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  1. Whoareyou.

    Potion Stack

    I searched the forums and didn't see a thread for this so.. Here goes Is making potions stack together triggered? :o Solved,
  2. Whoareyou.

    Anime RPG Part 2

    Ok, so many people have asked questions about Anime RPG, Anime RPG 2 is the sequel, featuring different anime characters, and 3 secret heros [mostly referred to as tier 2 but isn't, there is no tier 3 or 4] and many bosses await.
  3. Whoareyou.

    A Pimp My Peon Trigger?

    What are those triggers for like upgrades, when a player upgrades in the Pimp section is there something like Add Effect _ To All Units of Type Peon Owned By Player? If not could anyone help? Thanks :D
  4. Whoareyou.

    Metastasis Triggers

    Ugh, can anyone help me with the randoming the alien and/or mutant trigger? Thanks to anyone that helps me :D