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  1. Cornface

    Hard drive filling up for no reason

    So I've been noticing lately that my hard drive fills up for no reason. I suspected this earlier, and I think it was a couple of days ago I had 81.8 out of 465 gigabytes. I checked again now and saw that I had 74.9 gig free. And I am fairly damn sure I haven't filled up almost 6 gigabytes in a...
  2. Cornface

    Editing Movie - Strange problem

    Okey, so me and a couple of friends have had this long problem editing a movie we made for a project in school. We finished the movie after shitloads of hours of work only to notice the movie was.. sortof corrupted and really messed up. So, now, I picked up the old project again to try to...
  3. Cornface

    The Picture War

    Stole this from another forum, I haven't seen this here so.. I created a thread :) So, this is a war. An example If I post a picture of the Death Star, then maybe some counter by posting a picture of some X-wing. Then the third poster posts a picture of flak guns or whatever. So, I'll...
  4. Cornface

    Worlds Smallest Ecosystem

    Okey, I am sitting on some homework atm, and I have googled around and some stuff but I can't find it. I am supposed to find the simplest and smallest eco system, but I can't find it anywhere on the internetz, so I thought I ask here. EDIT: More importantly it is simple, doesn't have to be the...
  5. Cornface

    The Right Brain vs Left Brain

    A friend of mine linked me this strange thing.,22049,22535838-5012895,00.html So, if the dancer is spinning clockwise, you use more right brain than left brain, and the opposite. Also, see if you can get it to change direction. Now some...
  6. Cornface

    Warhammer Online - Release day

    Yee-haw, the day has come. They have finally set a release date for Warhammer Online The 18th September 2008. Lets just hope they don't delay it again. So, anyone else than me that will try this game out? I really hope this game...
  7. Cornface

    Bioshock - The Movie

    Yep, that's right. It looks like they are making an movie out of Bioshock. Read more at -
  8. Cornface

    Buying New Computer

    Hello. I have found this what I think is a very good site selling good computers at a very low price. (Unfortunely the site is in swedish) Anyway, I have found this computer Gamer medium 55 Processor: AMD Athlon X2 AM2 5200+ or Intel Core2Duo E4700 2,6GHz 2MB...
  9. Cornface

    Show me your genitals

    qqXi8WmQ_WM Link Now go and show me your genitals girls!
  10. Cornface

    Settlers 2 Colors Problem

    Hello. I am playing a really old game from 1998, Settlers II. The game runs smooth, but the problem is that the colors are inverted, or whatever you are supposed to call it. It's really annoying, and makes the game unplayable. I have tried running it in compability mode, but it didn't work...
  11. Cornface

    Welcome back, comrade Heck, isn't this awesome? It's just too sad Westwood won't do it, but EA. I found no other Red Alert thread, so I had to post it, but maybe soem of you already know, at least I didn't :rolleyes:
  12. Cornface

    The message is too short

    Everytime I try to post I get the message is to short error. I'll see how it goes creating a new thread :P EDIT: Well, that works. Weird.
  13. Cornface

    Japanese McDonalds Commercial Can't... stop.. watching...
  14. Cornface

    150,000 US dollars if you prove humanity cause global warming.

    dead link removed Haha, a friend linked that site to me.
  15. Cornface

    RAM memory installation problem

    Hello. I faced some strange problem when i was about to install my new RAM memory. I have 4 sockets on my motherboard, 2 red, and 2 purple. The purple ones are already occupied. When I insert my new one in the red socket, my screen won't turn on and my mouse won't work.
  16. Cornface

    Tales Of The Past

    Just saw one of the best WoW movies ever made. It's about 2 hours of just pure-awesomeness. Check comments and stuff, this is really an epic movie clearly worth watching. It is divided into 3 parts Tales Of The Past I Tales Of The Past II Tales Of The Past III It took about one and a half year...
  17. Cornface

    Weird Problem

    Hello! I reformated my comp not long ago, and when I check how much empty space I have, it says I have filled about 130 GB. And have 105 GB free. Now this is strange, because I have only used about 10 gig space, so the comp still sees me having things, but I don't. I tried defrag my comp, but...
  18. Cornface

    Weird Problem

    Hello! I have this very strange problem. It usually occurs after power failure and stuff. First, I get the 80048820 error from msn. And yes, I tried configuring the computer clock, reinstalling msn and stuff. Also, I get this strange Error with World of Warcraft, my computer is unable to get...
  19. Cornface

    Titan Missile Base at Ebay

    Got this linked from a friend An missile base on ebay for US $1,500,000.00. I mean, who would buy that? Rather cool tho, living in a missile base.
  20. Cornface

    A man marries his daughter.

    A man married his daughter in some village in India. And now his daughter and wife carries a child. Is it crazy, freaky or just pathetic? I don't know, what do you think?