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  1. NoobImbaPro

    Which is faster?

    I've got two codes that do the same thing, which is faster and why? method iterate takes code func returns nothing local trigger temp = CreateTrigger() local thistype cnt = this.guard call TriggerAddAction(temp, func) loop set cnt = exitwhen cnt ==...
  2. NoobImbaPro

    VC++ On run Error (Destructor)

    Compiler throws me the error at bottom of post, what I got wrong in my code? #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> #include <string> #define MAX_CHAR_LENGTH 20 using namespace std; class DIstudent { private: int *grades; float average; char *name; char *surname; public...
  3. NoobImbaPro

    Tutorial The Struct Tutorial

    The Structs Tutorial This tutorial is directed to the ones who learned jass, except structs. This is your final step for mastering the Jass programming language. Every day I add/remove/edit some stuff, it will cover everything about structs. This tutorial is updated regularly, so don't...
  4. NoobImbaPro

    Textmacro issues

    is there any way to pass a variable of a textmacro function into another textmacro?? [jass] //! textmacro id takes name1 $name$ type variable1 //! endtextmacro //! textmacro id2 takes name2 $name2$ type variable2 extends $name1$ //! endtextmacro [jass] so is there any way to put...
  5. NoobImbaPro

    Struct Issues

    I have a struct like this struct MyData integer id endstruct and then I execute this function function OnInit takes nothing returns nothing local integer i = 0 loop set i = i + 1 set MyData.create().id = GetRandomInt(1, 12) exitwhen i == 12...
  6. NoobImbaPro

    Code Speed: Functions

    They have same speed or second is faster? . function A takes nothing returns nothing //a bunch of lines endfunction function B takes nothing returns nothing if condition then call A() endif endfunction . function B takes...
  7. NoobImbaPro

    Text Messages

    Is there any way to remove a message a person wrote??
  8. NoobImbaPro

    Snippet ASCII Object Id converter

    Snippet: library ASCIIConverter /*v.2.50*/ //~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~// // ~|By NoobImbaPro|~ // //~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~// // // What does it do: // It typecasts an integer of type 'hfoo' into a string with "hfoo" value and the...
  9. NoobImbaPro

    Game Time Event

    Let's say I have this event Game - The in-game time of day becomes Equal to 12.00 Is that a periodic event?
  10. NoobImbaPro


    EDIT: No assist need, I found everything out. Close Thread
  11. NoobImbaPro

    Hard one, may need lua script

    is there any way when I set a member from a struct to perform an action?? Like I have a struct asd integer i endstruct when I do this set asd.i=5 I want to update my multiboard (my function UpdateMultiboard(player p)) I like to try to avoid a method setI(int value) witch I...
  12. NoobImbaPro

    Movement Issues

    Is there any efficient way to stop any moving order, except when I enable it?? Because waiting 0.01 seconds and then call IssueImediateOrder(unit, "stop") doesn't help me.
  13. NoobImbaPro

    Camera Issue

    I apply custom camera view to a unit. Is there any way to disable the thing that roll does?? I mean the button between right-left click buttons. Because I set camera rotation call SetCameraFieldForPlayer( GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit()), CAMERA_FIELD_ROTATION, 0, 0.9) and when I use the button...
  14. NoobImbaPro

    WE problems

    When I create a new map with jassnewgenpack v5d, jasshelper plug-in doesn't execute to compile even I have it enabled upon save. Also when I store to an integer a HandleID like local integer id = GetHandleId(handle: widget, region, rect, item blablabla) It doesn't do anything... it's...
  15. NoobImbaPro

    Event and region

    let's say I create a event witch is for entering a region. Is there anyway to use a function like GetTriggerRegion or something like that? (to get the region the unit entered directly)
  16. NoobImbaPro

    Questions about structs

    Lets say I have a empty struct A for beggining I call A.create() and do some actions inside (using methods) 1)What actually .create() method does? Does it create an empty ram space? Or does it use an already created space for that struct ? 2)I saw in some system using thistype(0) for some...
  17. NoobImbaPro

    System Advanced Unit Transfer System

    Advanced Unit Moving System Hello, this is my first system as its title says it moves units in the 3D Wacraft world. Requires: JassHelper 0.A.2.B T32 AutoFly TerrainPathability How to implement: --Copy the code below to a trigger you just created and set it to custom...
  18. NoobImbaPro

    BuffStruct problem.

    I have a skill (active/passive) that gives a chance to deal bonus damage and when i cast skill the chance becomes 100% for some secs. I used Damage system (Jesus4Lyf) to accomplish that. But when I have buff and attack the WC3 crashes?? I used once onDamageDealt method that uses Damage...
  19. NoobImbaPro

    How to...............detect a corpse ?!?

    The title says it all.
  20. NoobImbaPro

    TextMacro and stuff

    I have this code that doesn't work obviously static method create takes boolean E1, boolean E2, boolean E3, boolean E4, boolean E5, boolean E6, boolean E7, boolean E8 returns thistype local thistype this = thistype.allocate() local string st local integer i = 0...