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    $679 Dream Computer...? It says it's only $679... I'm confused. It looks too good to be true for that price! Please tell me what I'm missing. :P
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    Good Writing Music

    I would like to see what everyone likes to listen to while they write, or perhaps offer some suggestions to others! I listen to "Vicarious" and "Jambi" by Tool; "Stupified", "Stricken", and "The Night" by Disturbed; and various other hard rock/"metal" songs. On a side note, I would like to...
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    This is a personal novel thread, haha, let's try to keep it to that. :] I wrote a 13,065 story for NaNoWriMo in 2006 but it's a pretty worthless read, even compared against my own works. I skipped NaNoWriMo in '07 and '08 but I plan on writing in the '09 one.
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    The Purple Man

    Kinda trippy. I don't know what to say exactly, but I think I like it, from what I can read. Not much to correct in my opinion (though I've never been the nit-picky sort of person) except for the periods you have inside quotations, such as this: You should change that to: That is all. :P
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    Dragon Rider Mounting Dragon To Make It Do Damage Trigger?

    I want to make a "dragon rider" type hero/builder, which can build a type of building to train dragons. The dragons do no damage unless they are "mounted" by the Dragon Rider. With the dragon rider, they do good damage, and the Dragon Rider is invulnerable until the dragon he is riding is...
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    Ideas for a Island Defense Style Map

    Haha, we all miss the good ol' days man. And of course it will just be loosely based off of it.
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    Need Help With Island Defense General Information?

    I am an avid player of Island Defense (, and I was hoping to make a map similar to the game (though with some things changed). I currently have a thread (Click here for thread) up for ideas and what-not. I first need to know certain details about the original Island...
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    Ideas for a Island Defense Style Map

    Good Idea, More In-Depth? I'm sorry, I just assumed it would be known considering there's always games up for it. The site is (non-advertising, solely for information): Island Defense Official Website @da1nOnlyEd: I liked the underground forest thing, can you go a bit more in-depth...
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    Ideas for a Island Defense Style Map

    Alright, I don't know if this is the right place to put this exactly, but I was looking forward to making an Island Defense style map. Now, I want to switch it up from Island Defense a bit, so I bring it to you guys to give me some ideas. I'm looking for a plot and/or theme, but also things...
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    Race Suggestions

    Race: Dragonspawn Spawn Rate: 15 sec Tier 1 Unit: Blue Dragonspawn Warrior Tier 1 Ability: Berserk Tier 1 Comments: High attack, low defense Tier 2 Unit: Blue Dragonspawn Overseer Tier 2 Ability: Breath of Frost Tier 2 Comments: High defense, low attack
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    TD Dragons Single TD v1.0

    Alright, I've changed the attachment on the first post to v1.1, and I'm much more happy with it. Albeit it is still relatively unbalanced, I'm excited that I got it to work as much as I did. I hope everyone enjoys. EDIT: I realize that I have several posts in a row here, and it looks as bad to...
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    Tower Buffs Not Working

    Thanks! :D
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    Tower Buffs Not Working

    I gave a tower the ability "Trueshot Aura" and then made it apply to everything but enemies. Yet, it still won't buff any of the towers around it. Why is this?
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    What Was Used to Make WoW?

    Everyone assumes I want to make a game. >.> I do, but that's not why I asked this question. I was curious because I was wondering what kind of program could make something so gargantuan.
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    how to make building give xp

    Nifty towers A "Hero" tower would have the build of a Hero in Object Editor, but be a tower still. You make the unit a Hero, then change the model to a tower. That way, it has the Hero build while looking like the tower you want it to be. If they are pre-placed, in WE, before the game starts...
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    What Was Used to Make WoW?

    Yea, and lots of people too.
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    The Watchmen

    Ah, sweet. $11 is a good price. I will definately read it. Trailers can be decieving, but I liked the trailer. Maybe it was just the music... >.<
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    TD Dragons Single TD v1.0

    Okay, I'm wrapping up v1.1, thank goodness. It'll have quite a changes, and I'll include it in a changelog in the first post. I didn't add new Heroes to choose from, because in v2.0+ I will have a Forsaken builder (I have already thought of how to include the Forsaken into the Human Outpost...
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    Minigame Dodge The Towers!

    Monotonomy I was wondering the same thing, thewrongvine. It could be a bit monotonous if it's just you running from towers for 15 levels. :P
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    Cinematic Trigger Not Working Right

    Haha, yea, it is useless, but I originally thought it would move in to cinematic mode from Game View, and that some idiot might be able to get in an annoying message before it finished, but then I realized I could make it instant. :P I should really remove it.. And it's easier to have...