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  1. Wizard

    Return to Form?

    Hey All, So some of you may have noticed that things have changed visually and that is because I updated the forum software as it was 4 years out of date. With that the old already glitchy style stopped working, so I installed a new one and edited it a bit. I'm in talks with the staff as we...
  2. Wizard

    BBCode Tabs Request

    Hey all! I wonder if anyone could replicate the bbcode on this site If you scroll down to the character's skills, you see that the information was split in tabs. Entangle, Owl of Guardian etc. That type of feature would be extremely...
  3. Wizard

    Frozen Synapse

    Does anyone play? My ingame name is TheDarkWizard and my steamname is Mondrethos. Lets get some matches going between TH members. Im automatically uploading matches to youtube.
  4. Wizard

    New Website - The Wayward Inn

    You've been lost in these dreaded woods for days, your rations have dwindled to nothing; you've scrapped out every crumb you had, and now, nothing for even a mouse. The rain refuses to let up; a endless torrent of water that soaks the earth and blankets the ground and leaves with a beautiful...
  5. Wizard


    Does any one have any experience with xenforo? And would you recommend it?
  6. Wizard

    Super Meat Boy!

    Omfg....the rage that this has caused me. Everyone share your stories and discuss the game.
  7. Wizard

    Bought a VPS - Now What To Do With It

    I've got a server that Ghan runs for me from but it's currently underutilized and I'd like to find some people who need hosting to help pay for it, but it seems that places like Web Hosting Talk are generally for companies only and I'm just one guy with a single server here.... Any...