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    Beta Overview
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    Moonlite Map Studio last open beta release date announcement

    Moonlite Map Studio Moonlite Map Studio is a full-blown StarCraft 2/WarCraft 3 IDE with many advanced features, such as extensible text editor, error checking, compiler support, code completion, code awareness, project manager, and many other helpful things. It is designed for rapid code and...
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    The Official "Post Your Room/Desk" Thread!

    OK, so this is the official (derp) "Post Your Room/Desk" thread - feel free to discuss other people's awesome rooms/desks as well as posting pictures of your own! Let the picture-stream begin! Descriptions on what items are what is nice, too. PS: I'll post mine tomorrow, I have some new...
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    Vestras Replay Pack

    Hey guys, Here's a replay pack that I've assembled from my best games. The replay pack contains 7 replays, mostly of me playing Z but also some of me playing P. C&C is welcome, but these replays are mostly for educational or inspirational purposes. I do a lot of wacky stuff. All the...
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    Team iNs Practice Session Replay Packs

    This thread will host the replay packs for Team iNs' custom practice sessions. Team iNs' lineup is currently: iNsSevion iNsBlooDCounT iNsOmni (Siretu) iNsSupply (Vestras) The attached replay pack is from today, july 6th. More games were played than the ones uploaded, but these were...
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    Tool luna - sc2 galaxyscript compiler

    Hey guys, Luna is a Galaxy compiler I've been working on for about a week full. It's in a very early stage, and I still have to implement a few things, however it should be somewhat useful. I think I have all validation done and working, but I will probably be proved wrong. Here's my current...
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    Windows 8: First Look

    p92QfWOw88I I like it.
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    Your Internet Habits

    Hey guys, I'm having an oral English exam on Tuesday, and my selected subject is "Identity on the Internet". I to do some research before the exam, and I'd like to know a few things about your internet habits. For example, why did you first stumble upon (insert internet community here -...
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    SC2 Livestream

    I just set up a (new) hd livestream for usage when I am laddering/practising in SC2, which due to the summer holidays coming up will most likely be quite often. I will update this thread with when I am streaming along with what I am streaming. I also play music for those of you who need...
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    Cute Zerg fanart

    One word: awww :D
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    I need help finding a new computer

    Hey guys, I am getting a new computer, and I need help finding one for the best price with the best specs. Since I don't know much about computer specs/prices, I am asking you. I have a few requirements: The price range must be 1100$ - 1500$, 800€ - 1100€ or 680£ - 910€. It must be able to run...
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    Probably one of the best ZvP's I've had in a while

    Hey, I just played one of the best ZvP's I've had in a while. It includes doomdrops, motherships, vortexes, recalls, base trades, etc. And it's not "macro for 45 minutes and army trade". My ranking is high diamond (about 2600 points) and his is the same. We both have the potential to get into...
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    Grape - SC2 programming language

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to a new project of mine, a new programming language for StarCraft 2. Before I start telling you about it, I would like to point out that everything here is subject to change and totally WIP. It is not ensured that this project will ever get released at...
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    SC2 Ladder/BO(X Number) Livestream

    Hey, Just wanted to tell you guys about my livestream. I stream my ladder games and my custom games with my friends. I'm currently ~1500 plat but I am trying to get into diamond this holiday. At the time of this post I am streaming a BO7 with a guy named serius. Btw, I play zerg...
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    Post a Replay - Receive some feedback! [ZERG]

    Hey, I'm also going to be viewing replays and giving feedback, so if you want some feedback on how to get better at playing as the beloved Swarm, upload a replay of you having some kind of trouble. Gold league rank 9 - playing platinum/diamond players only.
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    How To: Proxy Hatch

    Just a funny replay of me doing a proxy hatchery (and - spoiler - winning doing it). The opponents weren't too good; I guess that's why it worked.
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    Looking for practise partner for Random

    Hey, I'm looking for a practise partner that can practise with me while I get better at playing Random. Zerg is currently my most played race, and honestly I have almost forgotten how to play the other races. I'm Silver rank 6 (I think), but I think I'm kinda misplaced. If you need to see...
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    I pwnt Siretu

    I did. Quite an intense match I think.
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    Who said Nydus Worms weren't useful?

    Yeah, I realize it's just a random replay of me vs. some other guy. But I used Nydus Worms!
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    Artisans - Updates at last!