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    Warcraft III-related Forum Stuff

    This site isn't really catered for Warcraft III anymore is it? I mean sure the help zone/submission section still exists, but I feel that it's relatively dead here with Warcraft III (well, at least compared to other sites). Anyway, I have a few questions: - JASS/WC3 tags, are they gone...
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    Spell Electric Focus

    Electric Focus v2.0 by Lambdadelta (aka Siraraz and BlackRose) Last updated: 15/08/2012 Introduction This spell is basically a recode of Builder_Bob's Electric Focus and shares the same functionality almost. Description of Spell The hero will begin focusing electricity infront of himself...
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    Setting Referee Status By Triggers

    It is possible to make a player become an Observer with the following line: call SetPlayerState( whichPlayer, PLAYER_STATE_OBSERVER, x ) I don't know what x does, I haven't really tested it either. Would 0 remove the state, while 1 and above added it? I've managed to get the Observer status, but...
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    BB Code List: Galaxy Example Output

    So I was for some reason viewing the list of BB code tags and discovered that the Galaxy one seems strange. Example usage: <galaxy>int i = 2;</galaxy> Example output: <galaxy>int i = 2;</galaxy> It should be: Example usage: int i = 2; Example output: int i = 2; But the example output...
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    Stopping Item Ability

    Hi, So there's this ability that is attached to an item (that is, you use the item to cast the ability). I want the unit to abort casting this ability if it does not meet the casting requirements. So far I've tried doing these on the "unit begins casting an ability" event but to no avail...
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    In Warcraft III, how do people put symbols like ¿ or ™ or † into chat? Whenever I do, it comes up as a ? :(. Halp!
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    BlackRose's Warcraft III Modding Career

    BlackRose's Warcraft III Modding Career AKA ALL PAST JUNK The Purpose of This Thread Hi. tl;dr: I decided to post all the work (incomplete or not) from when I first began, crappy or good. Firstly, your first reaction to this thread may be that I am leaving the Warcraft III modding scene...
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    Minigame Pudge Wars Advanced

    PUDGE WARS by Siraraz Pudge Wars is a small map where two teams of up to five players aim to achieve victory by meeting a certain objective. The map is staged in a small square arena divided by a river running vertically in the middle; effectively creating...
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    Targetting Tree Spells

    I want a spell to target both unit's and trees. But for some reason, Channel to target tree's won't work. I click a tree, it says Must target a tree~. Anyone know any base spells that can target trees + units? Or am I doing something wrong here.
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    Spell Blade Barrier

    Blade Barrier by BlackRose v1.04 - 04/07/2010 Screenshot: Description: Creates a barrier of blades around the caster, dealing damage to enemy units nearby. MUI Coded in vJass Requires: AIDS by Jesus4Lyf GTrigger by Jesus4Lyf KeyTimers2 by Jesus4Lyf SimError by Vexorian Table by Vexorian...
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    Sound Limitations

    Are there like sound limitations? I've tried playing the FaerieDragonSound every 0.075 second but it will not work. Only 3 instances are played at once. It's blargh. Other sounds such as: "Sound\\Units\\Combat\\MetalLightSliceMetal2.wav" will play without limits... Here's the method I am...
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    Garena Name Change Stuff

    In Garena, in the Local Network Area, when you change your name, you see it as the one you changed it too, but the rest of the player's see it as the registed username. In this map, the author had placed 'debug' commands if your username was WorldEdit or the author's username, I changed my...
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    Poster WIP Concept

    Hello. I have an assignment in which I must create a poster to promote a worthy cause, I chose Teenage Drinking / Underage Drinking. Alright, the concept is using 'crime type photos' or whatever they are :) But I need it to be a short, easy to read, and straight to the point poster. So how...
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    Lightning Duplicate

    Ok. Now I need help. For some reason after one instace of a spell is destroyed, it bugs up and the rest don't work. Sorry if the code is hard to understand or is terrible to read: library LightningHammer initializer onInit requires SpellEvent, KT, xefx, GroupUtils, OneLocation...
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    Request of Custom Weaponless Thrall

    Halp remove the weapon off and I shall be eternally grateful: Unless someone else can figure out something like: Thrall throw his hammer in air, so that means -70% damage. But I...
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    Movie Ticket

    Here be my movie ticket for an IT assignment ["Display" work, pfft]: I've removed the school logo and the name. I also need to have one more picture as a requirement, can be any that fits. Thinking if it looks good currently, info can't be changed. The logo use to be where the yellow...
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    Trolls vs Elves This map. Google gives me nothing so, does anyone know if it's like.. being udpated or if there was ever any site where it was held?
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    Height Distance and Stuff

    Herro. Say I got a spell that shoots a fire ball onto the target location. And my flying height is 700. The target ground's height is 0. And the distance I target is only 150 range away. And the speed of the fireball is 900. I'm absolelutely terrible and clueless at maths.... dunno...
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    Region Edge to Other Edge

    I want a unit to move from one point which is on the edge of the region to another edge... so it travels from like one edge to another. How'd I go about doing this [potentially in the simplest most understable answer]?
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    Detecting Order Before Spell

    Hi. How do you detect a unit's order before a spell? library Blink initializer onInit requires TimerUtils, UFSYS, SpellEvent globals private constant integer ABILITY_ID = 'A000' private constant integer DUMMY_ABILITY_ID = 'A001' private constant real...