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  1. Psiblade94122

    Get Player's Camera Target

    is there a way to get a specific player's "camera target"? I noticed that the point "target of current camera" has no parameters whatsoever. Because of my inability to host i could not test if this BJ would work in a multiplayer environment so if this dose what i want automatically i have no...
  2. Psiblade94122

    Locking a unit's flying height

    How do i lock a unit's height as tho it has hover but give it no collision as if it was flying I have bullets that climb walls -_-, i need to get rid of that Things i cannot use Locoust - I use the damage of the units as my collision system, so i cant use locoust because it makes the units...
  3. Psiblade94122

    RPG Crystal Crawlers

    -=GAMEPLAY=- Zelda (overhead camera) done in Metroid styled exploration based gameplay (collect crap to break open walls to make the map bigger) Supports up to 5 players, although solo play is beatable, team play will cut your completion time considerably. -=Systems=- Attack Mode - Tired...
  4. Psiblade94122

    [Request] [Icon] Orb Icons as Passive Icons

    Havent been here in a while, so hi to anyone new I would like to request a Passive version of the following icons (in other words, borderless) ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNOrbOfVenom.blp ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNOrbOfFire.blp...
  5. Psiblade94122

    TD Emerald Circle Tower Defense

    Story - My games don't need one Victory - Test version has no victory conditions Defeat - 120 creeps are present in the game field Game Play: The game is a mixture of Building Management, Circle Defense, and Click Defense. You have a 16x16 plot of land that you must manage to increase the...
  6. Psiblade94122

    multiboard icons to match units

    so, ive been working on my rpg systems again (yes im still working on it, its been years and yes it isnt done yet =_=) Anyways, enough about my rpg, the problem exists with the multiboard I have the board set up so it displays the battles status, that being the turn order of the match, the...
  7. Psiblade94122

    Snippet Move unit instantly Without forced stopping

    most people who are unfamiliar with Jass will most likely encounter this problem sooner or later When the move unit instantly action is used, that unit is FORCED to STOP this is extremely frustrating for those who want to create GUI slides, but there is hope. With a few lines of custom text...
  8. Psiblade94122

    Particle size

    is it possible to increase and decrease the sizes for the particles without modifiying them in a editor? cuz i noticed when i shrunk the models with particles for my rpg, the particles remained the same size and kinda ruined the model. so the question is; Is there a way to change the size of...
  9. Psiblade94122

    RPG F. O. E.! (recruitment)

    I actualy dont know what F O E stands for, but its seperated in the game just like that Im makeing a first person dungen crawler based off of Etrian Odyssey, i alredy have the random battle seed, death system, and movement system i dont really want to say much about the battle system right now...
  10. Psiblade94122

    ArrowKeys not affecting the camera

    is that possible without locking the camera to a unit? can i just disable a players control of the camera with the arrow keys? (IE: the player presses up, the screen DOSE NOT move upwards)
  11. Psiblade94122

    [Poll] Destroy The Core, Core Movement Style Poll

    I am in a delema, i am currently having trubble decideing upon which movement style to go by. Ill start out with the constants for both systems. -Both uses slides for move -Both allows the Core to point to show where the opposeing core is -Both allows the core to move past the 522 speed...
  12. Psiblade94122

    Arena Destroy the Core!

    For everyone who followed my bullet hell project, i present to you the rehaul of that project This is yes inspired by the famous phrase that is yelled at every gradius boss fight "Destroy the core!", and that means the point of the game is to destroy the other team's core The teams are...
  13. Psiblade94122

    WIP Battle System Experiment

    After enjoying the joys of Valkyrie Profile's insanely smooth battle system, i have come to a conclusion to attempt to remake it's battle system (with my own twists of course) The battles will play out on a differnt section of the map (much like FFF), from there your player leader (the hero...
  14. Psiblade94122

    Ogg to .mp3 conversion

    hey, is it possible to convert a ogg file to mp3 file in a format that wc3 can read? if anyone can, can you convert this file to a .mp3 in whicn wc3 can read? ive tried converters like lame, but warcraft III keeps on saying its a...
  15. Psiblade94122

    Script Error? (Vex optimizer)

    someone explane whats wrong....... (i understand theres something wrong with my triggering, but i dont know what) btw this is for bullethell v2.2 so for all you fans, thsi is whats hindering your release... my apologies btw the tweak set is for optimieing Bjs
  16. Psiblade94122

    Space Bar Detection?

    is it possible to detect when a player presses space bar?
  17. Psiblade94122

    The Turtle Experiment

    Type: Highly Experimental Shooter <For Warcraft III at least> Overhead shooter Story: A group of turtles in a lab have undergone a malicious experiment. The once innocent turtles have been transformed into rampaging war machines! The turtles are driven mad by the experiments conducted on them...
  18. Psiblade94122

    Cant add units to unitgroup?

    Add to bullets Events Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area) Conditions ((Triggering unit) is A sapper) Equal to True Actions Game - Display to (All players) the text: (Name of (Triggering unit)) Unit Group - Add (Triggering unit) to Bullets...
  19. Psiblade94122

    Food Cap

    is there any way of increasing the food cap to go over 300? and no changing the game play constants don't work
  20. Psiblade94122

    Rally Point and Out of stock Interface Questions

    Is there any way to change the rally point's text? i cant find it in the user interface thing. and whats the color code for the out of stock msg for items?