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  1. Gev

    unite position script help

    iv got a project that i cant start. I cant get right gui script that will move unit A instantly to unit B+x of unit B facing angle.
  2. Gev

    Game crushes when i add set variable trigger

    Champion Events Unit - A unit enters (Entire map) Conditions Actions If ((Unit-type of (Entering unit)) Equal to Chempion) then do (Set Champion[1] = (Entering unit)) else do (Do nothing) game crushes when i add this trigger, but the strange thing is that i...
  3. Gev

    Problem with bird generator doodads

    Ok the problem is veary strange. In world editor i have pleaced some of this bird and bat generators and when lanching game there is no problem everything is fine, but in some users that downloaded the map can see some purple boxes at the generators pleace. Ani idea what can be the problem...
  4. Gev

    Having problems with triggers

    Whenever i create trigger with event Unit enters playable map area or entire map game crashes... The strange thin is that i have that kind stiggers in map allready created in past and they work fine, but when i create new ones the game crashes. Map Loads fine but in game i got unpassable...
  5. Gev

    Help me making a skill please

    making a spelll Im trying to make a skill that will instantly lanch 3 waves. first one goes to 90o of units facing angel (front of unit) seccond one ggoes 60o and third one 120o. is this possible in GUI?
  6. Gev

    Start location command on costom scripts

    call ReviveHeroLoc(OURHERO, GetRectCenter(GetPlayableMapRect()), true ) i know that this mean tha center of playable map are. Now i need player start location to be sellected, but dont know how is right to write "getplayerstart" or "getstart". How is that command?
  7. Gev

    Phoenix fire icone problemm

    Here is a problem that i cant solv working on it more then a houer. I have changed the phoenix fire (random attacking pasive aura) for hero use. And the problem is that there is no icone of that skill. Allso there is some other skills like magic resistance that whas item ability and i have...
  8. Gev

    How made an unsellectable unites?

    The thing that im searching is not desellect unite when im sellectiong it. I need to make its unsellectable at all. I know that its possible Becose i got a Tornado unite that cant be sellected. I dont know how but its cant be sellected and have no Health bar. Is it Model or there is some options...
  9. Gev

    Damage reciving moment

    Ok im stucked with this. Im using GUI and need to get the moment of dameg recive from normal attack. When im creating scripts with unit is attacked it geaves me not the moment of damage recive. Its works when unit starts to attack. Help me pleaes.
  10. Gev

    Trigger help

    All first person game cameras are allways locked to your mouse and keeping it in center of look. Is there any simillar trigger in WE?
  11. Gev

    Hero has a skill trigger

    Is there any trigger that can confirm that a hero has a skill? The rison of this is that im trying to add a 7 strenght per level to hero that have devotion aura.
  12. Gev

    How to disable the ability icone?

    I have the pasive ability like engeniring and dont need to wach that F***** icon. How to disable the icon of it? At this time im working on castme hero mode in my map Battle of Arm and Core and this icones of engeniring making me angry becous my hero ability bar is fool and i cant learn more...
  13. Gev

    Create hero mode

    In my head apeared an idea to create CH mode in one of my maps Battle of Arm and Core. CH(Create Hero), what is this? This mod geave's the player chance to create his own hero with the abilitys that the player will choose for his hero. And when i started i sow that i cant add to hero the ability...
  14. Gev

    Map "isn't loading"

    It seys not enouf storage for aplication Its started when i have changed my heroes starting atributes to 1 and the bonus atributes per level 0 Why is this error apeared?
  15. Gev

    1.22a to 1.23a registery problem

    The putch seys that install path is not set. The problem is that my regedit is disabled by the virus and i know that there is som dll files ready. Where can i find it and download?
  16. Gev

    Please help to find Wc3 1.22 exe and world edit.exe

    My antivirus sistem have deleted WC3 1.22 exe and Worldedit.exe someone attach this two files for me.
  17. Gev

    Plees help

    My antiviruss sistem have deleted Warcraft3tft1.22.exe and worldedit.exe please someone attach this two files
  18. Gev

    Question about model inporting

    Hi all. I have problem with inporting of model. The models with one file are working normal but the models with more files like Alien.blp,Alien.mdx,... aren't exist in game when im starting it. I know that i must inport the Aline.blp in sorce of WC3 but where?
  19. Gev

    Hellow dear Warcrafters

    I need information about attack tipes Im triyng to do some changes with hero attack tipes. Im triyng to geave the stranght heroes Chaos attack, Agility heroes pirsing attack, And the mages magic attack tipes and need some information about this attack tipes. At this time i know that chaos...
  20. Gev

    What is this trigger?

    Question about Trigger. What does a trigger under the name of Reload all game cache data from disk?