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  1. Don

    Event response-Damage taker

    I was wondering how exactly this data works. I'm trying to use it as a variable (real) and store ammount of damage dealt by X tower. so, lets say I have the event ''a unit is attacked'' and this action ''damage_dealt (real variable) = event response-damage taken'' I tried that and asked the...
  2. Don

    oth attacks enabled not working?

    Allright so I have that tower, it attacks ground units (ennemy, ground) for like 200 DMG and has another attack that deals 400 DMG to air units (air, ennemy). Ground attack is of type normal and air is of type pierce, both are missile and both are enabled, they also have different projectile...
  3. Don

    Order not canceling the other?

    Is it possible, in GUI, to have an unit ordered something and not cancel the previous order it was given? And that it would actualy work for multiple units. Lets say I want to have an unit to walk from point A to B and, midway, I want it to ''Activate divine shield''. The thing is that...
  4. Don

    Builder won't build?

    I've had this problem before and fixed it easily. This time tho I can't seem to fix it! My builder has the ability to repair towers (which one is needed to build), my tower HP is over 20, my builder can actualy build the tower and everything... what kind of problem is it?
  5. Don

    Reincarnation affects?

    Is it possible to make it so reincarnation (When a unit dies, it waits X seconds and revives it) won't affect the current order an unit is assigned? Like when it revives, this units continue to ''walk to a point''? Also didn't find out how but is it also possible to have their Hp reduced when...
  6. Don

    Hero Ideas - Elements

    I need a few hero ideas. I'm making an arena and the whole thing is about elements. Elements are: Fire, water, nature, earth, ice, lightning, light and darkness. If you have any idea fill the chart here: **Triggered spells/abilities are more than welcome** Name: Proper Name: Main...
  7. Don

    Group question

    Is there a trigger-able way to match these conditions: Create 1 (Random level X unit from unit group) I just can't find a trigger that does this exactly! Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place?
  8. Don

    Item Icon problem

    I,ve got an ability based off phoenix fire that I give to an hero (10 levels). I change the icon to (whatever icon) and when I get ingame, it doesn't show... The research icon one works very well but the normal one is just bugged... Icon display X is 2 and Y is 2. + rep offered to the one(s)...
  9. Don

    Lifedrain problem!

    Anyway to allow targeting of allied units (our units) with life drain? I tried changing targets allowed and it doesn't work...
  10. Don

    I want it to follow!

    How to create units in a line, so that wherever you cast your spell, units will go to your target. I know everything but the part where you need to do the ''towards X target''. What I mean is that I want to create a line of unit that will, in a line, go to the target but I can't find how to set...
  11. Don

    Ability level, how to check?

    I want to check what level is X ability for X hero, what condition should I use? cause I can,t find it!
  12. Don

    9 Heroes +1!

    In need of 9 hero ideas, with 3 based on strenght, 3 on agility and 3 on intelligence! And another one, wich will get his starting attribute points randomised. Which means, 3 heroes of every attribute points and a hero starting with a random one! Also, Heroes models MUST NOT be heroes...
  13. Don

    Echo sound... why?

    I just tested my map and all of my sounds have turned echo-ish, and it's very annoying, do you guys know why it's like that?
  14. Don

    Targeted triggered spell, how should I?

    Ok, i'm working on a targeting spell, based on warden's Shadow Strike. And i want to add an effect to the target. What event should I take so that when spell reaches target, the effect start? I tried with finished the efffect of an ability and is casting an ability but it does not work how...
  15. Don

    How to remove water buff from water elemental?

    Yeah, i'm making a red water elemental but i don't know how (if it's actually possible) to remove the water buff once it's created?
  16. Don

    Kills in a row trigger problem and yet... I'm back!

    Yoyoyo, Don's here, I know I've been missing for a long time but I had plenty stuff to play to! (Rockband, COD4-5, TF2, WoW..., doing Flashes, trips and etc!). But now, I'm somehow back and I've gotta get back on track! I've got this trigger, for an arena map that i can't get working! How...
  17. Don

    If you have Tower Ideas with nice spells, get in there!

    Ok, I need a lil of your help, it wont take much time and i know, with experience, that this kind of thread is very popular, aswell as game ideas, hero ideas, spell ideas and such. I simply need ideas of towers for a TD, arround 12-15 ideas would do. Ima give credits and reputation to...
  18. Don

    Video card comparason, opinion?

    Ok, i'm trapped between GEForce 9800GTX+ and Radeon 4850HD. Which one you think is better and why. DO NOT forget the + after the GTX, it has little changes from the normal GTX. Aslo, no i can't take any better/worse!
  19. Don

    Sound Stacking (or not?) problem!

    Well, first time i'm importing sounds from outside the editor and i have a little problem. Lets say i've imported a sound that has a lenght of 2.00 seconds, i put it so when a player skip cinematic (hit esc), it plays this sound at a point in the map. BUT the problem is that if the player...
  20. Don

    Newest PC, need opinions and tips :/

    Ok, so lately i decided to buy a new comp that is not a ''build-up'' one. I want a gaming PC that can run Call of duty 4 with High graphics and also can run crisis (yeah i know it is a lot but still...). So i looked up on and made some searchs about the perfect PC for my...