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    Science The James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's next great observatory, passes final ground tests

    Really excited to see the images coming out of this telescope.
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    Technology Bitcoin crackdown sends graphics cards prices plummeting in China after Sichuan terminated mining operations

    It's the EVGA 380 XC3 Black (10G-P5-3881-KR). Actually just got an email today saying they moved me into the queue for another card that limits crypto mining performance, but is otherwise identical. Don't expect to ever get it at this point. I barely even want it anymore.
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    Technology Bitcoin crackdown sends graphics cards prices plummeting in China after Sichuan terminated mining operations

    Maybe one day I'll be able to buy one. I've been in EVGA's queue for a card since the day after it launched. It's been like 9 months and I haven't had a chance to buy.
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    Anybody out there a web designer?

    I called Thursday and Scott's brother picked up and said he wasn't in and to try his email, and that he will let Scott know I called. Ended up emailing Scott right after but haven't received a reply. Not really sure, but it's possible the email just ended up in spam or something. Will call again...
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    Anybody out there a web designer?

    I'll give them a call tomorrow. Just saw this reply a bit after work hours today. Thanks for the lead!
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    Official Bitcoin thread

    Yeah I've got a bit just sitting there. I remember giant 80% drops in value. I'll ride my meager holdings all the way down to zero if that's where it goes.
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    Official Bitcoin thread

    First bitcoin I ever bought was at $1700 like 3 years ago. Day traded for 2 years and ended up in the same financial place that I would have been in if I had just held the bitcoin and not traded lol. Lesson learned. Too bad I ended up selling it and it's now like 60k.
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    Anybody out there a web designer?

    I do freelance web design & development for small businesses (experience with HTML/CSS/JS, as well as Wordpress), but I don't do spec work. Have some experience with managing email campaigns in the past as well. If interested, I can send a link to examples of my work.
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    Is Reforged worth it?

    Reforged broke my heart. So many things went wrong with it and Blizzard botched what could have been a revival of my all-time favorite game. I'll still play it from time to time, but they could've had something great. Look at age of empires for how to successfully do a remaster.
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    [Javascript] Randomization plugin for Adobe Illustrator

    It's been a while since I posted on this site, but I figure that since this site has played a huge role in the direction that I took career-wise, it would be cool to post an update on what I've been working on. I recently launched my latest project - a randomization plugin for Adobe...
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    Return to Form?

    Used to be on this forum every day back in the wc3 mapmaking days. Job and other hobbies just kind of took over, but I do remember this place very fondly. First post in 4 years haha
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    Warcraft III TFT replays

    6 years later, the solution is found.
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    Photobucket Not Working

    If you're the only one its not working for, just make sure your browser and all necessary browser plug-ins and add-ons are up to date. Sometimes, an extension like adblock or something could interfere with parts of websites showing up correctly, so check that too.
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    Worst Things to Say to Artists

    Wow your photos are really good, you must have an amazing camera.
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    Creative Suite 6 When's it coming out? I'm itching for the riced photoshop interface and cool new illustrator stuff.
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    IRC Channels

    Everyone post your favorite IRC servers and channels! A brief description would be cool. This is because I need something to do while at school :D
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    Crime Middle Schooler Sold $3 Pot Brownies Out of Backpack

    I wish people did stuff like that when I was in school...
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    A few questions on HTML5

    So I have to learn JavaScript in order to animate stuff or draw stuff? There's no software or anything to help me out with it like in Flash?
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    A few questions on HTML5

    Ever since hearing about flash dying to HTML5, I've been kind of curious as to how well HTML5 can replace it. I have some questions about the language that I'm hoping people could kind of shed some light on. How are objects drawn and animated in HTML5 as opposed to flash/actionscript? What...
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    Sci/Tech Speed-of-light experiment 'was wrong after all'.

    This probably is proof that it's wrong because it's more likely that there was some incorrect data as opposed to the theory of relativity being wrong.