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    Looking for Equation for pattern

    [Solved]Looking for Equation for pattern Found A site that does it. I have a set of data, That I want to find the approximate equation to generate it, as in If I plug in X, I would get something reasonably close (+-20%) to y. The data is from total values of units...
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    File Name Length Limit

    I have noticed that if a map file name is too long, it doesn't show up in game. This wouldn't be a problem if all map file names were short enough, but lots of people add to their map names long version numbers and other stuff that makes it too long. since there is no way to make them use...
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    Newgen Died

    Newgen WE stopped working correctly when saving vjass code. it gives a long syntax error list saying that various native functions/variable types were never declared, and it seemed to be in the map header. I think that Newgen can no longer see warcraft 3 information or something. I already...
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    Need help optimising 3d projectile system

    I'm working on a projectile system for a game, and it works fine, but it is too laggy. I don't know what to do to optimize it. edit: did minor updates, The projectile Library handles the projectile dummies, and the collisions (CJass used) library Projectile initializer init uses Recycler...
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    Projectile system bug

    The library works perfectly, except for a slight problem. if I attach a effect with a ribbon effect to it, then the ribbon jumps to the new location when the dummy gets recycled. What can i do about this, other than not recycle them? library Projectile initializer init uses Recycler, TT //...
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    World Editer test error

    Today, when i tried to test my map with the test button, it gave me this error. I have newgen editer installed, along with cJass. i can manualy test, but this is frustrating
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    is Point Visable

    Is there any way to determine if a point is viable to a player, or determine where a players camera is?
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    Detecting Rally Place

    I'm trying to detect a rally place so i can do something when it happens. Either that or I need another way to detect right/left clicks library Terrain initializer Init globals private constant integer BLACK_TERRAIN = 'Ydrt' private constant integer WHITE_TERRAIN = 'Ydtr'...
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    Fog of War Glitch

    I am trying to add to my map, a event that on death, will give the player visibility. but also, when i use the restart command, remove it. I looked at the BJs, and did what i thought made sense, but it didnt work. is it not possible to store a fogmodifier to a variable? or should i just use a...
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    Need equation or method

    I'm trying to make a ability that creates a bolt of lightning that goes for a certain distance, or till it hits the edge of the map. it will be a bolt of lightning, instantly going the the end point of the line, and i need a way to determine the end point from inputting the start point, the...
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    looping through struct crashes thread, need help

    I'm trying to write a new mana system for a game I'm working on, where the environment has a amount of mana, and spells use up nearby mana to cast, i had it working with a massive amout of dummy units (3.2k) but decided that that was not the best option. So instead, i am using a struct. The...
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    What about this isnt compaible?

    library CS uses Dummy, Recycler, Filter, Constants globals private constant real DELTA = 16. endglobals //=========================================================================== public struct Data unit whichUnit unit target static method create takes unit whichUnit...
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    multiboard to display stats

    im working on a map, that uses custom enemy stats, like damage min, damage max, crit, critmult, and i have a multiboard for all players that displays those stats for them when they click on a enemy. it also hides it when they deselect it. However, if they select a enemy, and said enemy dies...
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    hiding attack info

    In my map, all units deal 0 damage, but their 0 damage is detected, and damage is dealt via triggers, however, i dont like how the 0-0 damage is shown, is there a way to hide it? ive already tried changing combat attack 1/2 show ui to false, and it didnt work. What should i do?
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    Text Tag Question

    Is there any reason that you cannot update text tags more than once a second? I am trying to update them every .3 second, which includes changing their location for the enemys, but it seems to only occur every 1 second. library PeriodicStuff initializer init uses Recycler, TowerProperties...
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    Text Tag Question

    Is there any reason that you cannot update text tags more than once a second? I am trying to update them every .3 second, which includes changing their location, but it seems to only occur every 1 second. library PeriodicStuff initializer init uses Recycler, TowerProperties globals endglobals...
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    using corpses to attack

    Is it possible to detect whether a meatwagon, or any unit with the ability to store corpses has any corpses, and if so, delete one? i would like to make meatwagons, use corpses to attack for something Im working on.
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    How to Modify raise dead

    When casting raise dead, i want to be able to modify the summoned units with a trigger, so that the skelleton summoned is random. How do i refer to location of the target corpse? is it possible to summon 0 skelletons?
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    Explode quesiton

    if you make a unit explode with a trigger, who will the killing unit be? EDIT: Solved The the killer will be null
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    repeating sound as music not working

    Im trying to use a repeating sound, based off of music already in warcraft, but at a different pitch, as music, i made the variable, and tried to make a scope that does that. However, it doesnt work. It seems to stop during the pooled wait, but i have to use a wait of some kind there or it will...