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    Crime Deadly shooting kills 26 in Newtown, CT

    A gunman killed 26 people, 20 of them children between the ages of 5 and 10, in a shooting on Friday morning at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., about 65 miles northeast of New York City, the authorities said. A woman waited to hear about her sister, a teacher, on Friday after a mass...
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    Tutorial & Resources Rules

    Table of Contents Tutorials & Resources Section Rules 1.1. General Rules & Intellectual Integrity 1.2. Allowed Resources Systems & Snippets 2.1. Code Resource Rules 2.2. Snippets 2.3. Systems Spells 3.1. General Spell Rules 3.2. JASS Specifications Tutorials 4.1. Tutorial Rules Models &...
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    What would be the best way of implementing WC3 style trees in my map? Make a mineral field clone and change its actor to look like a tree?
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    Shortcircuiting Test

    Could somebody test this and post the real results? I'm not even going to try testing anything conditions related with now on a Mac :cool: scope PoopScope initializer onInit //======================================== // - Testing functions, print their input // integer and return true or...
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    Demo Map Using the Y Axis as the Z Axis: 2D Graphics

    If you haven't already, go and try out XANID by Uberplayer. It's really superb. Well, I've always really wanted to make a platformer. After planning it for sometime, I realized my problem was that I had not yet figured out how I would make the physics work, or how to make the 3D game of...
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    #! and partitions

    Wow, I'm in major trouble. I have my macbook (model 6,1) and I decided to dual boot it with #! linux but when I boot up GRUB says it can't see any devices i can see both partitions (OS X and #!) from a LiveCD How can I get a bootloader to let me use both?
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    US News 9/11 marked with tributes and tears

    NEW YORK – With the plaintive sound of beating drums and then a moment of silence that hushed the crowd and brought many to tears, ceremonies began Sunday morning at Ground Zero and around the world to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. A woman cries while...
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    IP Logging

    Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Right now I am building a quote database for an IRC channel I frequently visit. Question #1 The table for the quotes has a column for the Id (auto_incrementing integer), the quote (text), votes (integer), and ip (char(15)). My problem is that I only...
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    Running Around In Circles

    Hello there, programming forum. I feel like, for the past three years, I've been running around in circles. I started learning to program because I wanted to make games in the end, but I just went from place to place. I dabbled in making algorithms, I dabbled in array sorting and data...
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    Discussion JASS Contests

    Hey, would JASSers in the JASS Help forum be interested in little JASS contests? It would pretty much involve doing small challenges, such as writing mathematical code or designing a simple AI, or for finding the best solution to a problem. The rewards would be small, such as rep from me (+3...
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    I'm writing a utility entab. I'm compiling it with gcc. entab takes input. Because tabs are 8 cells wide, it replaces eight spaces with "\t". But it's... not working. I run it like this: $ gcc -o entab entab.c $ ./entab > a a a a > a a a a It's just...
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    JASSHelper Fails

    Yeah, I'm coding my map mainly in Vanilla JASS for fun (lolwut) and I'm still using JASSHelper to preprocess globals. The real problem, however, is that jasshelper freezes right as it gets to the "Found errors, please wait..." stage, and I have to end the process. I am using the most...
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    Rolling back WC3

    Well, I need to use patch to run a certain mod on my World Editor. Rather than try to mod the mod, I'd rather just revert back to the old patch. ... How do I get back?
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    $500 Challenge

    Well, yes, I'm poor. I'd like to see a computer for ~500 dollars that could play Starcraft II on a low setting without major lag, plays Minecraft smoothly, and will last me for a few years. I think it's impossible, but prove me wrong please. $500 is my aim, but I'd go as high as $580ish My...
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    Avoiding Polar Projection

    Normally, I would use a function like this in, say, JASS: function PolarProjectionBJ takes location source, real dist, real angle returns location local real x = GetLocationX(source) + dist * Cos(angle * bj_DEGTORAD) local real y = GetLocationY(source) + dist * Sin(angle *...
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    Apache Problem

    Yeah, I use XAMPP with Apache. But I randomly get an "Object not found!" 404 error on pages sometimes, and I have no idea why. Sometimes files work, sometimes I have to wait a few minutes then refresh, or go back to another URL and try again, all from my localhost. Any help? This has...
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    PHP strpos() Help

    Gah, I can't figure this out. <?php $poop = " Print "; function HighlightWord($word) { if (strpos($poop, ' '.$word.' ') !== false) { return 'It works...'; } return $word; } echo HighlightWord('Print'); ?> I can't figure out why it doesn't print "It Works..."...
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    The (completely un-)official Major League Baseball thread!

    Baseball season here in the U.S.! For those of you who don't know (euros and aussies and africans and others ignorant to the GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD) BASEBALL HAS STARTED! It's been going on for about a month, but I never made the thread :( Pretty much there are two leagues, A.L. and...
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    Gaza violence: Hamas declares ceasefire with Israel

    Islamist group Hamas says it has agreed a ceasefire with Gaza's militant groups, after another day of violent exchanges with Israeli forces. Hamas, which governs Gaza, said the truce was designed to stop an escalation of Israeli "aggression". The militant wing of Hamas earlier hit an...
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    Regular Expressions

    So, I want to highlight PHP variables. The idea would be to take a string of PHP code and use preg_replace to search for a regular expression, and then replace it with itself along with the desired color codes. I know the regular expression should begin by finding $ and then parse each...