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    Visual Studio 2010/2012 windows phone emulator issue.

    So I have this problem that every time I try to debug my Window's phone game made in XNA in a window's phone emulator it always takes awhile before it runs the game successfully on the first run after I start up my laptop (every other debug provided I don't close the emulator is significantly...

    Implementing Projectile Motion in OpenGL

    Ok so apparently I have to finish this particular project that shows a projectile that follows the laws of projectile motion by July 11 and I'm having trouble figuring out how to go about arranging the logic flow. So far I have a gravity component that works and a firing mechanism that sets the...

    Creating a SIN wave in OpenGL

    So I'm trying to create a sin wave that moves in OpenGL and so far I've gotten around 35 line segments to move up and down due to their Y value being determined by continuous computation as the program runs. Thing is how do I make it so that the Y value for each line to increase at different...

    Laptop won't boot properly..

    Every time I turn on my laptop it automatically goes to the boot menu and it's choices. This is how I get it to normally boot now: I try picking the HDD option which results it freezing before it can start the laptop emmits a high pitch noise when it does and I have to manually turn it off...

    WIP:Alistair Ruthledge

    What do you guys think? Does it look good enough for me to start coloring? Any rude demeaning comments about how terrible I am at this? ;)

    Request:Help Rig My Model for Animating

    I made a simple "Steve" model (the player character in Minecraft). and I'm having problems creating it's "skeleton" so that it doesn't skewer and or distort the model whenever I try moving it's limbs. Can someone make a better skeleton so it's limbs can move similar to the one in Minecraft...

    Making a Budget PC.

    I'm making a PC to develop games in and I'm a bit strapped for cash. Can you guys suggest me affordable parts (not really high end but enough to not suck monkey balls) to help me make a PC capable of running the following programs? Blender 3D Unity3D Visual Studio 2010 Along with a decent...

    Dirivative formulas help.

    Usually my professor allows us to have a formula sheet during our tests but some dipshits pissed him off so now we have to memorize 20 Explicit differentiation formulas,Higher order derivatives and Logarithmic derivatives in 1.5 days for the next quiz. I'm barely passing calculus as is so...

    Creating a game (Programmer/s needed)

    Name:Future of Arcadia: The Skies of Space (WIP) What is it about:Space combat with big ships,lasers and explosions. Completion:3% Screenshot: That is currently what I have right now which is a far cry from what I want it to be like. So to prevent this from entering development limbo...

    I'm creating a game (Artists needed)

    Name:Future of Arcadia: The Skies of Space (WIP) What is it about:Space combat with big ships,lasers and explosions. Completion:3% Screenshot: As you can very well see the graphics it currently has is shittier than the twilight saga. I know that graphics don't determine if it's a...

    3D space vessels models request

    Type:3D model (but if you would be so kind enough to provide it with textures already then do so. :D) File type: Preferably .obj or anything that Unity3.5 can use. Theme:Any of the following would suffice. Cruiser:A massive ship filled to the brim with various weaponry and defensive measures...

    Harvester AI in Unity3D (C#)

    using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class HarvestAI : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject target; Vector3 newTarget; public float moveSpeed; // Use this for initialization void Start () { target = GetNearestNode()...

    3 images of bounce using SFML

    Ok so after some experimenting with SFML i managed to display a small white square (pixel?) that bounces around the screen. I'm trying to make a program that displays an png image in place of the square and there are three of these images on the screen that start at the center and bounces...

    How to set up SFML in Visual studio 2010

    So I came across SFML when I was browsing the internet today and it seemed really interesting so I decided to give it a try. Now I'm using Visual studio 2010 but the instructions on setting up the libraries and other directories needed for it is only up to 2008. The ones for 2010 are freakin...

    HD drive won't load. Causes programs to not respond.

    I have a WD brand 500GB HD which causes problems when i plug it into a machine that uses a window's OS. I can't access it's content since it always "freezes" up before it finishes "being found". I remember having several empty folders I can't delete stored in it which always gives me...

    Wandering,Chase and Idle AI in Unity 3D.

    I want an AI wherein the object with the AI will initially idle when the game starts,Suddenly wander/move around at random and when the player control object reaches a certain range it begins to chase it. I was thinking of having the AI have 3 states,Wandering,Chase and Idle where Idle is the...

    Using SQL server and C# to register and store player info.

    How does one do it? I've heard they create a table in the SQL server then create windows form applications in visual studio 2010. Can someone explain it to me in detail?

    "Undeclared" variables and other problems..(c++)

    Headerfile #ifndef _RotatingLine_H_ #define _RotatingLine_H_ #include <math.h> #include <stdio.h> #include "Vector2D.h" #include "Shape.h" #include "Line.h" #include "Wall.h" #include "CollisionData.h" #include "Bola.h" #include "Part.h" #include "Table.h" class...

    Jubei Yagyu

    From:Hyakka Ryouran:Samurai Girls (NSFW anime) Yes I know it's been a long time. Don't remind me...

    [C++] Dodgers3D

    Latest creation so far for my Basic Programming subject. Did it in 3 days of on off coding. Comments are welcome. Total line count:969 (Yow) Press W,S,A,D to move. Avoid all spheres and destroy the final boss to win.