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  1. Wizard

    Science Mushrooms communicate with each other using up to 50 ‘words’, scientist claims

    As someone who likes to eat Mushrooms in food like Pizza, interesting.
  2. Wizard

    Gaming Bloomberg: Amazon’s Twitch Suffers Exodus of Executives Amid Strategy Fight

    I wonder if we will see Twitch start to decline and if an alternative site can actually capitalize and gain momemtum.
  3. Wizard

    Lol xD

    Lol xD
  4. Wizard

    New Site Mascot

    Very nice, glad you enjoyed it. I don't meet many people who have!
  5. Wizard

    New Site Mascot

    it was a pretty good one. Did you watch all the way to the most current season?
  6. Wizard

    New Site Mascot

    It was disappointing when adult swim canceled this show but HBO might be picking it up it seems?
  7. Wizard

    Return to Form?

    Top right under your username go to "Your Content" One of the many ways to see your own content :)!
  8. Wizard

    Gaming Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XL

    Ah. I was not aware of that not.
  9. Wizard

    Return to Form?

    I'll certainly give it my all :D!
  10. Wizard

    Return to Form?

    I'm glad :D!
  11. Wizard

    Return to Form?

    Hey All, So some of you may have noticed that things have changed visually and that is because I updated the forum software as it was 4 years out of date. With that the old already glitchy style stopped working, so I installed a new one and edited it a bit. I'm in talks with the staff as we...
  12. Wizard

    Gaming Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XL

    I'll be excited if it runs games as well as the new 3ds when the 3d mode is off.
  13. Wizard

    Report UCSF Study Links Soda To Premature Aging, Disease, Early Death

    I've seen family members first hand sick because of Soda. Like all things it should be taken in moderation which is not something many people seem to understand, no one thing is good for you constantly.
  14. Wizard

    "New" TH design template - why? I'll see what I can do.
  15. Wizard

    "New" TH design template - why?

    Done. The new style is totally fluid.
  16. Wizard

    Iron Druid Chronicles

    I am dying to get my hands on Cold Days. So excited.
  17. Wizard

    BBCode Tabs Request

    Hey all! I wonder if anyone could replicate the bbcode on this site If you scroll down to the character's skills, you see that the information was split in tabs. Entangle, Owl of Guardian etc. That type of feature would be extremely...
  18. Wizard

    Crossology temporarily down

    I look forward to seeing the return of some of your content, I quite enjoyed it.
  19. Wizard

    Design Requests (Xenforo)

    I personally think that is the best way, it removes the whole e-peen mentality and if you really must know what a user's stats are just click on their username, cute little popup card will show up with all info that could be of use at a first glance. For more information users should proceed...