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  1. Andrewgosu

    Did I Possibly Just Hardbrick My Android Phone?

    Hello! Long time no see. Anyway, I have a run into a little pickle today and I thought maybe someone of you guys here can shed some light/help me out of it. Here's the deal: I tried to flash a custom .zip on my android phone in recovery mode and it uninstalled without giving errors. After...
  2. Andrewgosu

    JASS NewGen Pack 2.0

    Although the program appears still to be in beta-stage, it's highly recommended to update your old JASS NewGen Pack to the new version 2.0.
  3. Andrewgosu

    //!! Hero Creation Contest Official Thread !!\\ (new deadline: 14th of October, 2013)

    WHAT'S THIS? The abomination you're looking at is actually a theorycraft Warcraft 3 hero creation contest (my homage to the first contest I ever partook)! Feel free to brew a beverage of your choice before starting to read allllll the rules and obfusticated voting process. I recommend Thai tea...
  4. Andrewgosu

    Going on a trip to Europe, anyone near the vicinity of our route?

    Hello! Like the thread title says, I'm going on a trip starting next Tuesday and I was wondering if anyone from here is near the vicinity of our route, so I could ask for some information as to what to visit, see, do etc. Maybe even meet in person. :) The (rough) route...
  5. Andrewgosu

    Campaign Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

    After almost five years later, I've decided to finish my long time dream to re-create Warcraft 2 in Warcraft 3. What does that mean? I'll tell you: - Original WC2 units&structures - Original spells - Original campaign missions - Oil&water combat - and so on What can you do? The biggest...
  6. Andrewgosu

    [Survey] What Influences One's SC2 Skill Level

    Hello! I haven't posted here in awhile! Anyway, I'm currently conducting a survey about Starcraft 2. In detail, I'm searching for things that influence one's 1vs1 skill level. So if you have around 5 minutes of free time, please take the survey! Link to the survey Your favourite...
  7. Andrewgosu

    Buying an External HDD - Any Tips Welcomed!

    Hello, Like the title says, I'm going to buy myself an external HDD and because it's my first time doing so, I might as well ask some tips. I'm planning to use it in conjunction with my laptop; price range 100...150$; I haven't decided on whether to get a "tower" or a more portable (with no...
  8. Andrewgosu

    Been Here for 5 Years - Ask Me Anything

    Today, it's been 5 years since I first registered here and I thought I'd not only make a thread saying that, but a medium for people to ask me questions - I'm retired and don't post here often, so it's my only way to be more interactive with the community here. I know leaving/celebration/etc...
  9. Andrewgosu

    Download Windows 7 Legitimately?

    My laptop came with W7 pre-installed on it has been acting all faulty. Since I finally took my computer to service, I now know what's the problem and the solution requires me to reinstall the OS. Thus the question, is there a way to download a legit Windows 7 in order to reinstall it if I have...
  10. Andrewgosu

    Which Smart Phone to Get?

    My old phone is dieing and I have saved some money to buy a new one. Thus the question: which smart phone to get? Some details: I'm not interested in downloadable apps I don't mind if the screen isn't visible in direct sunlight I love fast software updates I want to be able to upload my...
  11. Andrewgosu

    Favourite Clips From Dexter

    I just thought I'd share my tribute videos a ka some of my favourite clips from the popular television show Dexter. Best of season 1 compilation: gxkzkV3XJC0 Other, longer clips: mhnbgkFaeGU _2SZ5fQTWnk And more on my channel!
  12. Andrewgosu

    Terraining Contest | Theme: Movies | Voting Thread

  13. Andrewgosu

    Skin Starcraft 2 Pylon Powergrid

    I wanted to test something and extracted Starcraft 2 Pylon powergrid image from the MPQ. Maybe it's of some use to anyone else, too. Pylon model used in screenshot: How to properly display...
  14. Andrewgosu

    Doing a Bit of a Research - Your Help Needed!

    Hello! I'm currently doing a little bit of research regarding minimum wages and the cost of food in different countries and therefore need your help! How you can help me out? It's simple: just post your country and the (average) prices of the food items from the list below in your local...
  15. Andrewgosu

    Get Your Project Hosted - Submit a Request!

    It's been quite awhile a new project got its own sub-forum here and therefore I think this needs fixing. In an attempt to reward our mappers here and popularise modding in descending Warcraft 3 community, you can now submit your request to get your own sub-forum (like EGUI or Warcraf IV). The...
  16. Andrewgosu

    AoS Tutorial Research

    Hello! I haven't written a tutorial in a long time and I'm therefore planning to address this problem. In particular, after finishing and polishing my Tower Defense tutorial, I've always wanted to write a proper AoS one. However, there's a little problem: the whole AoS genre consists of so many...
  17. Andrewgosu

    Terraining Contest | Theme: Movies | Deadline 12.08.10 - 27.08.10

    It's been quite some time I hosted a contest... THEME This time, the theme is something I quite like: MOVIES. It is your job to pick a movie you like, let it be something really famous, artsy or just sentimental to you, and make a still of it. Using World Editor as your weapon of choice, of...
  18. Andrewgosu

    Headphones Keep Whistling

    As the title says, my Razer Moray headphones are rather whistling or, making a high-pitch sound, constantly when I use them with my laptop. Oddly enough, my other headphones are dead silent (some kind of Acme headphones, which are quite larger) when I plug them in. I don't know if that's...
  19. Andrewgosu

    My Story/A Story/Being Sentimental

    Hello. I was viewing my user profile today and realised I joined this site almost five years ago (registered May 28th 2006). Well, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but still, time has gone by so fast - I'm a bit nostalic and sentimental at the moment. Maybe that's the reason I'm writing this...
  20. Andrewgosu

    Laptop Crashing to Bluescreen

    I've been recently having some problems with my laptop, which tends to crash to the bluescreen one every couple of days and I'm now wondering if anyone can help me find a solution to stop the crashing. A vague error report: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version...