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  1. Nivius

    Silly question regarding splash and upgrades

    so, i'm in the making of a very basic TD for me and my friends next LAN. and the thing is that i need an upgrade to increase the area of a splash attack from a tower, how do i do this? what do i base it on? tower base aoe is 15 full, 25 medi, 50 small, and will increase them all whit about 25...
  2. Nivius

    Vamperic mana aura?

    so, ben having problem whit an aura of one of my units for my swamp team arena. easy way of solving what i whana do is reading the tooltip of it. i worked whit this about 1 year ago but irl came in the way so i had to pause the making of his map, but now im back (i hope!) and i remeber the...
  3. Nivius

    Need help to find a special model

    so i'm in the making of a unit based on lightning. so i need a lightning attack "projectile" the kinds i'm looking for is kinda looking like the lightning from that cone spell witch attacks all units in a cone whit lightning. but i need it to be allot faster. if anyone have played...
  4. Nivius

    Need help with a few skills im stuck on

    so, i'm the making of 5 heroes atm and i'm kinda stuck on some skills of them so i'm asking for help or for ideas... to fix the existing skills or replace them 1. Fire lord need to be "double edged" meaning all hes skills and attacks damage allies as much as foes. but he deal a hefty amount of...
  5. Nivius

    Problem whit an "easy" skill

    so, gonna get a skill that simple enough just increase the heroes life so figured out that id use a dummy skill and put it in triggers, super simple... the problem is tho that it don't work :confused: Stitching life Events Unit - A unit Learns a skill Conditions...
  6. Nivius

    Problem finding a genuine Windows xp/vista key? whant to get one legally for free?

    So, today i was gonna build a computer from old parts i had around from old computers for my girl friend. but while i was building i remember that i don't have any genuine Windows XP key that i can use (i prefer using a genuine) so it got me thinking... I'm not gonna download some program or...
  7. Nivius

    so, i got this aura done, but it dont work?

    Activate spir aura Events Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area) Conditions Actions Trigger - Add to Spiritual Aura <gen> the event (Unit - (Attacked unit) Takes damage) Spiritual Aura Events Conditions ((Damage source) is A Hero) Equal to True...
  8. Nivius

    Making repicked players unit available again

    Repick Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -repick as An exact match Player - Player 2 (Blue) types a chat message containing -repick as An exact match Player - Player 3 (Teal) types a chat message containing -repick as An exact match...
  9. Nivius

    so, does this code work? hard to test

    okay so this is the code for chosing a hero, for the "black" team (same code but for white exist, but then players 1-5) only 1 player on each team shuld be abel to use 1 kind of this hero also, it shuld post the text "~sorry its already taken by your team~" ONLY to the user that cant pick it...
  10. Nivius

    getting the level of a buff

    is there a way of doing this? im making a diffrent kind of aura and i need to be abel to get the level of the the buff any unit whit the aura have
  11. Nivius

    dont understand why there is none... [ICONS]

    so im got 3 different Immolation for 3 different units, but i want 3 different icons also... so the normal Immolation icon only works on fire Immolation (the color) so can anyone make a green and a blue one fast?
  12. Nivius

    Possible to make these 2 spells also damage friendlys?

    so, i got these 2 spells based on Frozen nova and breath of fire... the nova can target a friendly, and damge it if targeted, but the "nova" of it can not dmg friendlies? also the spell breath of fire dont effect friendlyes at all, even if its clicked that it shuld :/ how shuld i do? or...
  13. Nivius

    Whats wrong whit this trigger?

    so the idea is that its kinda a spell that makes the target only attackin the unit that used the skill, its gona be 1-5sec for player heroes and 2-10 for creeps. but somehow it dont realy work, what am i doing wrong? :) +rep if someone can give me a hand Slam trigger Events...
  14. Nivius

    Command Aura Bugged?

    so got command aura for a unit that can make mirrors of himself... thers 2 problems whit this 1. its meant to add 50% damage it adds 100% (iv put in 0.5) (it solved the problem strangely bu changing it to 0.25 :nuts:) 2. the mirrors get a stacked command aura, as he can get 3 mirrors of...
  15. Nivius

    Metamorphosis problem!

    So i use Metamorphosis to give a unit more dmg/slower move speed/range by transforming to a copy of that unit whit increased stats the problem is that the RANGE is not changed... the unit normaly have 600, and it shuld change to 1000, but it ust whont, it stays 600, dmg and movespeed works...
  16. Nivius

    What icon shuld i use?

    so i got this skill that will make a unit "bleed" for some time (poison arrow) and i need a fitting icon for this bleed skill, its for a "sniper" unit and it gota be in wc3 already, don't want to import (but if its an INSANE pic ofc i will :p)
  17. Nivius

    Making "shield bash" in wc3

    so im kinda making a taking unit, and i want an ability that kinda "slams" the target reducing attack speed/movement and does some damage, to do this atm i use the ability "slam" BUT, here is the problem... i whan this to make the targeting unit (witch is slamed) to target the hero that did...
  18. Nivius

    Mountain Giants "War club"

    So im making a Mountain Giant Hero for my arena... hes basiclly gona be ranged trowing rocks, but hes gona have that war club skill witch will make him melee... and damage type will be changed from siege to Chaos... but once he use it the damage icon dissapers and u can no longer se hes dmg...
  19. Nivius

    Learning Reincarnation also adds life?

    So, i'm adding a skill to a hero that gives Reincarnation (3 levels) but i also want this skill to increase life by 1000 each level but ofc, the added life should not stay if u was to unlearn the skill... i'm quite new to this, but i think i got the idea right... i just want u guys to see if...
  20. Nivius

    Need help whit a passive % chance to do shockwave skill

    * Base (9lvl): The Taste of Blood For every enemy killed u get 1-9% of your total life back (heroes 2-18%) * Strong (7lvl): Aggressive Foothold Every time you get hit you have a 1-7% chance to do a xxx dmg Warstomp * Amazing (5lvl): Aggressive Swings Adds 2/4/6/8/10% chance to fire of a xxx dmg...