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    This is mui right?

    Only need to work for a maximum of 2 units. Earthquake Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Earthquake Thrall (Triggering unit) Equal to DamageUnit Actions Set Temp_Point[(Custom value...
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    On which sites do you upload your maps?

    Hi guys! I have made a couple of maps and always upload them on the same sites. Now I would like to know what sites you upload them on and if there are any specific you like and why.
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    How does Wand of Mana Stealing work?

    Simple question, hard answer. Tried it in a test game but I didn't get any mana at all.
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    Vision of flying units

    Hi! How do I change the vision type of the flying units so that they see like ground units? Flying have on standard unobstructed vision so they see everything undependant of the trees and such. Basically I just want them not to be able to see past my Line of sight blockers.
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    Can someone help me turn this into jass

    Okey so I have a map which I will release today. Thing is that the preload system took 28 seconds (a bit too long). Could some friendly soul turn it into good and effective jass for me? I have the gui trigger and the converted trigger so it will be easier for you to edit. Thanks! :) Preload...
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    How can I use the "in game" Revive System

    Hi! I am working on a new map and want a revive system were you can buy yourself back. If I remember correctly there already is one built into the game where you have to pay more gold the higher level you are and have to wait a longer time for the auto revive (no buy back) the higher level you...
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    Local Player & Floating Text

    Can I get a local Floating Text with local player or will the map get errors?
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    Arena Return of the Legends

    DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.03 HERE How to play: I got this idea when I was thinking on how I could remake my current map (found Here) while I thought about Orc Gladiators. So this map contains elements and ideas from both of them. The current idea go as following: 1) There will be 2 teams and 1...
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    How to use level in tooltip (rawcode)

    Hi! I want to use the level of another ability in the tooltip of my first ability. Can I do this in any way? E: I am thinking of this "%d" which is used in "Learn |cffffcc00F|rleash Heap - [|cffffcc00Level %d|r]". Can I use that in any way? If I can't can I use the current value from another...
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    Destroy Sound

    I saw in one thread that playing a sound would cause a leak (Check Here) and in the map I have I play a sound every new round so I decided to fix it. Now the problem is that the sound isn't played at all. In the action chooser it says "Sound - Destroy Sound If the sound is already playing, it...
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    Spell Multicast

    Multicast What is this? *Whenever a spell is cast, by a hero with the multicast ability, there is a percent chance that it will cast again a second time. *Works with all spells without having to add a condition for every spell *Trigger both in GUI and Jass *Easy to customize (if you use...
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    Help me retrive my map

    Hi! I don't know how to put this since I know there are lots of threads about "I have lost my map" and such and deprotecting is not supported here. But the problem is that I have protected my map and lost the original one. This was caused by an accident, I always protect my maps before release...
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    Experince Gain Questions

    Okey I have no clue how the experiance gain works. Is there a certain range which units gain experiance within or is it global. I ask this since I saw some of my neutral hostile heroes gained level when we died, and we were very far away. Which units gets experiance? Only the killer...
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    Unit Guard Distance/Return Distance or Time

    So what does these things do in the gameplay constants: -Guard Distance -Guard Return Distance -Guard Return Time -Call For Help Range -Call For Help Range, Creeps I have a problem with my map which is spawning units in different lanes. If the last player owned unit of one of the...
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    [Trigger] Pan Camera Problem

    Okey I gotta go in a second so I will race through my explanation. I just want a trigger where the camera pans to a location and then gives a hint about an unit. But it works in one trigger but not in the other. The one which don't work: Teleport From Ready 2 Events Unit - A...
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    Help With Trigger (lol)

    Okey I have this trigger which I really don't understand. It worked perfect befre but now it have some strange bug. I want the trigger to check so that the player don't have two of one item. Strange thing with this trigger is that it is being run even if the hero only have 1 item. The only...
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    Trigger - Wait for Condition Problem

    Okey, I tested my map today but someone it had this big bug in it. I checked it up and it seems like there is problem with a wait for condition action. Check the trigger. The wait is in the middle of the trigger. First the "For each integer" checks which value a variable of mine has and then...
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    Raw Code Question

    Tried to make my work with ability descriptions faster by using the raw codes. This is what I tried for the spell Blizzard. Cooldown: <AHbz,DataCool1> Manacost: <AHbz,DataCost1> The problem is that it only says: Cooldown: 0 Manacost: 0 Instead of the correct value. So is it not...
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    -Armor Ability Which Stack

    Okey I need an ability which gives targeted unit -armor and also stacks with previous casts. For example: A hero has 2 armor, he is targeted by spell and gets 1 armor, then he is targeted again and gains 0 armor.
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    How long is a game-time second?

    I just need a fast answer on how long a game-time second is.