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    (2012) The Amazing Spider-Man

    What do you mean the source of the web wasn't elaborated? It had a part where it said a company designed an incredibly strong thread that you can pack hundreds of metres into a small pill capsule sized space. And Peter designed the delivery method (The wrist shooter thing)
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    Where are you on the Global Fat Scale?

    I was most like someone from Malawi or something like that
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    Where are you on the Global Fat Scale? Neat little thing I found on reddit. Don't know how accurate it is, but still fairly neat. Apparently I have a lower BMI than 91% of Canadian males between ages of 15-20 and lower than 71% of the world between 15-20
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    (2012) The Amazing Spider-Man

    I really hate those kind of replies... I agree with vine, it had flaws, but it was still a good movie. I hate the people that say the original 3 were better because the new one copied it. It;s an origin story, of course there will be similarities
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    Desertion" why is that a criminal offence?

    Yes, because they broke the agreement they had in their contract, which is illegal
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    I'll be making a wizard for HC most likely, as it is the last char I need
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    I have a level 25 WD HC and am willing to start another for the sake of a group. Count me in. Are we going to organize times and play the char only with each other or what?
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    VGHS Video Game High School

    I've seen people saying that Johanna (Jenny Matrix) confirmed a second season. No sources to prove it though
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    VGHS Video Game High School

    I have been an avid follower and rather enjoy it. You know it is a good webseries when I compare it to TV shows. I hope to God they told DK to overact it a ton, because if not, ugh.
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    Free PC Games - (With Links)
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    Gaming Blizzard facing Legal Indictments from France & Germany

    Again though, people bring that problem back to the fact that if they allowed an offline mode, it wouldn't have happened.
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    Gaming Blizzard facing Legal Indictments from France & Germany

    The thing about the always online though is that it isn't an MMORPG. It is an Action RPG that was mainly, and still kind of is mainly, a single-player RPG. They did online only to help combat botters and the such, but botting is just as rampant as it has always been. People want to play...
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    Gaming Blizzard facing Legal Indictments from France & Germany

    When they merged with Activision. That's when. All Activision does is mass produce games until they can't be milked anymore, then abandon them and the devs and restart with another company
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    Guess the Forum-Member

    Yay for having a name that would be incredibly hard to get a picture for!
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    Do celebrities get special treatment in jail?

    So, is the question "Do celebrities get special treatment in Jail?" Or "Should Celebrities get special treatment in jail?" I voted yes, because I thought the first question was if celebrities get special treatment, and yes they do. Should they, no.
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    How far are you?

    Lvl 60 DH on act 2 inferno, level 48 Monk I believe on either act 1 hell or act 4 nightmare, level 12 WD, level 25 barb, level 4 wizard
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    Free PC Games - (With Links)

    Wait a second, has no one said Path of Exile yet? Category- Diablo Clone Game Name: Path of Exile Link: Description: Diablo clone, still in beta which you have to sign up for. I believe even the full version will be free with the ability to purchase microtransactions...
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    Free PC Games - (With Links)

    Those are some awesome castle names!
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    We are Wyatt Cheng, Andrew Chambers, and Jay Wilson, game designers for Diablo III. (On Reddit)

    Class action lawsuits? Really? Their forum is just terrible, although some threads are incredibly entertaining. In one, someone thought to convert DPS from imperial to metric you times it by 2.2 No one knows if he was trolling or just incredibly stupid
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    General "You have an RPG in your leg"

    That is exactly what I thought too. "How does he have a game in his leg? Does his character move when he moves in real life?" Then I read it and realized I had a stupid moment