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    Where are you on the Global Fat Scale? Neat little thing I found on reddit. Don't know how accurate it is, but still fairly neat. Apparently I have a lower BMI than 91% of Canadian males between ages of 15-20 and lower than 71% of the world between 15-20
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    Capture Cards

    I am looking to get a capture card for recording all my gameplay for PC/Xbox/PS3. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about them and trying to google them doesn't give me much except for "You should buy this one because it is good." Anyone have one or can point me in the right direction for...
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    We are Wyatt Cheng, Andrew Chambers, and Jay Wilson, game designers for Diablo III. (On Reddit)

    On reddit, three of the game developers did a 2 hour Q&A session with all the commenters. Originally, I went through and copy pasted all the questions and answers to post here, but someone did a way better job than me so here is the link. There are a lot of questions but he got most of them...
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    Clifford Stoll on Everything. TED Talks I love this guy, he is the classic genius/batshit crazy combination. After watching this I actually bought a Klein Bottle from him, he is really nice over e-mail, and imagine he is in person too. Some background taken from Wikipedia...
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    8 Tracks (Music Website)

    Just thought I'd share this site with anyone who hasn't heard of it. http:// For those of you who know what Pandora is, this is similar except it has user created playlists. Also, it works in Canada! Yay! For those who don't know of Pandora here is a rundown of what...
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    Path of Exile

    First off, let me say that I know there was another thread about 2010. So I didn't want to necropost. Path of Exile is a "Hardcore Action RPG" In other words, Diablo. It has the same feel as Diablo does, however that is not necessarily a bad thing (Unless you don't like Diablo) The...
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    TH Starcraft II Night (US Server)

    Hi, obviously took this from Bloodcount's idea. Same general idea, only with US Servers. Whoever is interested please say so and post in this format When we have enough people we will all collaborate on a day and time that is best for the majority If you can't make the first night, don't...
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    Blizzard store Too many attempts

    Any one know how long until I can try to log into the blizzard store again? I couldn't remember my e-mail and password until I got locked out, pretty sure I know it now though, its been about an hour and a half and it still won't let me try:banghead: anyone know how much longer? Apparently the...
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    Amberian Dawn

    I fell in love with this band once I heard one song. It is neoclassical/Power metal and Symphonic Metal. Give it a listen and tell me what you think!
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    Error Writing to Hard Drive

    Just reinstalled warcraft 3 through (previously registered the games) and I get the error saying "Error writing to hard drive while trying to download a file from I've searched and the only solution I've found is "Run as admin" I am on as an admin, I'm using Windows 7...
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    Youtube Videos won't work (Firefox)

    This is using Mozilla Firefox, newest version. When I go on youtube it won't let me search videos. When I try searching it simply refreshes the page with the "Recommended for you" stuff. If I click on a link to youtube there is no screen for the video, I can only read the comments really, I...
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    Shutter Island

    Taken from It's 1954, and up-and-coming U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Boston's Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital. He's been pushing for an assignment on the island for personal reasons, but before long he wonders whether...
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    Is It Possible to Find Someone Easily...That's Possibly in Jail

    Googled, couldn't really find a solid answer just loads of links to websites that apparently work but require sign up and all that. Story is I want to see if I can find my uncle, he has been out of contact as far as I know with my family for as long as I can remember, but apparently when I...
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    The Mysterious Fifth Class

    Watching the Blizzcon stream, they said they have known all five classes (Blizzard employees that is) have been for two years. But also that the fifth class isnt 100% yet, the main idea will be the same, but there still is much to change. He also said that Blizzcon 2010 could be when the next...
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    PS3 HDMI Cable Question

    I want to change my systems around and have the 360 downstairs and the PS3 upstairs, The TV upstairs is HD with no cable outputs for HDMI. So the question is are there any other cables I can get that are compatible with the PS3 that aren't HDMI?
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    RBN (Rock Band Network)

    If you hate and will always hate the music rythm games (rock band, guitar hero) Then don't even bother posting. But still read this since it might change your mind. The Rock Band Network. The Holy Grail to any rock band fan. Rock Band already has about 700 songs...
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    Dead Frontier

    This is a new online zombie MMORPG that is currently in beta. Its free and pretty fun if your bored at home. If you join add me to friends Chopper13. Would love to get a game going with a bunch of member of the TH community.
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    Vans Warped Tour

    After looking at the bands that are performing this year I think I'm going to go to the Seattle one at all costs. So many of my favorite bands, is anyone here going to any Vans Warped Concerts? Or if you already have, share your memories here!
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    Problem Downloading Warcraft TFT

    Due to my stupidity while in the add/remove programs I managed to remove TFT...Yea I know, stupid. Anyways, I tried two TFT discs and both of them won't install, the odd time the autorun did work, the install always freezes 3/4 of the way through one of the mpq files. So, I decided to register...
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    Resident Evil 5

    This just came out recently, and being Resident Evil I had to try it out. So far though this game is pretty similar to Resident Evil 4 as far as game play goes. You stop to shoot and cant move when you shoot or slash with your knife. You no longer have a suitcase that you must re-arrange...