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  1. Xienoph

    What Kind Of Pet(s) Do You Have?

    Yorkshire terrier:
  2. Xienoph

    Crime CIA website down temporarily; LulzSec takes credit for the hack

    What do you find funny? I doubt CIA's website is made to handle heavy traffic so it's not a surprise for them to get DDOS'd easily. It'd be more impressive if they DDOS Google or Amazon, or gain confidential CIA document.
  3. Xienoph

    multiplication by juxtaposition and order of operations

    Ioannes does the explaining much better than I can (also, his Wiki link has the answer), so I'll just reiterate. I think the spaces between the digits and the operators introduce grouping bias. So I'll post my reply in monospace. Then what is 6 / 2 * 3? I guess the debate here is whether...
  4. Xienoph

    AoS The Big Game

    Minor update: Tactician's item description and fix his Open Portal hotkey
  5. Xienoph

    General Anonymous cyberwarriors stun experts

    I didn't see anything in the article that suggests that "experts" are stunned beside the title. Also, who are these "experts"? I'm sure computer scientists and engineers are not surprised from what Wikipedia has shown them.
  6. Xienoph

    AoS The Big Game

  7. Xienoph

    Game recommendations

    Mini? What do you mean? I'll try Valkyrie Profile. I've tried La Pucelle. Seeing that Disgaea is also Nippon Ichi's game, how close is Disgaea's combat system to La Pucelle's? (apart from that they are tactical rpgs)
  8. Xienoph

    What's your favourite ide/editor?

    Edit > Trim Trailing Space
  9. Xienoph

    A Hash and Unhash

    Well, it doesn't appear since the code 3 in ASCII is a non printable character. The result of the xor should be treated as a binary data. If you want to print it out, you can print out in hexadecimal form (sprintf("%x", A xor B)) That works too. Just remember to add a space / other...
  10. Xienoph

    Game recommendations

    Since Persona 2 has been announced for PSP, I'm thinking about getting a PSP. Any recommendations for games? So far, I have these games: (You can also use this list to get a feel of what kind of games I like) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Half Minute Hero Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles Games...
  11. Xienoph

    Portscan attempt blocked?

    Port scan is one of the methods that malwares use to compromise your system. Since your antivirus tells you that it has blocked it, sounds like it's doing its job.
  12. Xienoph

    A Hash and Unhash

    From what you've explained, it's an encryption, not a hash (you cannot unhash. In fact, if you can, then that's a bad hash). Also, as you've pointed out, the salt is not an average salt. It's an encryption key. So let's call your functions "encrypt" and "decrypt". One basic way to do this...
  13. Xienoph

    What Terrain do you like the most?

    What is this for? What's the context?
  14. Xienoph

    AoS The Big Game

    Version 1.5 is out! Some UI improvements and minor bug fixes. Unfortunately, some of Whoareyou.'s suggestions didn't make it. They will be in the next release though.
  15. Xienoph

    AoS The Big Game

    The hero play styles are already clear from the name: - Beast Master uses creeps to attack - Engineer maintains his tower and uses the tower to attack - Guardian protects allied heroes and creeps - Hunter Killer is a hero killer - Lord of the Swarm controls a swarm of creeps - Mind Bender...
  16. Xienoph

    AoS The Big Game

    Sure Why did you think that Hijack Tower is dull? Because towers prioritize attacking creeps, you can hijack your own tower to focus fire on enemy heroes. Because of the high damage and low cooldown, towers are better at killing heroes than creeps. Of course, hijacking enemy's tower is also...
  17. Xienoph

    New Card Game

    My concern with WPF is, there's no infrastructure built to distribute the game (beside uploading on some website). I suggest Android, XNA, or iPad / iPhone. Android and iPad / iPhone has their app stores. I think XNA does too in 360 (XBox Live?). But I'm not sure if it has a distribution outside...
  18. Xienoph

    New Card Game

    I'm interested. I can help with coding and giving ideas. But I'm not an artist. Why do you pick WPF though? And can we get some details about the card game? (note: I've never played Magic the Gathering or any of its derivatives, so you might want to go into more details if your card game...
  19. Xienoph

    WC3 Ability List

    I second these two guides. I have them permanently opened in my browser and bookmarked.
  20. Xienoph

    AoS The Big Game

    Thanks! That will be really helpful. Thing is, all heroes in this game have the same stats. You can customize the stat for each hero depending on the build. So you can't really say that the tank (Guardian) has very low mana. Even if he does, that means that we have to make the skills use less...