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  1. TomTTT

    Trigger apparently looping...

    K, thanks guys! :) I'll try out what you both said, still not used to the editor...
  2. TomTTT

    WC3 Shop Question

    Yup, I'm pretty sure it won't have an initial 3 stacks. Your best bet I think is simply triggering it. I would check the editor right now, but I'm not on the main comp, so I don't have it here.
  3. TomTTT

    TD probrem

    Probably because it disables its last orders? Try to trigger it so you can tell the creep to attack again after he is unrooted.
  4. TomTTT

    Trigger apparently looping...

    Hello :) I've used the Warcraft 3 editor for a while, and then go to get SC2, mainly quick matches. I am trying to develop some ZvZ "train" map. After a while I forgot some about the editor, and this one is completely not like WC3 one. So, I'm in kind of trouble here, and I did try a lot of...
  5. TomTTT

    Make unit use ability randomly

    Pretty simple. Events Time - every 30 seconds of game-time Conditions Actions Set UnitGroup = (All units in (Playable map area) matching ((Matched unit) unit-type is equal to Unknown Bellor the Guardian)) Unit Group - Pick all units in UnitGroup and do...
  6. TomTTT

    Floating Text Help

    Well, to make it MUI, you need hashtables. getting the basic idea is easy. First of all, at init, create a hashtable. Then, when the text should appear, you need to set a few variables. Time (real) - the amount of time the floating text should appear, including increasing, decreasing and fading...
  7. TomTTT

    Do Hashtables Leak?

    in quantity. And yeah I forgot ic3_water handles do leak but not the hastables themselves
  8. TomTTT

    Trigger: Use spell and create unit when in region

    Really just gotta find anything bad? Say "if you want more than 1 unit in that rect use Greather than or equal to". This isn't some sorta competition who gets to tell his what to do.
  9. TomTTT

    Do Hashtables Leak?

    yeah you can. Hashtables do not leak. Though there is a limit to the amount of hashtables you can have, 512 if I'm correct.
  10. TomTTT

    Make trigger turn on another trigger

    Damn when I said that people got all that angry about me. :P
  11. TomTTT

    Make trigger turn on another trigger

    Thats pretty easy. You can just make a Bolean variable, and set it to True when Obelisk active 5 triggers. Then at Star top use, at condition put this bolean variable.
  12. TomTTT

    Three questions

    1. Create a quest, then make a variable to count kills. Now make a new event of a unit dies, and make a condition to make sure its a bandit. Each time set the variable to +1. Now lets say make a region near the unit you turn it to, and make a condition if the variable is 10, then complete...
  13. TomTTT

    How can i make a tarven like this

    probably since you are player 1. Try changing it to player 2 and see. Else I'm not sure. By the way you have a leak, instead of Center of Revive 1, make a point variable and then remove it by call RemoveLocation(udg_VarName)
  14. TomTTT

    Problem uploading Models

    when you say 'upload' you mean import? If so, make sure the path is correct. Look at where you got it from and it probably will tell you the path.
  15. TomTTT

    Mana is its fuel

    Yup, but then he needs to make 2 more triggers, one for picking all tanks and putting them into the event, and second when a tank is entering the map. And a slight delay of 1 second won't make that much of a difference. The same, you can amek it every 0.25 seconds and take down only 0.25 mana at...
  16. TomTTT

    Mana is its fuel

    Yup, it's a Real Comparison. Anyway, theres an example: Trigger Events Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set UnitGroup = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((Unit-type of (Matching unit)) Equal to Tank)) Unit Group - Pick every...
  17. TomTTT

    Mana is its fuel

    This such trigger can be easily done with GUI. Just make a periodic of 1 second, and then pick all units that are tanks, and set their mana to -1. Then make a condition, if the mana is 0 pause the unit. and make another periodic, check if units mana is 50+ and its paused, and unpause it. Tell me...
  18. TomTTT

    Game Crash!

    well, I'm pretty sure the wait 40 seconds is causing this the crash. I can't see another reason. I suggest you maybe use indexing/hashtables. Lets say, make a unit group of all units with blood rage, that you add a unit when it starts using you add it to the group. Now save '40' as 1 of...
  19. TomTTT

    How can i make a tarven like this

    Well, don't wanna be a D!CK but... Anyway, I can help. You need to make a region in the Tavern area, and when the hero is chosen, you set vision to fog of war or w/e you want. If you want that "fcuk has chosen Blade Master", you'll simply need to add another line: Game - Display to (All...
  20. TomTTT

    Please explain In a noob friendly way how to Create a "Vision" Command.

    Change this: (Substring((Enter chat string), 1, 8)) Equal to -vision to this: (Substring((Enter chat string), 1, 7)) Equal to -vision