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  1. Bloodcount

    Food for thought

    Blizzard nerfed zerg and buffed terran. I am willing to think that terran has a slight edge over zerg now, just because of the mobility of the ravens. We will have to wait and see. In other news, I am back in the game. After two weeks of practise I am almost mid master level. Yay me.
  2. Bloodcount

    Linux versus Windows for programming

    I have read a lot on the subject on the internet. 90% of the things I've read seem like utter bullshit, so I am asking the good people from the helper, what are the advantages for programming under windows and under linux ? ty <3
  3. Bloodcount

    Laptop for programming

    hey guys, as I started learning programming hard core, I more and more feel the need to have all of the code I have written/I am writing with me. (Since I am not only coding in university or at home, but at two programming clubs as well) I strongly consider getting a laptop solely for coding...
  4. Bloodcount

    Export all unit data

    In warcraft 3 there was an option to export all the unit data (units, abilities, doodas and so on) I need to do the same for SCII, but with the entire data (models and textures as well). How can I do that ? Thanks in advance guys <3
  5. Bloodcount

    A big HOTS patch.

    Carrier is back, warhound is removed. Reaper and mothership core buffed. Tempest made useful. Read more here:
  6. Bloodcount

    WCS EU finals this weekend! - full article stream 1 stream 2
  7. Bloodcount

    SMS protect ? (wait.. this is supposed to be new?)

    Remember the authenticators ? The little flash drive like thingy which made your account almost unhackable ? Sometime ago, Blizzard added a free app, which turns your cellphone into an authenticator. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the new sms protection system. I don't...
  8. Bloodcount

    Happy season 4!

    It did start two days ago, but nothing has really happened. The pros grind Hots; the WoL players are waiting for bonus pool. What are your goals for this season? Mine is to release a map before the first month of this season ends.
  9. Bloodcount

    How can I import sounds to my map ?

    Title sais it all. Long time no map. Time to get back in shape.
  10. Bloodcount


    GUESS WHO HAS IN INVITE ? Link to full thread: tl;dr People are chosen at random. There will be contests and fansite raffles. The MVP's of the community (aka progamers) will have early access. The HOTS...
  11. Bloodcount

    2in1 - patch 1.5.1 and possible terran buffs

    First the patch : Nothing new, just bug fixes, but wait, what do we have in this thread? tl;dr Creep tumor range might be reduced to 8(10 currently) and the raven might get movement speed buff...
  12. Bloodcount

    Kill Streaks

    I am pretty sure everyone here knows what they are but just for the record: Kill streaks are basically X ammount of kills in a row. They are used mostly in FPS games... the AoS genre uses them as well. So I want to make kill streaks for my map. I imagine it like this: a global variable for...
  13. Bloodcount

    A question about a a couple of abilities and the "hero icons"

    First of all, the short thing: How do I add/remove the hero icons ? (those icons of the face of the unit that come out in the bottom right corner of your screen when you have a hero on the map) And now the more complex thing (or atleast I haven't encontered it so far) I want to make a self...
  14. Bloodcount

    I need help with a morph ability

    Simply put I created a new ability, type morph. I set the unit the unit morphs to to a zealot. When the ability is activated, the unit gets the stats of a zealot, but the actor stays the same. Any ideas how to fix that ?
  15. Bloodcount

    Patch 1.5 is live !

    It has shiny new interface, hotkeys and commands. The marketplace is present and a lot of content to the editor has been added. Yuppie !
  16. Bloodcount

    TeamLiquid Star league day 1 !

    Round of 32. Free HD stream ! Tune in:
  17. Bloodcount

    Apparantly 1.5 is really close and heavy

    So... for those of you who haven't read it, here is a link to the article: TL;DR The new patch is heavy. You better have arround 1 hour when you want to patch your SCII since it might take a...
  18. Bloodcount

    Lol Idra

    Idra, live listening to this in a loop LOL, really Tune in: