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    [Javascript] Randomization plugin for Adobe Illustrator

    It's been a while since I posted on this site, but I figure that since this site has played a huge role in the direction that I took career-wise, it would be cool to post an update on what I've been working on. I recently launched my latest project - a randomization plugin for Adobe...
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    Creative Suite 6 When's it coming out? I'm itching for the riced photoshop interface and cool new illustrator stuff.
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    IRC Channels

    Everyone post your favorite IRC servers and channels! A brief description would be cool. This is because I need something to do while at school :D
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    A few questions on HTML5

    Ever since hearing about flash dying to HTML5, I've been kind of curious as to how well HTML5 can replace it. I have some questions about the language that I'm hoping people could kind of shed some light on. How are objects drawn and animated in HTML5 as opposed to flash/actionscript? What...
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    So who's hella excited for Battlefield 3?

    Even though the release is roughly a year away, I'm still really pumped for this game. BF2, BF2142, and BFBC2 were pretty much my life for a little bit. I spent an entire summer doing nothing but playing 2142 lol :P For anyone who's following the development as closely as I am, here is a...
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    Hey guys.

    Haven't been here in a while. Decided to check in. Whats up guys? Who here still remembers me :P
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    After a bit of work, I managed to finally make a half decent site which could somewhat nicely present my work. Tell me what you guys think! dead old hijacked link removed Also, let me know if anybody finds any glitches or bugs or anything like that...:)
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    Guide One Achievments

    When it tells me to play an "equally matched" game against an AI, how exactly would I go about doing that?
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    Goddamn Neon Genesis

    Can someone please explain to me the 12000 different evangelion series and how they differ from each other. I just need to figure out which order to watch everything in. :o
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    Video Metadata Editing Software

    I have a lot of tv shows with little to no metadata and I want to organize them with In-File metadata so If I import them somewhere, they will show up like they should. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    3 New Photos

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    Which game?

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Bioshock 2?
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    e^(i x pi) = -1

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    Sticky Footer

    In HTML: Anybody know how I can set the bottom margin of the page to 0. So as to make the bottom of the graphics on the page to stretch to the very bottom pixel of the screen? I can't get it. Basically I want a footer that stays at the very bottom of the page. Pls god nobody link me that...
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    Calm music

    Any suggestions? I need something to relax or fall asleep to. :)
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    Flash Help

    Ok, so I have an invisible button with one instance with a name of "btn". I have a movieclip with an instance name of "anim" The goal of this is to make a certain frame play when I rollover onto the button. The invisible button is stacked directly ontop of the movieclip. However, If I mouseOn...
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    Brookfield Zoo Photos

    What do you all think? Going back today to get primates, swamp animals, and pachyderms. Rhinos are gonna be awesome.
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    No doubt

    Any fans here? I recently went to one of their concerts and loved them. Some songs to check out are: Just a Girl - Hey Baby - Bathwater - Hella Good -...
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    Getting wisdom teeth removed tomorrow :\

    Has anyone here had their wisdom teeth removed? If so, just how painful was it?
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    Alt + F4 to see your win percentage!