source Download from Download from here: See the bottom of this post Introduction Shadowraze Training is a minigame map that focuses on a specific...
  18. jrhetf4xb

    GetLocalPlayer() question

    I just noticed something while browsing through some of my code, particularly these lines: if IsPlayerInForce(GetLocalPlayer(), bj_FORCE_ALL_PLAYERS) then call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(), 0., 0., sc + MSG[GetRandomInt(1, 8)] + st + "!") endif...