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  1. Blackveiled

    Who Are You?

    Who Are You? Introduction The Helper has been around for years now, and so has the community. This thread is for the community to read, regardless if the player is new or old. Compare the generations of members and learn everyone's experience of the website and what has been given to them, the...
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    Company of Heroes 2

    Company of Heroes 2 is a real-time strategy game created by Relic. The game takes place during WW2 and you can either play as the Germans or Soviets. Take note that the Germans are not labelled as nazis, this could seem offensive to Germans. The unit structure and concept is fairly simple...
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    EPiC SONG OF THE DAY [Facebook Group] Posting a song every day! Different genres, different bands! Promoting smaller bands and bigger bands altogether and letting everyone get a glimpse of anyone who makes great music.
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    [AoS] Clash on the Taledon Stone

    About - Map is currently in: Development. Clash on the Taledon Stone is an AoS (Aeon of Strife) map. Players must defend and push their enemies back for additional resources and benefits. Any team that claims the center point for over 45 minutes (in total) or defeats the other team's base...
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    I was bored...

    Boredom produces.
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    Great band. If you like rock you'll probably like this band. 0GSu5b3cQZ4&ob=av2e VyQaVBEWeRU&ob=av2e nVy84_SDBtE
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    Click Wars Tournament

    Click Wars Tournament v1.24 | Open Beta Click Wars Tournament is a 3v3 team based game. Your objective is to destroy the opposing team's command center. You are able to send units (which give income) at your War Vendor (the Nexus in the middle of the map). To attack, you actually left-click...
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    [rpg] bso

    BattleStar Online (not related at all to Battlestar: Galactica), is an online roleplaying game with a save/load function. You are set in the Arbiter, a station sent to defend the nation's solar system. You are a new recruit, and must salvage enemy spacecraft and find materials on planets...
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    ...cant make posts in SC2 section?

    I've been trying all day, and I just can't make ANY posts on the StarCraft 2 section. No clue why. I just hope this will go through.
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    [Library] Hero Revival

    Heres a library I put together to revive your hero since Blizzard never made one. For now you can configure which unit you revive, how long it takes to revive, the location, and how much health, energy, and shields it returns with. Trigger action is called HeroCall. Enjoy.
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    [Data] [Tutorial] Creating Units, Weapons, and Adding Sound

    This is a more informative version of my tutorial I posted before. Getting Started Before we get started with creating the unit, first you should check and make sure your data editor's settings are similar so you go through this guide with ease. What You Will Learn How to create a unit...
  12. Blackveiled

    The New Editor Compared to the WarCraft Editor

    Well, getting started was a hassle, but now that I've gotten fairly used to it (unit creation in the data editor was the hassle), I've actually come to love this new editor. Here's a few reasons; if you have the editor setup correctly the editor actually displays more and allows you to edit...
  13. Blackveiled

    [Simple] How to create a unit

    I just wanted to write this up really quick because some people create units in an odd way on their tutorials. The steps should be much simpler. Before getting started: Make sure your data editor views are adjusted accordingly Create the unit To create a unit: Open your object...
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    Biking Accidents Hahaha.
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    Tdwp ep
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    un named

    I am writing a song right now, and it's not done yet. But these are the parts that are currently done. How are they? C&C? Thanks. edit: Completed version
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    Health 12 year-old Norwegian boy saves sister from moose attack

    A 12 year-old Norwegian boy saved his sister and himself from a moose attack using skills he picked up in the online role playing game 'World of Warcraft.' Hans Jurgen Olsen and his sister got into a spot of trouble when they encroached on the territory of one of these antlered cold weather...
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    [Song] I speak two languages, Body and English

    Just as a note, the lyrics are not supposed to connect to the song name at all. [HARSH VOCALS] Hello, angelic Hello, angelic Hello, angelic an affection beyond definition beyond definition veneration idolization preservation conjection elimination Take me away from here away from all...
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    Name change request

    I know it probably does annoy you guys to get name changes, but I am changing my alias to something new all-around, and I would like it to stay consistent. Can you change my name to Blackveiled? Thanks.
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    Guns Don't Kill People, Driving With Phones Does! I lmfao'd