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    $679 Dream Computer...? It says it's only $679... I'm confused. It looks too good to be true for that price! Please tell me what I'm missing. :P
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    Good Writing Music

    I would like to see what everyone likes to listen to while they write, or perhaps offer some suggestions to others! I listen to "Vicarious" and "Jambi" by Tool; "Stupified", "Stricken", and "The Night" by Disturbed; and various other hard rock/"metal" songs. On a side note, I would like to...
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    Dragon Rider Mounting Dragon To Make It Do Damage Trigger?

    I want to make a "dragon rider" type hero/builder, which can build a type of building to train dragons. The dragons do no damage unless they are "mounted" by the Dragon Rider. With the dragon rider, they do good damage, and the Dragon Rider is invulnerable until the dragon he is riding is...
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    Need Help With Island Defense General Information?

    I am an avid player of Island Defense (, and I was hoping to make a map similar to the game (though with some things changed). I currently have a thread (Click here for thread) up for ideas and what-not. I first need to know certain details about the original Island...
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    Ideas for a Island Defense Style Map

    Alright, I don't know if this is the right place to put this exactly, but I was looking forward to making an Island Defense style map. Now, I want to switch it up from Island Defense a bit, so I bring it to you guys to give me some ideas. I'm looking for a plot and/or theme, but also things...
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    Tower Buffs Not Working

    I gave a tower the ability "Trueshot Aura" and then made it apply to everything but enemies. Yet, it still won't buff any of the towers around it. Why is this?
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    Cinematic Trigger Not Working Right

    When my game starts up, there's supposed to be a cinematic. The first line, from the Dragonspawn, doesn't show up... can anyone see any problems with these triggers? Cinematic 1 Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Cinematic - Turn on letterbox mode...
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    What Was Used to Make WoW?

    I have always been curious how big games made their games, such as what programs do they start with and how they put it all together. I've been playing WoW for about 2+ years now, and it's always made me wonder what they used to make it. Doesn't anyone know?
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    Slot Machine - A Possibility?

    In one TD, I want to incorporate a building, say it's called the "Casino", that, when the builder is close, he can select an ability at the building called "Play Slots" or something. He chooses one of three increments of gold and the gold is deducted from his amount. Then, I want the building to...
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    How would one make it in a TD so that when a tower, say it's called Fog Tower (it won't really, but bear with me >.>), generate fog around a unit when it's attacked?
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    TD Dragons Single TD v1.0

    Dragons Single TD v1.1 Old First Post: Alright, I finished a side project of mine, called Dragons Single TD. It's the first version, so it's a little imbalanced at the moment, but I'm proud. It's the first custom map I've completed, and I'm pretty proud of it. However, I realize it's a bit...
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    Gold on Creeps in TD

    When creeps in a TD die, they are supposed to give out gold. I made the Gold Bounty on each creep, but for some reason it gives no gold. Why is this?
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    TD Scourge TD

    Okay, it's nowhere near done, I've figured out recently, but I would like to see people flesh out it's problems and mistakes. I realize that there are already some mistakes and such, but if you find something else that I don't post, or you know how to fix it, I would appreciate it. Also, any...
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    The Watchmen

    Well, I saw the trailer just recently, and I'll admit, I'm impressed. I've never read the Watchmen because it never seemed interesting, but now that I've seen the trailer, it made me interested. I looked it up, liked what I saw on Wikipedia, and wanted to read the comics. However, I couldn't...
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    The first part of the first chapter...

    I realize you won't understand it, and don't worry, I haven't written the next part to make it make sense. I'm just looking for commentary on the way I wrote it.. I like it, and yet I feel a little weird about it. Also, I tried really hard to describe the setting, and the way the adolescent felt...
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    Losing Lives on the Leaderboard

    Okay, I've already come to this board with help with my TD leaderboard, but it didn't get resolved the first time. I was suggested to get a multiboard, but why would I need one when I could just make it so that each player's score is their kills, and Dark Green's score are the lives? I've seen...
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    How to Stop Units From Cowardice

    On my TD, all land creeps walk to their destinations just fine and dandy. However, all of my flying creeps end up going all over the place, instead of to the checkpoints. What's with this?
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    Does Bash Still Apply to Towers?

    If I have an MK as a tower, will Bash still apply to its attacks (tower projectiles), or not?
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    Tried it all but still can't host...

    I've tried a lot of stuff, but I still can't host WC3 games. I can't even list all of things I've done because I can't remember them all! If you guys could post ways to fix the problem here, or ask something about my computer so that you can get an idea of what the problem is, I'd be very happy...
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    Copying or Transferring Unit Info

    Before I realized I had to make a Tower, then edit the model to what I wanted it to be, for it to be a tower, I had made it a Hero, then edited it into being a tower. Is there any way I can copy all of the information of the Unit, and transfer it, or paste it?